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Second-year college student, sixth-year Eagles fan. Learned everything I know about football from my dad, who is one of the most knowledgeable men on the sport I've ever met. I write for a hobby and as a passion, so I'm always looking for critique on my opinions. My only request is that no meaningless insults - I like this website because people seem to be more educated than the fans on

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User Blog

Some Post-Draft Speculation


A theory on what the 2013 Draft says about Kelly's plans.

Breaking Down Elite Defenses: Wisdom vs. Strength


Is greatness achieved by acquiring great players or by coaxing greatness out of the players you already have?

Taking lessons from the top 5 defenses


So you've decided to rebuild your defense, is the secret to defensive success in the NFL really a secret?

How Dire Is The Quarterback Situation?


Are the Eagles already done without a capable starter under center? Or is there a way to make do without an elite quarterback?

Kelly meets with Vick


Kelly has talked to Vick already. Article doesn't mention Foles. How do you guys think it went? Or hope it went?

Where Should The Eagles Go From Here?


I give my two cents on what the Eagles (or any team, for that matter) should strive for in order to lay the groundwork of a successful offense. It's very basic in that it is not tied to any...

Crunching the Numbers: Week 17


In this season's last edition of Crunching the Numbers, I take a look back at the year, analyze the playoff picture, and make predictions for Wild Card Weekend.

How Good Were the 2004 Eagles?


The 2004 NFL Season gets run through the power ranking algorithm to see how the teams would have stacked up.

Crunching the Numbers: Week 16


New England holds on; Seattle makes a push and a statement; can Joe Flacco get it done?

Crunching the Numbers: Week 15


Patriots stumble but don't fall; Seahawks, Bengals surging; revisiting the Bears

Crunching the Numbers: Week 14


The Seahawks and Giants make a statement; Patriots ensure their place at the top; a look at the AFC Wildcard

Crunching the Numbers: Week 13


Patriots are still number one; a look at the playoffs; how good are the Colts?

Crunching the Numbers: Week 12


Lots of change in the rankings; an interesting playoff picture; Mark Sanchez fumbles.

Crunching the Numbers: Week 11


The Eagles are not the worst team in the NFL; New England affirms its place on top; a look at the playoffs.

Crunching the Numbers: Week 10


32 teams, 32 numbers. In these posts, teams are ranked by their statistics which are compiled into an algorithm. Whatever number is returned is the number that team is assigned. Where does your...


Crunching the Numbers: Week 10

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, it does! The Eagles fall again in the rankings this week after their fifth straight loss. It's funny to think that after their encouraging 3-1 start to...


Crunching the Numbers: Week 9

Before I present the rankings for this week, I'd just like to say that I really do feel sorry for Andy Reid. In his last chance to prove his worth, the unit his team most relies upon gets entirely...


Crunching the Numbers: Week 8

As you might imagine, the Eagles didn't exactly fare well this week. There weren't too many surprises this week, other than how far Minnesota fell after their embarrassing loss to Tampa Bay, who...


Crunching the Numbers: Week 7

The Eagles are back from their bye, which probably means we should all schedule appointments with our cardiologists for next Monday. It was a fairly quiet week in the NFL with no shocking upsets or...


Crunching the Numbers: Week 6

It's been a busy week already for Eagles fans with the news that Juan Castillo had been fired. It's also been a busy week for the rankings, where we had no fewer than eight teams who moved at least...


Crunching the Numbers: Week 5

I started this series last week and it seemed to be received well and with interest. If you missed the first post, you can read it here. To sum it up, what I am attempting to do is to rank how well...


Introducing "Crunching the Numbers": A Different Kind of Power Ranking

The content of the following post has been a pet project of mine for over a year now, and I can say I'm satisfied enough with the results to post them in public forum. This will be the first of a...


Football Philosophy: Picking Andy Reid's Brain

It's business as usual in Philadelphia, with an entire fan base collapsing into frantic desperation after their football team won on Sunday. The win was ugly, yes, and there was a lot of blame to...


Football Philosophy: Empty Victories or Acceptable Losses?

Before I get into this post, I should probably clarify one thing. While this is an Eagles blog, and I am a die-hard Eagles fan, this is not an Eagles post. This article does not break down some...


Football Philosophy: Coaching Dynamics and Andy Reid

Coaching in the NFL is easily one of the biggest question marks in the game. Successful coordinators and position coaches are hired as head coaches every season, and yet so few of them pan out.

Gil Brandt ranks Eagles third in his Power Rankings


Packers and Patriots are #1 and #2. As a reasonable fan, I am pretty surprised of his faith in the team considering they were a mediocre group last season.


Football Philosophy: Offensive-Defensive Symbiosis and the Eagles

Every now and again, I'll be posting different articles about football philosophy pertaining to my personal beliefs about the sport and offering evidence to support my claim. All arguments have...


Decoding the Eagles' Salary Cap

The new league year is almost upon us, and a lot of questions remain concerning what the Eagles will do.


Eagles 17, Giants 10 - A Bittersweet Win?

I'll probably be riding adrenaline through most of this article having just witnessed LeSean McCoy close the game with an amazing 62-yard run (it probably should have gone for a touchdown had he...


Discussion: 'Suck for Luck'

Watching the Colts get dominated by New Orleans at the moment and couldn't help thinking of Tony Dungy's opinion on what Indianapolis should do if they end up with the first overall pick. In a...

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