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I'm a speaker of truths. An educator of the masses. Everything that is good on this earth.

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Matt Painter recreating the 11-12 motion offense via recruiting

2011-12 was a great year offensively for Purdue. Purdue had 4 of the 5 pieces coveted to make a motion offense work.If you study Painters recruiting recently, and specifically this 2014 class, it...


Purdue Basketball: On the brink of something special

I'm taking a long vacation from H&R but I wanted to get my thoughts out on the Purdue program before I left. I want to preface all of this talk about next year with the tip of the cap to CMP for...


Painter without the Baby Boilers vs Crean without Zeller

Decided to do a little research on the career record of Matt Painter at Purdue without the Baby Boilers vs Crean's record at IU without Zeller. What I found is interesting. Matt Painters...


Ronnie Johnson - a look at excellence

Lost in the other storylines that have dominated this season(Bryson Scott, referees suck, new rules suck, etc) is the fact that Ronnie Johnson has quietly put together an efficient, productive...


Danny Etling vs Mystery QB - First career starts

Danny Etling(who I have deemed as The Duke of TDs) started his first game for us yesterday. It did not go the way Purdue fans wanted. Danny Etling finished 14 of 35 for 184 yards. 1 TD(to...


A new King is crowned

September 28th, 2013 was an important date in Boilermaker history. People from all over surrounding lands gathered to Boilermaker country to witness history. Duke of Checkdown SirHenry stepped...


Ryan Tannehill: Did we just become best friends?! YUP

Tannehill has looked better than Luck and RG3 so far this season. I think getting Tannehill at 8 was great value and I'm very glad that Ireland took a chance and drafted him when the media was in...


Fantasy Football draft

Just a reminder - the fantasy football draft for the Hammer and Rails group is tonight at 9:00. Matty J probably wont be bringing his A or B game tonight, but seeing as my C game is still better...


Dustin Keller likely out for the year

No official report yet but Dustin Keller was apparently carted off the field in tonight's Dolphins vs Texans game. He got hit right in the knee and I keep reading he is probably out for the year. ...


Chad Ford's Top 30 draft prospects - no AJ Hammons

Chad Ford recently released his big board of the top 30 draft prospects for the 2014 NBA draft. It is actually the top 35 players as he has 5 more players ranked at the bottom after the 30th...


Which single game performance was your favorite?

While last year's basketball season was had its ups and downs and fell well short of our expectations, it still had quite a few bright spots. Terone going nuts vs Michigan and scoring 32 on...


Predicting the starting 5

On next years basketball team, it seems as if spots may be up for grabs following last years disappointing campaign. However, while one or two may be up for grabs, 3 spots have solidified...


Rooting for Cody Zeller

While he is supposed to be our arch nemesis of sorts - playing for our hated rival, never losing to us, giving us our worst home loss ever, etc. I can't help but root for Cody Zeller. To me, he...


Tyler Ullis

The more highlights I see of this guy, the more I envision him being a menace to opposing guards in the B1G. He has moved up to #1 on my most wanted for 2014. Nobody will be able to stay in front...


Top 3 positions in the B1G for 13-14

Point Guard 1. Aaron Craft - defensive dynamo who has steadily improved his offensive game. 2. Dre Hollins - Inconsistent, but the talent is there. Should have a huge year next year as a scoring...


Its just better to be a Purdue fan

Saw an article today and it brought out a lot of pride in my Purdue fandom today. I read today that Oregon is doing a self-imposed 3 year probation for infractions under Chip Kelly for the past...


MSU fans are idiots. Confirmed.

http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2013/03/michigan-state-fans-burn-couches-after-loss-to-duke/ Apparently, when MSU loses they just burn random couches. This would be incredibly idiotic if...


Terone's Transformation

Rather than split up the conference games into the first nine games and last nine games, I included the WVU game since it was wedged in the middle of conference play. Terone's 3 point shootingF...


Tom Crean being unsportsmanlike

http://johnclay.bloginky.com/2013/02/27/is-tom-crean-telling-his-guys-to-flop-on-an-elbow/# Apparently, Crean is now telling his guys to flop and act like they get hit by elbows to draw a...

Player of the Year list

  1. Olynyk - Gonzaga
  2. Trey Burke - Michigan
  3. McLemore - Kansas
  4. Porter - Georgetown

Purdue vs IU - the 2012 class

I've been seeing a lot of opinions thrown around when it comes to this year's freshman. I decided, rather than take everyone's biased opinion, to look up the stats since they tell the true story. ...


Dear Matt Painter

Your love for the 4 guard/1 post lineup has cost the Boilers again. How did you beat the Illini in the first meeting? You played Jacob Lawson who had a great night getting rebounds and preventing...


4G/1P Lineup

Painter's obsession with playing as many guards as possible has taken away Purdue's only real advantage vs good teams: Rebounding. Remember earlier in the year when Purdue was outrebounding teams...


Showing some class

The job Tom Crean has done here at IU is remarkable. Despite going 6-25 and 10-21 his first couple years, he has our Hoosies on top of the world right now as they are set to receive the #1 ranking...

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