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Vecsey: Nets Offered Hump, MarShon for KG

In a series of tweets with a NetsDaily fan, Peter Vecsey said the Nets offered Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks (and picks?) to Boston for Kevin Garnett, but predictably, Celtics said now. Vecsey...

Does Tanking Even Work?


I have been and I remain a big advocate of the Nets tanking to retain their pick, but these statistics are a bit disheartening to say the least. These numbers, however, refer to long term tanking. The article is definitely worth the read as it details the difficulty in building a team through the draft. The author did a great job with his research.

Nets Bringing back Dr.J Uniforms?


In this article on Slam Online about new Uniform changes, it has this about the Nets: "The Nets will be bringing back the uniforms that Julius Erving first made famous in the 1970s and used through 1990 as alternate uniforms."


It is Foolish to Get Rid of Swisher For His Postseason Stats

There are many people in the Yankee universe right now who are unhappy with Nick Swisher. A postseason of frustration is being laid at his feet. This is because his career numbers in the postseason...

Weaver Gets Extension

Brandon C. Note: For those of you that wanted the Yankees to sign Weaver in the future, nope. I guess Weaver really loves the Angels, considering he is a Scott Boras client and could've gotten a lot more on the free agent market. As per Jon Heyman, the Angels have signed Jered Weaver to a 5 year, $85 million contract extension, weakening the fabulous 2012-2013 offseason free agent pitching class.

47 Like 46?

While Ivan Nova was pitching the other day, I stood amazed at just how far he had come since September of last year when he got flustered after once or twice through the lineup. I am most impressed...

I saw this on this page: I found...


I saw this on this page: I found it while Googling MarShon Brooks Nets. All credit goes to KOBE24isdabest who made this awesome image.

The BEST players in the NBA, period according to the Daily News.


This is a list that the Daily News put together of who their staff thinks comprises the top twenty players in the NBA. Deron Williams did not even crack the top 10. 1. Lebron James 2. Kobe Bryant 3. Dirk Nowitzki 4. Derrick Rose 5. Kevin Durant 6. Dwyane Wade 7. Dwight Howard 8. Chris Paul 9. Carmelo Anthony 10. Amar'e Stoudemire 11. Deron Williams 12. Rajon Rondo 13. Paul Pierce 14. Manu Ginobili 15. Blake Griffin 16. Chris Bosh 17. Pau Gasol 18. Kevin Love 19. Steve Nash 20. Tim Duncan


Guess That Mediocre Player!!!

Well the NetsDaily community seems to have an affinity lately for over-hyping mediocre players as the answer to all of the problems of the Nets.  To help to illustrate this point, I will be...


A Wake Up Call: Jeff Green is a Below Average NBA Player

Everyone on NetsDaily is trying to come up with ideas on how to improve the Nets for next season and beyond. One name that is constantly bandied about is Jeff Green. However, I think that signing...


The Statistics of Options at Shooting Guard

  In a follow up to my last post on the options at the 3 spot for the Nets, I think that most here can agree that the Shooting Guard is another position in need of an upgrade.  So I went through a...

Another type of homecoming for the Knicks.


Another type of homecoming for the Knicks. 

This is a a t-shirt that can be bought at: I...


This is a a t-shirt that can be bought at: I found out about it from this tweet from Deron Williams' assistant.!/MattMitnick/status/50584744412446722 "Rocking my "Mikhail is my homeboy" shirt today! Already got in a good workout and the sun in shining it's going to be a good day!" It's pretty cool so I thought I'd share it with you guys.


The Statistics of Options at Small Forward

I think that most here can agree that the weakest position for the Nets right now is the Small Forward. So I am going to see which of the options in free agency for said position are the best based...

For all those who are certain Howard will be a Laker.


For all those who are certain Howard will be a Laker.


Memo to Nets Management: Mimic The Knicks!

Alright, so after seeing the landscape of the NBA change in the past year, I have come to a conclusion, if the Nets want to be seriously competitive, they have to follow Donnie Walsh's model for...

Smaller Salaries Increase Player Power


This is a great article by Henry Abbott about what decreasing players' salaries means. He suggests that by paying them less, they have the power because they are worth much more than what you are paying. In order to account for that disparity, they can demand things like specific teammates. In contrast, if a player is making more money than he is worth, the owner can demand things from the player to account for that disparity. It's a fascinating article and a must read in my opinion.


I Don't Think The Lakers Can Afford Howard

Ever since the acquisition of Deron Williams, much of the talk around here has revolved around making the Nets better. A lot of that talk has centered around luring Dwight Howard to the Nets one...


An Alternative to Overpaying for Free Agents.

Around NetsDaily, we have all been trying to come up with ideas to keep Deron Williams happy for next year. Most of these ideas revolve around signing complementary free agents to add to our core. H...


What would be best for the organization?

So at this point, it seems like there are only a few courses left for this season could take. Sitting at 18 games under .500, it is apparent to all followers of basketball that the team to which...


Top 2011 Draft Lottery Prospects in Nationally Televised NCAA Games **UPDATED 1/27/11**

EDIT: Updated Jan 27 with season stats,  the players' most recent in game performances and the removal of games already played.   This is a post that was suggested by eLonePB. It will provide...


When will the Nets win their 13th game?

We, as Nets fans, all know the story of last year, but I feel that, in order to finally get past it, the Nets need to get that 13th win. So, I ask you, fellow Nets fans, when will we reach that...

David Stern on The Colbert Report Tonight


Tonight, David Stern is going to be on The Colbert Report to talk "about the new season and his plans for the league." The show is on at 11:30 PM EST.


The Cap, Brook Lopez, Carmelo, and the Nets

So I was reading this FanPost from muwu and it referred to the fact that Brook Lopez is obviously going to get paid a lot of money by some team and most of us hope that it will be the Nets. I was...

ESPN might not think we're so crazy after all. They think the Nets have a shot at the playoffs....


ESPN might not think we're so crazy after all. They think the Nets have a shot at the playoffs. They even say Johnson has a good shot at Coach of the Year.


Stats Don't Lie: A Comparison of the Nets and the Knicks or Why Rod Thorn Should Be Applauded

I am posting this for all of the Nets fans who think the sky is falling and that the Knicks are so much better than the Nets are. This was originally a comment a thread here, but I put so much work...


New York Daily News Doing a Double Take on Nets

I'm sure that all of you remember that right after The Cavs lost to the Celtics in six games, the NY Daily News was hyping up the Knicks as the only way to bring Lebron to New York. Well, lately,...

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