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Still waiting on that Heifer, Julio.

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Bill Barnwell, laying down some Tuel knowledge


That last question is a good one, though. If we are in position for the first overall pick, is it Clowney or Bridgewater?


Fear and Loathing in the NFL Preseason

I attended the Washington versus Buffalo tilt in Landover, Maryland last Saturday, and I promised to write a Fanpost about it. Well, I didn't feel like there was much fun stuff to write about...

Jairus Byrd All-22 (Grantland)


Couple of cool gifs, and little else that hasn't been discussed ad nauseum.


The Driven, part 2

via www.greencardesign.com via www.novinite.com via www.timeforafilm.com via images.meredith.com Jessica "Tha O.G. Bad Bitch" Tandy stock movie photo via localism.comFiat racing...

OL Chris Scott released (too fat)


Poor Chris. Chunk temptation is strong temptation. YOU ARE OFFICIALLY ON NOTICE, TROUP.

The Unreleasable Mark Anderson Has Been Released


Since it's just a push notification on my phone, there's no link - though I did link to a former Rumblings article that is pretty interesting. P.S. BWAHAHAHA O RLY MATT?

I'm just gonna leave this here...


Since this does not include a naughty word, I'm assuming it's an okay version of "please don't do anything Bills Mafia for any reason whatsoever, lest we as a fanbase be considered the lamest of all fanbases, and you as an individual be considered an idiot."

Gilmore - the next elite CB?


So this is really detailed and awesome and would be fantastic if accurate.

ACC Draft Profiles - EJ Manuel


Stupid wiener Riley Skinner breaks down EJ Manuel. Wake Forest is as boring as the haircut you've been rocking since '05, Riley. Anyways, I'm glad he's wrong about everything else, because he compares EJ (favorably!) to Josh Freeman.


Manti Te'o - wrong for us at #8, now just flat out wrong

If you haven't heard about this yet, then you without question will very soon. Deadspin posted a pretty thorough (and damning, truth be told) account of Manti Te'o and his apparently made-up...


Your Quarterback Draft Rankings, 2013

The inimitable DanRoc asked me in another thread (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Gee, Max, you sure do post a lot of fascinating stuff about the quarterbacks in the 2013 draft class. A handsome and...

Noted coffee/travel nerd Peter King likes Marrone hire


I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Could be either, maybe.

Manti Te'o - bad, bad man


I've been pretty vocal about not being a fan of Te'o at #8, and I still think there's better value to be had at that pick. Having Chris Brown back you is a pretty good endorsement, though.

Deadspin's making fun of us


Gonna hear a lot of this in the twitters, too


The Tardy Anaconda BROP

Now that I've finally gotten all of the inlaws out of my home, I can go back to doing what I do best, which is eating leftovers while wearing pajama pants. It also means I can get back to posting!...


Stevie wants Fitz calling more plays

Stevie will be Stevie, but he doesn't sound very happy with Chan and his playcalling. From CBSSportsline h...


Regarding the Referee Lockout

George Atallah, the spokesman for the NFL Player's Association, suggested on deadspin.com today that NFL fans could sign the petition at change.org in order for their voices to be heard about the...

NFL Videos: Buffalo Bills linebacker Nick Barnett focused on Cleveland Browns


Anybody know what California clothing company/designer Nick Barnett is talking about at the end? Sounds like Mario Underwood, maybe, but I can't quite tell. I kinda want that hat, because BOO BROTHER.


Will Fred Jackson Get His Job Back?

First off, go here: http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2012/9/16/3342070/c-j-spillers-hot-streak-continues because Joel Thorman provides a gif of C.J. Spiller's first touchdown of the day against the...


Reality, Perception, and Ryan Fitzpatrick

Grantland.com is pretty much just what you'd expect from the internet offspring of ESPN and Bill Simmons. It's often shrill, overwrought with horrible pop culture references, undeservedly...


A non-Spiller positive from the Jets game

Cordy Glenn another bright spot in a bad loss

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