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Author at Over The Monster; 2012 National Misspelling Bee Champion

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The 107 OTM Podcast: Koji, Jonny, and the deadline


Matt Kory and Brendan O'Toole are joined by Marc Normandin to discuss the Sox place at the deadline and the recent passing (in baseball terms) of A.J. Pierzynski.

106th OTM Podcast: Tear up the teardown


It's time to make some decisions. Or get ready to make some decisions.

Surprise trade coming for Red Sox?


The Red Sox are positioned well to make a big trade. And maybe they will. But who will it be for?

OTM Podcast: Looking at the 2014 Red Sox Draft


Looking at this year's haul of players from the MLB draft

The 104th Over The Monster Podcast: Chad Finn!


All manner of topics Red Sox are discussed with the excellent Chad Finn of the Boston Globe

Turnarounds happen but don't hold your breath


There is reason to feel optimistic that the Red Sox can make something of this season, but that optimism needs to meet a positive reality soon or...

OTM Podcast: Outfield heeeeelp!!!


Matt and Brendan are joined by Joon Lee to break down the Red Sox outfield situation.

OTM Podcast: Stephen Drew and Clay Buchholz


A podcast about Clay Buchholz and the Red Sox re-signing of Stephen Drew. Listen if you'd like!

Frustration, thy name is Red Sox


Things aren't going well for the Red Sox. They might get better though.

Over The Monster Podcast: A Rough Start


Things have not been the best for the 2014 Red Sox. This isn't 2013 anymore. Sadly. But that doesn't mean 2014 can't be its own success. Brendan and Matt discuss.

Owens, Lackey, and the Red Sox future rotation


How Henry Owens emergence and John Lackey's contract could allow the Red Sox to let Jon Lester walk.

The Over the Monster Podcast: Episode 100


100 episodes in and Matt and Brendan welcome back former co-host Marc Normandin and first ever guest of the podcast, Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus.

Tabling Lester extension negotiations is troubling


This is silly. Can we just get this done, people?

98th OTM Podcast: Ortiz, Lester, Soccer Kittens


Brendan, Marc, and Matt discuss the David Ortiz extension, what it means, why it happened, whether or not it was good (spoiler: it is good), and then talk about Jon Lester's contract situation and...

OTM Podcast: Grady Sizemore Is For Real


A Red Sox podcast that discusses Grady Sizemore? You don't say!

OTM Podcast: Fenway, Capuano, and Talky-talky!


Podcasts are listenable talky things in your ears but also in a pod with a cast! Silly! This one has baseball in it!

Regression, thy name is Red Sox


Sure the Red Sox might be good regression candidates this season, but does it really matter?

Over The Monster Podcast: Dempster Diving


The 95th OTM Podcast covers Ryan Dempster's non-retirement retirement, Xander Bogaerts' awesomeness, and some team projections because projections = fun!

Over the Monster Podcast: Pitching and pitching!


Talking bullpen, potential minor league call-ups, Will Middlebrooks, and the proper way to construct the Red Sox lineup.

OTM Podcast Ep. 93: (Size)more!


Red Sox yak'n for people who can't read!

Projecting the 2015 Red Sox top 10 prospects


The Red Sox have a stellar minor league system, but half the top 10 is likely to graduate to the big leagues this season. So, what will next season's top 10 look like?

Mike Trout, future Red Sox, book it


This is the deal that will bring Trout to the Red Sox! Maybe. It is Mike Trout, after all.

Tanaka and the Red Sox


Could the Red Sox make a run at the best pitcher available?

Why the Red Sox should re-sign Stephen Drew


When weighing the options, Stephen Drew just makes the Red Sox better.

How will the Red Sox replace Jacoby Ellsbury?


Now that Jacoby Ellsbury is [redacted], where will the production come from?

Red Sox free agent targets: Mike Napoli


You know him, you love him, you've seen him drunkenly roaming the streets half naked.

Naming Tony La Russa's 17 Cats


Tony La Russa says he knows the names for each of his 17 cats. We don't believe him.

Chemistry? Sure, but Red Sox loaded with talent


Chemistry means little if the team isn't any good, and this Red Sox team was great.

Podcast: Will Leitch and the World Series


Will Leitch joins Matt Kory on the Over the Monster Podcast to talk about the World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals, and other fun things.

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