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Author at Over The Monster; 2012 National Misspelling Bee Champion

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User Blog

Over The Monster Podcast: Analyzing The Rotation


The Red Sox will sink or swim by their rotation but part of that rotation is in the minor leagues. This week's podcast looks at those guys, analyzes them, and their place on the 2013 Red Sox.

The Cult of Jackie Bradley


Preparing for the greatest Red Sox prospect to ever prospect for the Red Sox

Positive Developments: Spring Training Edition


Looking at some of the positive developments over four weeks of Spring Training including Jose Iglesias, Jackie Bradley, John Farrell, the starting pitching staff, and Mike Napoli.

Over The Monster Podcast: Re-Reviewing Yankees


The 83rd OTM Podcast reviews the Yankees in light of their recent injuries and re-assesses their chances in the AL East, looks at Jackie Bradley, and imagines a world with too many Red Sox shortstops.

Fun With Spring Training Stats


Spring Training stats are notoriously misleading for many reasons. Let us count the ways.

Jackie Bradley Will Not Start The Season In Boston


Despite the hot start, Bradley won't be gracing the outfield grass at Fenway in April

Over The Monster Podcast: Concluding Previews


The (real) final installment of our AL East Preview podcasts, this one analyzes the entirety of the division, including the Red Sox place within it.

Spring Training Bingo!


Is the monotony of Spring Training getting you down? Well here's something guaranteed to perk your spirits up: Spring Training Bingo!

The Over The Monster Podcast: 2013 Rays Preview


The final installment of our AL East Preview podcasts, this one focuses on the Tampa Rays. We speak with Tommy Rancel of The Process Report about the 2012 Rays, their off-season, and what we can...

Lessons From 2012: Competent Starting Pitching


We'd all rather forget 2012 but there are some lessons that lie in the wreckage of a lost season. Here are a few of them.

Dustin Pedroia on Twitter, Life Officially Livable


A far more in-depth look at Dustin Pedroia's first six tweets than should ever be attempted by someone who isn't in immediate need of psychological help.

Lessons From 2012: Re-Learning On-Base Pecentage


Even in the darkest of times the ability to learn exists. For the Red Sox, the 2012 season was the darkest. What did they learn from it? Here is just one lesson.

Over The Monster Podcast Baltimore Orioles Preview


Matt Kory previews the 2013 Baltimore Orioles with Jonathan Bernhardt of Sports on Earth

Five Things For Red Sox Fans To Be Excited About


Spring Training is getting underway so here are five things Red Sox fans can look forward to.

Over The Monster Podcast Toronto Blue Jays Preview


Matt Kory previews the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays with Dustin Parkes of The Score's new Fanatico blog

What Getting There Early Says About The Red Sox


They're there, they're ready to get ready, we're ready to watch them get ready, so let's hand out some credit and get this thing going

On Grading The Red Sox Minor-League Talent


The Red Sox have some talent hanging around in the minor leagues, but how much is up for debate.

J.D. Durbin and the Smurfs


Examining the nom de plume of new Red Sox minor league signee J.D. Durbin

The Over The Monster Podcast: 2013 Yankees Preview


Matt Kory previews the 2013 New York Yankees with Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated and Baseball Prospectus

The Next Great Red Sox Team: The 2016 Red Sox


The Red Sox have protected their farm system even while signing numerous free agents this off-season. Here is a look at what they're protecting: the next great Red Sox team.

Thoughts On Pedro


Reminiscing about Pedro Martinez at his best, a time when he could turn a Yankee Stadium crowd into Pedro fans.

On Winning And Intangibles


The Red Sox are banking on winning through better clubhouse chemistry. Hopefully they're planning on playing better baseball too.

The Boston Red Sox Newfangled Infield


The Red Sox have two new infielders and two coming off injury. Will they be better than last season?

Ten Revelations From Terry Francona's New Book


Ten of the biggest revelations to come out of the upcoming Terry Francona tell-almost-all book.

Predicting The Rest of The Red Sox Off-Season


There are 27 days left until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. Here is what will happen on each one.

The 77th Over The Monster Podcast: Joel Hanrahan


Examining the Joel Hanrahan trade, looking at player options and the Red Sox 40 man roster situation, and a quick discussion of Boston's catcher situation now and in the future.

Punto/Mega-Trade: Lessons via Un-Dead Theo Epstein


What if Theo Epstein came back from the afterlife (i.e. Chicago). What wisdom would he pass on to us about the Nick Punto Mega-Trade?

A Dominant Red Sox Bullpen? For Serious?


Next season's Red Sox bullpen could be dangerous to a team besides the Red Sox. How awesome would that be?

Predicting The 2013 Red Sox Storylines


What will the Red Sox do next year? I don't know, but we can at least guess at what people will say about it.

The 76th Over The Monster Podcast


The OTM Podcast is back with the first show of 2013. This week we're looking at Will Middlebrooks, David Ortiz, Joel Hanrahan, and Giancarlo Stanton.

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