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I'm a boxing fanatic and native of Los Angeles, now living in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Boxing Cotto, Maidana, Marquez, Adamek.
User Blog

Floyd Mayweather 2.0: Growing Pains

How Floyd Mayweather Jr. can rehabilitate his image with boxing fans.


Tickets to Cotto vs. Pacquiao?

I want to attend the Cotto vs. Pacquiao fight in Vegas, and I got shut out of the pre-order as well as the initial release. I know of the usual sources--Stubhub for example--but I'm wondering if...

Evander Holyfield to Box Horse for HW Title (from The Onion)

The Onion spoofs Evander Holyfield's "longevity."

Reflections on Pacquiao's Achievement

One man's praise for Manny Pacquiao's achievement.

Open Thread and "Best Chin" Poll

Since Brick's post below seems to have generated a significant amount of interest, I'm putting the question to the BLH community. I selected most of Brick's picks, as well as two others I would...

Hopkins, True to Form, Screws Fans in Adamek "Negotiations"

In case you haven't already heard the news, Dan Rafael reports that the Hopkins vs. Adamek fight that had many of us excited is dead in the water. What? Hopkins behaving like a...

Which Boxer Most Needs to Retire? For Good.

Which boxer needs to retire the most?

Happy Birthday Scott!

Here's wishing our own SC a happy birthday. You've created a fantastic boxing site, Scott, and I thank you for letting me come along for the ride.

Calling Out the Haters: What Joe Proved Last Night

What did we learn last night from the Calzaghe vs. Jones fight? Why all the the Calzaghe haters, and how can such a "slappy" fighter be so good?

Mayweather (again) Announces Retirement, Cancels De La Hoya Bout

As BLH regular Fooch noted in his fan post, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has issued a press release announcing his "permanent" retirement from boxing. His announcement, quoted in full below, suggests that...

Yuri Foreman in the NYT

Yuri Foreman's stance isn't the only thing about him that's orthodox. I was intrigued by today's New York Times article about Foreman and his faith. It seems Foreman is not just a serious...

Hatton vs. Mayweather Debate: Final Round

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been debating Ian McNeilly, from on the blog Boxing on the Box regarding the subject of who will win the Mayweather vs. Hatton mega-fight....

Mayweather vs. Hatton: Debating Our Friends Across the Pond

One of our readers from the U.K. (at least I'm assuming he's from the U.K.--he's a Hatton fan and uses the adjective "brilliant" a lot) has contacted me about the upcoming Mayweather vs. Hatton...

What I Learned from Calzaghe vs. Kessler

Yes, that Joe is a total badass. I think any sane boxing fan knows that now, and it more or less goes without saying: Joe's the peerless champ at super-middleweight, a division-defining fighter for...

Bad Left Hook Fight Night: Calvin Brock v. Eddie Chambers

MAIN EVENTCALVIN BROCK (31-1, 23 KO, Charlotte, NC)versusEDDIE CHAMBERS (29-0, 16 KO, Philadelphia, PA) I'm up with my laptop watching this one, so why not blog the fight. UPDATE: Chambers wins...

Marquez vs. Juarez Bout is off -- apparently, permanently.

The September 15th bout between Juan Manuel Marquez and Rocky Juarez is off, for good it seems. Apparently, Marquez suffered a cut on his hand during training that got infected and swelled his hand...

Favorite Boxing Site?

What's your favorite boxing site? I'm partial to They seem better connected than the other big sites and consistently offer quality material, especially with their interviews. With...

Vargas vs. Mayorga Bout Is Off

This just in (as if we really had a news ticker for this blog). The Vargas vs. Mayorga fight scheduled for September 8th is officially not happening--at least in the near future.Vargas'...

Spotlight on Joe Calzaghe

Americans know Joe Calzaghe as an undefeated British (OK, Welsh, but Americans have trouble with that distinction) champion who shocked the boxing world by upsetting Jeff Lacy in what many regard...

Former British Heavyweight Champion Shot in the Face

James Oyebola, British heavyweight champion from '94 to '96 (the B.B.B. of C. belt), was shot in the face and leg yesterday because he asked a couple guys to put out their cigarettes. That's...

Cotto vs. Judah: A Seriously Awesome Fight

Usually when I get up the next day after a fight and read Scott's wrap-up, I agree with him in tone and fact. He beats me to saying what I would have said. But last night was different. Unlike...

Calzaghe Changes Mind About Kessler

Scouring around the web tonight, I came upon this interview with Joe Calzaghe. It's a candid interview with the U.K. Guardian, in which he says some pretty tasty things about potential upcoming...

De La Hoya-Mayweather PPV Buys, the State of Boxing, and Its Relation to MMA

Well, the numbers are in, and the fight has indeed set a new record: HBO Pay-Per-View reported Wednesday that 2.15 million fans purchased the event, generating $120 million, both new records for...

Oscar's Best Bet

Let me say up front that I don't think Oscar has much of a chance. Nevertheless, like a lot of fans, I've been cooking up various schemes in my head that might allow him to. I don't like Floyd. I...

We Will Liveblog Tonight's Fights!

For better or worse, Kevin and I are going to lay out the cash for tonight's card, so I will be liveblogging the two feature events: Manny Pacquiao (43-3-2) v. Jorge Solis (32-0-2) and Jorge Arce...

Maskaev to Fight Peter, Vitali Klitschko Gets Winner

Well, the deal is sealed. After some flip flopping, Samuel Peter made good on his promise to reject the step-aside money and go for the title now against WBC heavyweight beltholder Oleg Maskaev....

Who is this Mikkel Kessler Guy Anyway?

Like many fans, I was intrigued by the performance of Danish thumper Mikkel (rhymes with nickel) Kessler during last night's performance on HBO, so I decided to dig around and see what I could find...

Odds on the Weekend Fights

In case anyone is curious, here is what the collective wisdom of gamblers and Vegas experts suggests about this weekend:John Duddy is massively favored over the hapless Anthony Bonsante: odds about...

The Shakedown from Last Night

Last night, while not an ideal night of boxing, offered a lot of excitement for boxings fans. It was one of those nights when you realized that yes, it is essential to have both Showtime and HBO,...

LIVEBLOG: Cotto vs. Urkal, Miranda vs. Green

Yo, Matt and Kevin here, liveblogging the HBO fights this evening. Tonight, we have the much anticipated card featuring Cotto vs. Urkal and Miranda vs. Green. Urkal is seen as a warm up fight for...

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