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I'm a boxing fanatic and native of Los Angeles, now living in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Boxing Cotto, Maidana, Marquez, Crawford, etc.
User Blog

JOTD XII: Ban Man Style

Some time ago, I tried to discourage your stupid-ass "yo mama jokes." I told you to corral 'em off in a fanpost. Then you did that, mostly. Now I am writing one of those fan posts. Of course...


In Which We Write Some Boxing Haiku

A collection of the finest boxing haiku.


An elegy for Gabriel García Márquez

R. I. P. Gabriel García Márquez [I wrote this elegy today for another blog that I post at, but with so many literature fans here at Bad Left Hook, I thought I would cross-post.] Today I am...


Bad Left Hook Trivia Quiz Results

Well, despite my best efforts, I was not able to prevent one of you from acing my little Bad Left Hook Trivia Quiz. Congratulations to Eploos, who scored a perfect 15/15. Eploos may not post as...


Take the Bad Left Hook Trivia Quiz!

So you think you know a bit about Bad Left Hook? Old school are we? Or perhaps a passionate newcomer and quick study? Test your Bad Left Hook knowledge with the following quiz. Yes, you could cheat...


Helpful Tips from Ban Man

There are a lot of new faces around Bad Left Hook, so I thought this might be a good time to welcome all the new people (or relatively new people) and to offer what I hope are some helpful tips. I...


CBS/Showtime Blackout Will Not Prevent Customers from Purchasing Mayweather/Canelo PPV

Not much more to report here than the headline, but I thought I would save a few of you the headache of waiting for Time Warner's customer service to find this out: according to a customer rep, the...


NYC Time Warner Subscribers Cut Off from Showtime Boxing

Today, I looked in my inbox and found a notice from the evil empire, oops, I mean "Time Warner Cable" that all CBS programming, including Showtime, has been cut from my service. I guess they're...


A Feast for Fans of Fat City

The Stacks has an awesome post up providing a retrospective of both the book and film of Leonard Gardner's amazing Fat City. I'm a big fan of the book, and I have used the cover of a reprinting of...


Some Linguistic Assistance for Mauro Ranallo

It's poetry! Poetry, I say! Or so Mauro Ranallo implies, many times, during every fight he covers. I know the tradition of referring to rounds as "stanzas" precedes Mauro Ranallo's, um ... emphatic...


NYT Assess the Brooklyn Boxing Scene

I found today's article in the New York Times about Brooklyn's boxing scene to be a good read for the most part. While I enjoyed it and even learned a few things, I did have a couple complaints as...


Scoop Jackson Watches Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV, Declares Boxing Dead

It had to happen. Since most sports writers possess only one way of reacting to a boxing card -- to declare boxing dead after the card is over -- I guess it was only a matter of time before before...


Notes from the Barclays Center

Last night my friend, BLH old timer Kevin Gonzalez rolled in to town, and he joined my fiance and I for the first ever boxing night at the Barclays Center. Now you all know the results, and I...


Canelo vs Lopez, Martinez vs Chavez Jr. Spoilers on BLH Main Page?

Hey Scott (or Brent): Will there be any attempt to avoid front page spoilers for those of us planning to DVR and immediately watch one main event after the other? Or will you be announcing the...


R.I.P. Bert Sugar

The Washington Post is reporting that Bert Sugar has died of a heart attack. I always appreciated his writing and his accessibility to fans. I remember how excited my friend Kevin Gonzalez was when...

Mares vs Agbeko 2 Results: Mares Fights Through Blood to Win, Moreno Clearly Outboxes Darchinyan


Abner Mares topped Joseph Agbeko tonight in Anaheim. Bad Left Hook has ther

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?


FLOYD MAYWEATHER Jr: The chicken crossed the road because he's afraid to fight me. He's nothing anyways, crossing roads I crossed already, cleaning up my sloppy seconds. I'm not saying he's on...

Shobox Open Thread


On the undercard we have Daniel Sostre vs. Tito Bracero, and in the main event it's Edwin Rodriguez vs. Will Rosinsky. Bracero should win the undercard pretty handily I think, but the main event...

Shobox Open Thread


I'm looking forward to the main event tonight which pits Sharif Bogere against Francisco Contreras. Looks like Scott might be out tonight, so here's an open thread to discuss tonight's Shobox card....


Pacquiao vs. Marquez In Karaoke Challenge On Mexican Variety Show = Pure Awesome

If you haven't seen this yet, have fun...

Gamboa vs. de Leon Results: Gamboa Wins in Desultory Performance


Yuriorkis Gamboa stayed undefeated in Atlantic City. Bad left Hook has more.

Lakers' Center Bynum "Training" with Freddie Roach


This only has a peripheral interest for boxing fans, as there is almost no chance Bynum will actually step into the ring, but Yahoo Sports reports (via Twitter) that Andrew Bynum has begun boxing training with Freddie Roach. Roach, who probably isn't giving Bynum a whole lot of face time, gets another celebrity feather in his cap, and Bynum, who has been trying to shed his early career reputation for being too soft, is looking to stay in shape in the face of the NBA lockout and probably hoping some "tough guy" shine rubs off on him from the boxing training.

Happy Birthday Scott!


Wow, it's been a long time since we started talking about boxing here Scott, and I'm proud to have been here from the beginning, even if I haven't been able to contribute the way I originally...

Miguel Cotto v. Ricardo Mayorga Live Thread (no Sergio Martinez v. Sergiy Dzinziruk spoilers)


This is a live thread for people who want to discuss the Showtime PPV card featuring Cotto vs. Mayorga in the main event. No spoilers allowed for the HBO card going on at the same time. I'll be...

Ponce De Leon Loses Questionable Decision, Alvarez Dominates a Game Hatton


Tonight's fights on HBO were a bit surprising, even if the winners were not. On the televised undercard, Ponce De Leon seemed to have won what many of us in the live thread thought was a pretty...

Friday Night Fights Open Thread


Here's an open thread for FNF tonight, as well as the TeleFutura card later. Brick had this to say about the FNF card during the preview: These fights aren't really a step up for either prospect,...


Pacquiao to Meet Obama

So it looks like Harry Reid set up a meeting between Pacquiao and his wife and the President and First Lady. Sounds like he was perhaps returning the favor to Pacquiao for making some campaign...

Friday Night Fights Open Thread


It's Aaron Pryor Jr. vs. Edwin Rodriguez on the undercard, followed by Peter Manfredo Jr. vs. Daniel Edouard. This is a pretty decent FNF card, one that will hopefully prove to be a nice follow-up...


Shameless Plug for my Offtopic Book

OK, this has nothing at all to do with boxing, but I know there are quite a few of you literary types out there in the BLH fanbase, and, well, for my friends here, I wanted to show that I...

Friday Night Fights Open Thread


I didn't see a live thread for a round by round of tonight's ESPN Friday Night Fights, so I thought I would throw up this open thread. I will be watching and offering occasional and slightly drunk...

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