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Who Deserves Credit for Throwing Out Base-Runners?


A catcher's ability to control potential base-stealers on the diamond is largely considered the position's most valuable skill. But should they get all the credit, if any credit at all for a caught...

Yasiel Puig: Rookie Season Simulation


Using what we know about Puig Mania, we simulate 1,000 seasons worth of his rookie season. Where will Puig end up if he is really this talented? Will he have a better rookie season than Trout or...

Chris Davis' Quest for the Single Season HR Record


See where we predict Chris Davis will end up in 2013. See what the Texas Rangers are missing, and what the can enjoy in the second half.

Adjusting wOBA for Quality of Opposition


We adjust each player's 2012 season for quality of opposition and introduce awOBA, including a complete 2012 leaderboard.

"Clutch Skill" of Baseball's Relievers and Bullpen


Finding the "clutch skill" of 2013's best and worst bullpens and relievers.

Estimating "Skill" of Hitting with RISP


Investigating the Cardinals success with RISP, and testing to see if batting average with runners in scoring postion is a repeatable skill, then estimating an expected "skill" with RISP.

Projecting BABIP Part One: Applying Bayes' Theorem


Applying Bayes' Theorem to find the hidden rate in which a hitter reaches base via the three (almost) true outcomes of batted balls -- LD, FB, and GB.

Quantifying Offensive Efficiency


We compile play by play data since 2002, using the overall run expectancy of teams to calculate the most efficient offenses of the 2000's. Then we look at last year's most efficient offensive...

Refusing the Walk for an Extra Hack


Jordany Valdespin and the umpires intentionally or unintentionally ignored ball 4. How did that affect Valdespin's chances of getting doing anything better on the next pitch.

Predicting WAR Totals for April's Biggest Stars


We take a look at six of April's hottest stars, and simulate their full season outputs one-thousand times through a method we call bootstrapping, to arrive at a prediction for where their WAR...

Theoretical Performance of an All-Platoon Team


Using "Platoon Score" we locate players at affordable prices that would provide great value in duos. Then we assemble an entire lineup of 18 players rotating according to handedness. Lastly, we...

Does plate discipline come with age?


Do players gain plate discipline as they age and mature? Using DISC+, we question with numbers, the idea of increasing discipline with age.

2013 Team Preview: Los Angeles Angels


Taking a look at the Angels' chances in 2013.

Buddy up! Players who should be platooned in 2013


As we head into the 2013 season, we analyze players who would benefit from a platoon and others who would see little to no effect in the process.

2013 Team Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers


Following a disappointing season in 2012, the expectations in 2013 are higher than ever. Will the Dodgers contend for a World Series or continue to disappoint?

DISC+: Quantifying the Game's Most Disciplined


By quantifying discipline -- we derive DISC+ and look at the most patient hitters since the inception of discipline stats in 2002. Meanwhile -- we look at the historically great and horrendous DISC...

Introduction to IFFB+ and IPO+: adjusting IFFB% fo


While a lot has been made over the eventual inclusion of IFFB in ERA estimators, it is important to first learn how we can adjust this volatile stat by park factors to give us a better look at the...

Best Valued Contracts of 2012


Using a tweaked wSalary model, so that it is descriptive, we single out the best- and worst- valued contracts of the 2012 season.

Analyzing Offseason Moves Relative to Market Value


Using wSalary and the market trends examined previously, let's look at the best-valued and worst-valued contracts of the 2013 season, with emphasis on the first year of the contract (position...

The WAR trend and wSalary

wSalary will show us how much a player would be expected to make for the production in their previous season. Along the way we will assess the market on WAR since 1996.

Luis Cruz: Minor-leaguer or Top-5 SS?


Luis Cruz emerged last season as an effective player on the left side of the Dodgers' infield. How'd a career minor-leaguer have such an effect?

Regression and Recovery Candidates for 2013


Using predictive models for batted ball data (pLD , pGB, pFB), we identify regression and recovery candidates for 2013.

Quantifying grit and its correlation to WAR


Does grit equate to wins? Is it even possible to quantify such a qualitative trait?


Predicting batted ball info!

Introducing pLD, pFB, pGB...


Justin Upton BABIP, Batted ball, Discipline Dissection: Where did the power go?

A lot of fuss has been made about who has won the recent Justin Upton-Martin Prado trade. The consensus is that the Braves ran away with this trade in terms of long-term value. Well of course, this...


New Member with the need for some advice

Hey Everyone, I am a new member enthusiastically looking forward to contributing on BTB. I have always been interested in Saber-metrics but only recently have I downloaded a database that enables...

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