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I am a real person and not a bot. 10111000010000010101000101000.

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The Moneyball Paradox

I have to admit, I didn't watch game four and I haven’t seen a single video replay of any on field moment. Like many of us I was at work and all the information I have about that game comes from...


Giants Fans Sure Do a Lot of Not Caring About the A's...

Don't give me credit for the title, somebody smarter than me said that in the game thread yesterday, but gosh darn it if that isn't the truth. In fact, an article on McCovey Chronicles about how...


When I'm an old man....

And my grand kids finally grow bored with their 4-D brain implanted micro chip video game system or tired of America's new pastime - mixed mixed martial arts - because some self righteous...


As Much as I Hate This Comparison...

2010 Giants: Trade their veteran catcher to the contending Rangers to go with a rookie behind the dish. 2012 A's: Trade their veteran catcher to the contending Nationals to go with a rookie...


Lies, Damn Lies, and Nonsensical Nonsense

Now obviously isn't an illuminating statistical resource the way that fangraphs or even are, but today while engaging in some pre-work stat porn on the east coast...

Delorean Hovercraft Guy


I'm friends with Delorean Hovercraft Guy and I posted this thing about him over at McCovey Cove. I have it from a good authority that A's fans are also allowed to like flying Deloreans. Go baseball!


Delorean Hovercraft Guy.

Quick disclaimer, I'm an A's fan. I popped over here from AN to tell you a little more about this guy.I went to college with Delorean Hovercraft Guy and have partied with him many a time since. ...


Drew Hoffar, 95.7 The Game

I've been listening to "The Game" pretty consistently for a while now and I've concluded that save for Gary Radnich (I know there are just as many folks who hate him as love him) 95.7 has better...

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