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Second-year college student, sixth-year Eagles fan. Learned everything I know about football from my dad, who is one of the most knowledgeable men on the sport I've ever met. I write for a hobby and as a passion, so I'm always looking for critique on my opinions. My only request is that no meaningless insults - I like this website because people seem to be more educated than the fans on

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  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
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User Blog

Can Chip Kelly Mitigate Foles' Regression?


I speculate whether or not "Chip Kelly the Innovator" can make some adjustments to make it easier for Nick Foles to keep a healthy stat line.

How Well Did The Eagles Perform Critically?


Did the Eagles do well in critical statistics?

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (Part III of IV)


Which statistics correlate the most with winning in the NFL?

Are All Statistics Created Equal? (Part II of IV)


How well do the statistics used in the formula correlate to winning?

Under Further Review (Part I of IV)


From an observational standpoint, how well did the "Crunching the Numbers" formula work last season?

Does Chip Kelly Prefer "Unpolished" Prospects?


We put Kelly's first-round drafts under the microscope and compare Marcus Smith to Lane Johnson.

What should we expect from Nick Foles in 2014?


Foles took the starting job by storm when Michael Vick went down in 2013. That being said, his play had some noticeable deficiencies that left Eagles fans groaning at times. We all want to see some...

Crunching The Numbers: New Year, New Hope


We gear up for the playoffs in the final edition of my algorithm-based rankings

How Good Is The Eagles' Offensive Nucleus?


Chris Wheeling of thinks that the Eagles have the 10th best offensive nucleus in the league. Is this too high, too low, or just right?

Crunching The Numbers: All I Want For Christmas...


...Is a division title! Can the Eagles make it happen in THE do-or-die game of the season? (Plus the ranking of all teams in the NFL and the playoff picture. In case you were interested.)

Crunching The Numbers: Eagles Clinging


Philly managed to hang on to their playoff spot, but they left little room for error in the process.

Crunching The Numbers: Separating the Contenders


Some teams (including the Eagles) are beginning to pull away while others (like the Cowboys) find themselves on the wrong side of momentum.

Crunching The Numbers: Eagles Fly High


The Eagles break the top ten; Kansas City and New Orleans slide.

Brace Yourselves: December Is Coming


The last stretch run of the NFL is proving to be a wild one this season. Let's take a look at it from the NFC perspective.

Crunching The Numbers: Playoff Race Tightens Up


This week we dissect the playoff picture and take a close look at the Eagles' upcoming opponent, the Arizona Cardinals.

Crunching The Numbers: Eagles Crack Top 10


The Eagles are on the rise as Seattle overtakes the Chiefs for the top spot.

Crunching The Numbers: We Talking 'Bout Playoffs??


Crunching The Numbers explores the playoff picture.

Crunching The Numbers: Eagles Gaining Altitude


The Eagles move up to seventeenth; Carolina jumps to second

Crunching The Numbers: Chiefs Hold On Top


Chiefs stay number one; Eagles fall to twenty-three.

Crunching The Numbers: Big Red Redemption


Kansas City overtakes Denver for the top spot, while the Eagles fall to 20.

Crunching The Numbers: Eagles Fly High


The Eagles made a big move this week with their solid win over the Buccaneers. The Broncos fell but still cling to the top spot.

Crunching The Numbers: Week 5


The top three NFL teams remain unchallenged, although there were some big movers.

Calling Chip Kelly's Bluff


Has Chip Kelly's traditional approach to coaching over the last few weeks been a sign that he is "just another" NFL coach, or has it been a smokescreen for conference and divisional games?

Crunching The Numbers: Week 4


BGN's stat-based power rankings return

"Crunching the Numbers" Will Return


My algorithm-based NFL team ranking system returns to the site after Week 4.

Vick Named Starting Quarterback


Chip Kelly names Vick the Week 1 Starter. More information developing.

Vick to Start Week 1


Chip Kelly names Vick the starter.

How Does Vick Impact The Long-Term Future?


Michael Vick may have earned the right to start at this point, but there's no denying that he will not be the face of the franchise for the next decade. Even so, he can make an important impact...

Round Table: Build-A-QB Workshop


In a perfect world, what would be your ideal quarterback?

How Will Chip Kelly Handle His First Overtime?


With all the talk of how Kelly has an orthodox approach to decision making, will overtime be any different? Yes it will, but not in the way you're probably thinking.

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