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I recently graduated from Carleton College with a degree in philosophy. Naturally, I have no idea what I'm doing with my life at the moment. However, in my free time I write for Beyond the Box Score and the Hardball Times. Interests include the New York Yankees, sabermetrics, philosophy, religion, politics, and thinking. Lots of thinking. You should ask me interesting questions so that I can think about them, please and thank you.

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Sabersphere 2/18: Dodgers pitching, bunts, Eaton


A collection of saber-links from the weekend.

Sabersphere 2/13: Bauer, Strasburg, Linear Weights


Wednesday's edition of Sabersphere: a collection of yesterday's best saber (and non-saber) links.

Sabersphere 2/12: Bourn, PECOTA, ERA+


Today's Sabersphere looks at the Bourn contract, PECOTA projections, and much much more!

Sabersphere 2/11: Reuschel, Jackson, NPB


Monday's edition of Sabersphere, in which the author links some baseball links and obsesses over Mumford and Sons.

Sabersphere 2/7: Ryan Braun and PEDs, Choo, Maddon


Today's Sabersphere looks at Ryan Braun's possible connection to PEDs (again), ERA estimators, Joe Maddon, Shin-Soo Choo, and more!

Sabersphere 2/6: Lowrie, Carpenter, Replacement


Today's Sabersphere looks at examples of replacement level, state-by-state variance in baseball preparedness, the Jed Lowrie trade, Chris Carpenter's career, and predicting HR/FB.

Sabersphere 2/5: Webb, WAR, Headley


In today's edition of Sabersphere, we consider the uses of WAR, learn about the Cardinals' use of sabermetrics, reminisce about the best 2012 moments, appreciate Brandon Webb, talk about Chase...

Sabersphere 2/4: Weight and D, Peaks, First Pitch


Today's edition of Sabersphere examines the relationship between weight and defense, considers the Hall of Fame if it only considered peak performance, and analyzes the benefit of swinging at the...

Is WAR Overused?


Jim Caple responds to the group of people that believe WAR to be the be-all and end-all of stats. But is he speaking to who he thinks he's speaking to?

Sabersphere 1/31: Garcia, Gehrig, Mitchell


Today's Sabersphere looks at broken starters, alternate universes, 8 tools, the Mitchell Report, and eminiscing about that time when Jeff Franceour was bad.

Hit-Ball: An Up-Goer Five Story


A few months ago, a brilliant xkcd comic inspired a challenge within the science world: explain a complex scientific topic using only the 1,000 most common words in the English language. Why not...

Sabersphere 1/23: Young, Phillips, Whiffs


In today's edition of Sabersphere, we ask why anyone would ever want to pay Delmon Young to play baseball, wonder what makes a player "ideal", compare Josh Hamilton to Miguel Olivo, question the...

Why Do Managers Call Pitchouts?


Pitchouts generally don't pay off. So why do managers call them so often? Are they actually trying to maximize win expectancy, or just save their own skins?

Taking advantage of the steal


Depending on the situation should teams be stealing more often?

Sabersphere 1/17: Soriano and Correlations


The best sabermetric links from around the internet all in one place at Beyond the Box Score.

Sabersphere 1/16: Cano, the Edge, Diamondbacks


Today's Sabersphere looks at Robinson Cano's struggles against lefties, some fascinating research on Edge%, why the Diamondbacks' offseason has been perplexing, and an interesting take on player wins.

Evaluating Context-Dependent Value


WPA doesn't quite work as a tool to evaluate context-dependent performance. Do any other metrics provide a solution?

Sabersphere 1/14: Practice, THE INTERNET


Today's Sabersphere looks at the value of practice, what makes a thrower into a pitcher, how to fix the Hall of Fame, the Sabermetric Tea Party, and whether veterans help younger players.

The Hall of Fame is Not Objective


The Hall of Fame is not just for the best players. It's for the players we wish to honor and remember.

PEDs, Responsibility, and Context


There are no easy answers to the PED debate, but we must consider the context of these decisions before we make moral judgments about them.

The Problem with WPA


How do we decide which plays and which situations are more important than others?

Should Pitchers Hit?


The classic debate has been revitalized - should a pitcher have to hit? Should the NL implement a DH?

Pitchers and Home Runs


Home runs are very difficult to predict - but should they be ignored?

Hanrahan or Melancon?


Hanrahan and Melancon may not be as different as you think.

Fun With Pitch Framing


We know that pitch framing is important. But what can a pitcher do to make it easier (or harder) on the catcher?

Tigers Sign Consistent Sanchez


Analyzing the Anibal Sanchez contract.


Does Jason Bay Have Anything Left?

Remember when Jason Bay was good? It was totally a thing. Between 2004 and 2009, the guy hit .280/.375/.519. And that's including a season in which he hit .247/.327/.418. He averaged 30 home runs a...

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