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Royals call up Hosmer


The Royals have called up first base prospect Eric Hosmer, demoting Kila Ka'aihue. Interesting move for a couple reasons: (1) They are starting Hosmer's service time clock early. (1a) He has less than 350 plate appearances above single-A. (2) They didn't give Ka'aihue much time. To quote from the link (Royals Review): "Yes, after multiple avowals that the Royals would give him a season to prove himself, the Royals gave him 96 plate appearances." (3) This may suggest that the Royals are trying to contend this year. One might argue that the Indians did the same thing with Alex White, but at least that was a spot opened up by an injury, and as far as I can tell, White should go back down when one of our two injured pitchers returns, either Carrasco sooner or Talbot later. Royals fans debate the move at the link.

Help B-Ref find each player's Attractiveness Quotient


At the link, you can rate the attractiveness of current and past major league baseball players. Here is the current top-10 all-time: 1. Jeremy Guthrie (1756) 2. Jerry Denny (1754) 3. Will Clark (1754) 4. Greg Minton (1754) 5. Gus Mancuso (1753) 6. Jack Warner (1752) 7. Topper Rigney (1752) 8. Kent Tekulve (1752) 9. Jim Beattie (1752) 10. Ryan Howard (1751) (What? No Grady? For shame!) Here, B-Ref explains what they're doing. Attractive people have higher self-confidence due to their looks, therefore they perform better. They are gathering data in preparation to add this previously overlooked consideration to their projection system. So far, they have found that a player's OPS increases by one point for every 40 points of AQ (Attractiveness Quotient). You will be shown pictures of two players and asked to choose which of the two is more attractive. Have fun! If you want help, this link may assist you.

For your amusement. . .


For your amusement. . .

Cowboys' leaked draft board


This is apparently the Cowboys draft board, perhaps in the 4th round. It offers a look at one team's rankings. A couple interesting things: Colt McCoy was given a third-round grade, Carlton Mitchell was given a fourth-round grade. I haven't spotted Hardesty or Ward yet.


Draft Matters

I know, I know, another post about the draft. But hey, in a week it'll be over.

*My Official Mock Draft Contest Entry*

Here's my entry for the mock draft contest. It's my first-ever mock, so tear it apart if you like, but politely please. :)


Possible third-round QBs not named Tebow, McCoy, or LeFevour

Thinking about who the Browns might draft at QB...        


Who should go when Hafner returns?

Hi everybody. This is my first Fanpost after about two years of lurking and occasionally commenting here. As the title indicates, I'm wondering who will lose his spot on the roster when Hafner...

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