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I recently graduated from Carleton College with a degree in philosophy. Naturally, I have no idea what I'm doing with my life at the moment. However, in my free time I write for Beyond the Box Score and the Hardball Times. Interests include the New York Yankees, sabermetrics, philosophy, religion, politics, and thinking. Lots of thinking. You should ask me interesting questions so that I can think about them, please and thank you.

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Who are the first half MVPs?


My picks for the "first half" AL and NL MVP.

Should We Celebrate No-Hitters?


Should we really celebrate no-hitters? Or is it an antiquated notion that should be thrown away for more sophisticated evaluations?

What's in a Start?


How often do various aspects of a start occur? What is a team's probability of winning based on a starting pitcher's performance? Do we need to change the criteria for a quality start?

Chris Davis' Absurd Season


If Chris Davis continues on this pace, his 2013 performance will rank among the best offensive seasons of all time.

WAR: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives


Do you think WAR is flawed? Are you tired of the same-old context-independent player contribution metrics? Do you want to support a local sabermetric business rather than evil giant corporations...

Harper, Marte, and WAR


Jon Heyman's tweet earlier today sparked a discussion about the reliability of WAR and defensive metrics. We know UZR is unstable early, but is it entirely useless?

Cano's Plate Discipline


Cano has long been a great contact and power hitter, but he's recently become a more disciplined hitter as well.

Crowdsourcing Balls in Play


How should we assign credit and blame for balls in play? FIP gives pitchers no responsibility and RA9 gives pitchers all responsibility - shouldn't there be a middle ground?

Stealing, Bunting, and Mike Trout


When you have Mike Trout on first base and a singles hitter at the plate, steal first, then you can bunt.

MLB Now Review


MLB Now is a new show on MLB Network featuring sabermetric enthusiast Brian Kenny and traditional-minded former player Harold Reynolds. Sounds fun and dumb, right? Well it was fun, but also...

2013 Team Preview: New York Yankees


The Yankees are plagued by injuries and Vernon Wells, but can the pitching staff step up and compensate for the holes in the lineup?

March Madness: Baseball Stats Edition


Sixteen stats enter, but only one will leave a champion. Will it be saber or traditional? New school or old school? Offense, defense, pitching or value? Let's find out.

Should the Gold Glove Factor Defensive Metrics?


SABR is teaming up with Rawlings to index existing defensive metrics for use by the Gold Glove and Platinum Glove Awards. But is this really progress?

Sabersphere 3/13: Halladay, Andrus, Porcello


Tuesday's best saber-links.

SABR Analytics Recap: Day 2


I attended the second annual SABR Analytics Conference in Phoenix over the weekend. The following is my recap of day 2 of the conference, featuring a GM panel, Stan Kasten, Bill James, Geoff...

Sabersphere 3/11: Greinke, d'Arnaud, WBC


A collection of the best saber-links from Monday.

SABR Analytics Conference: Day 1 Recap


I had the privilege of attending the SABR Analytics Conference this weekend. Here are some of my thoughts on the talks and presentations.

Sabersphere 3/7: Teixeira, IFFB, SABR Analytics


The best saber-slanted news and links from Wednesday.

Sabersphere 3/4: Perez, Romero, Kennedy


The best saber-links from Friday and the weekend.

Is the WBC Too Boring?


How do we balance rewarding the best teams and making the WBC exciting for fans?

Sabersphere 3/1: Middlebrooks, Mesa, Wheeler


News and links from Thursday, including MIddlebrooks' injury, the most lopsided teams, looks at Melky Mesa and Zack Wheeler, and much more.

Sabersphere 2/27: Projections and Aces


A collection of Tuesday's best baseball links.

Top Prospects in Baseball


A look at Jason Parks' recent list of the top 101 prospects in baseball.

Sabersphere 2/26: Prospects, Pitching Records


A compilation of Tuesday's best saber-minded links.

Sabersphere 2/25: Andrus, Chapman, Best Fielders


The best saber-links from around the web.

Individual SB Break-even Rates


We know that team-wide home run hitting ability changes the stolen base break-even rate for the team. But what if we just look at break-even rates while individual hitters are at bat?

Sabersphere 2/20: Felix, WAR, Presidents


The best saber-links from Tuesday. It's a big one!

Value and Context


A conversation between Matt Hunter and Spencer Schneier on how to measure player value.

Sabersphere 2/19: Gamel, Campana, White Sox


A collection of Monday's best saber-links.

Tony Campana: Strikeouts, no power, and value?


Campana did something in 2012 that no player in the modern era has ever done.

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