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I'm a boxing fanatic and native of Los Angeles, now living in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Boxing Cotto, Maidana, Marquez, Crawford, etc.
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The Shakedown from Last Night


Last night, while not an ideal night of boxing, offered a lot of excitement for boxings fans. It was one of those nights when you realized that yes, it is essential to have both Showtime and HBO,...

LIVEBLOG: Cotto vs. Urkal, Miranda vs. Green


Yo, Matt and Kevin here, liveblogging the HBO fights this evening. Tonight, we have the much anticipated card featuring Cotto vs. Urkal and Miranda vs. Green. Urkal is seen as a warm up fight for...

New York Times Boxing Feature on ... Luis Collazo?


I'm certainly not the first boxing fan to bemoan the sad state of media coverage of our sport. I take it one step further, though, believing as I do that the lack of coverage on our major networks...

De La Hoya Makes a Good Call


I don't know if any of you have been following the drama surrounding Oscar De La Hoya and his training situation. It's a bizarre story. In brief, in case you've missed it so far: Oscar, who is...

How Big Is De La Hoya vs. Mayweather?


It's big enough that nearly 13,000 of the 16,000-plus tickets have already been reserved in advance of the tickets going on sale to the general public. ESPN's Dan Rafael reports that "casinos,...

Liveblog: Cornelius Bundrage vs. Chris Smith


Yo! I'm here at Kevin's, watching the ESPN fights tonight, so I thought we would liveblog tonight's main event on Friday Night Fights. It's Cornelius "K9" Bundrage of Contender fame versus Chris...

Toney vs. Peter: Weigh-in and Preview


Kevin has had his say below, but this is a big enough fight for both of us. Kevin admits he's in the minority regarding the question of whether this rematch should be happening. Here's why: Toney...

Lampley Arrested


No kidding. Just when you thought you had heard it all, Jim Lampley gets arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence. Lampley is also up on two misdemeanor counts of violating a restraining...

Miranda vs. Gibbs Recap


I didn't bring my laptop, so I couldn't live blog this match, but there isn't much to say, anyway. First round knockout by Miranda. Gibbs went down with one good blow ... to the forehead. Yes,...

My Updated Top Ten Pound for Pound Fighters


Scott is soon going to assemble an overall Bad Left Hook pound-for-pound top ten list. I thought I would go ahead and offer my personal take on it now since there aren't any more fights that will...

Last Night's Fights: Top Rank vs Golden Boy


Last night was solid. I was ticked at first to find out that these fights were simultaneous, but it worked out in the end, as I only missed a few rounds  of the HBO events while live blogging the...

Live Blog: Margarito vs. Clottey and Cotto vs. Quintana


Update [2006-12-2 22:16:20 by Matt Miller]: Margarito wins by UD. The judges must have been on crack, though. Margarito may have won, but the scoring was criminal. Clottey put up a great fight for...

What Needs to Happen with the Heavies


Klitschko vs.          > Klitschko Briggs .                            > Klitschko (undisputed champion) Valuev vs.          > Valuev BrewsterMaskaev vs.          > Hopkins Hopkins .              ...

Saturday Night's Fights: Mayweather vs Baldomir / Lyakhovich vs Briggs


Tomorrow is the big fight--or rather the two big fights ... or is it three?Everyone (except some grumbling Margarito fans) agrees that pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s fight against...

Mayweather Assesses the Competition


David Mayo at the Grand Rapids Press has assembled Floyd Mayweather's comments about his potential (and former) opposition, giving them the up or down on their careers.  It's a pretty good article,...

Trevor Berbick Killed


The man who spanned the eras of Ali and Tyson, Trevor Berbick, was hacked to death in the courtyard of his hometown parish. The police haven't found the weapon, but the wounds look to be from a...

Hopkins, Calzaghe, Maskaev, and ... James Toney?


According to a British news source, Bernard Hopkins has made a public statement that dashes Calzaghe's hopes to crack the American market with a B-hop megafight. And it looks like Hopkins is...

NYT Story on Joe Frazier


The New York Times is featuring a story about what Joe Frazier's life is like these days. Apparently, smokin' Joe has watched his fortune go up in, um, smoke. According to the reporter, Joe lives...

King's Kong: Valuev Takes Chicago


So Kevin and I just got back from watching Valuev's predictable demolishment of Monte Barrett at the Allstate Arena last night. The verdict on Valuev? As a boxer, neither one of us was impressed....

WBC Approves Mandatory Rematch for Toney vs. Peter


It's rare in boxing that justice is served after a bad decision. But this time, the powers that be have  made the right call and ordered an immediate mandatory rematch between James Toney and...

U.S.A. Today on Floyd Mayweather Jr.


If, like me, you have a tendency to complain about how mainstream media ignores the sport of boxing, then this longish article on Floyd Mayweather Jr. arrives as good news, regardless of your...

Calling Tonight's Card


Here are my predictions for tonight's card:Guzman by TKO over Barrios--let's say round eight.Vasquez cruises to a relatively easy points victory over Gonzalez.In an excellent follow-up to their...

We Head to Chicago for Valuev vs Barrett


Kevin and I are driving up to Chicago for the upcoming Valuev vs. Barrett fight, so we won't be available for live-blogging on that one. However, when we get back, one of us will give a real...

Judges Punishing Counter-Punchers?


After the big Toney vs. Peter fight last weekend, I've been mulling over what happened, trying to come to terms with what I felt was a terrible decision. There is a part of me that can't help but...



Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Fuck boxing. That's where I'm at right now.

Toney vs. Peter: Quick Preview


By now, you've heard it all: Toney versus Peter, the boxer against the slugger, little guy/big guy, old guy versus young guy. It really is a classic match up and well worth the hype. I'm looking...

Holyfield Socks His Punching Bag


Avenging all of us who have ever been screwed on an insurance premium, last night Evander Holyfield took out the hapless Jeremy Bates, an insurance salesman from West Virginia. OK, that's not very...


Ray Austin vs. Sultan Ibragimov: Another HW Draw

In a somewhat disappointing fight for Ibragimov, he and Austin fought to a draw tonight on Friday Night Fights. Ibragimov came on strong early, scoring a wicked knockdown of Austin. However he...

Talking Carlos Baldomir with a Friend from Argentina


On January 8th, 2006, the boxing world was introduced to Carlos Baldomir, when the unknown Argentinian pulled off the most shocking upset in recent memory, by whipping Zab Judah and winning a...


Mosley vs. Mayweather: "Will it Happen, What Will Happen?" Thread (Plus, What Floyd Said)

I want to start this conversation open-ended and jump in later. Here's what  Mayweather said after the Mosley Massacre (hey, that has a nice ring to it):"I'm going to the gym right now when I...

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