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#4: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown-"Fire"


Today's entry is about The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and their hit song "Fire". The majority of the post is from an interview I did with an aging Angels fan, who says he knows dubious reasons as...

#5: The Selecter-"Too Much Pressure"


Today's installment is about The Selecter, and how they'd be a rad addition to the 7th inning stretch, if it weren't for a few immensely inappropriate subtexts. "Too Much Pressure", and much much...

#6: The Ventures-"Walk, Don't Run"


#6 in the continuing countdown goes deep into The Ventures' "Walk, Don't Run", as well as the very idea and possible repercussions of Man's never-ending pursuit for Speed.

#7: Kurt Vile-"Runner Ups"


Continuing on with the countdown, today is a somber affair as I look at "Runner Ups", fro Kurt Vile's latest album Smoke Ring For My Halo. Check it out.

Angels @ Giants GAME THREAD

The Halos square up against the World Champions, who probably think they're Kings of the Beach these days, able to kick the proverbial sand in the Angels face's and steal their old ladies without...

#8: The Wild Ones-"Lord Love A Duck" theme song


A further examination on songs that would be more inappropriate for the Angels 7th inning stretch than "Build Me Up Buttercup". Today we look at the titular theme song from the movie Lord Love A Duck.

#9: Frank Black "Los Angeles"


Let's get back to the countdown of songs that manage to be MORE inappropriate for an Angels 7th inning stretch than the current self-aware disaster, The Foundations' "Build Me Up Buttercup". We're...

The Top 10 Songs More Inappropriate Than "Build Me Up Buttercup" For The 7th Inning Stretch


Last month, Angels fans were given the unsurprising-yet-still-utterly-disappointing news that the team was bringing back The Foundations' tune "Build Me Up Buttercup" as the song played during the...

Diamondbacks @ Angels GAME THREAD

Possible spring training 2012 matchup.

Mickey Mouse gets even more insufferable, vandals respond accordingly


Sadly, I feel they could've jacked up the statue a little more than this, but I'll still take it.

Norm McDonald on a card-playing bender.


Norm McDonald on a card-playing bender.

Bentley Matthews...huge Angels fan and apparently a player favorite


This was on and was pertaining to an affair this girl allegedly had with Jose Reyes. Well, halfway through it explains she has a thing for baseball players, especially one Gary Mathews Jr., who's first name she has tattooed on her lip. I just found this to be hilarious. That's her blog site, and if you're into baseball analysis that is written in a language that kind of resembles English, take a look(at one point, she writes that someone made her feel "unbeautiful"). Oh, she also thinks Torii is "HOT"...Bentley, stay away from him please.


Secret glimpse of SideSalad and Black Magic? I had too much time at work earlier today, and I started searching for Angels stuff that was interesting. I didn't get too much Halos Heaven fodder, BUT....the next two links are to...

Highlandhalo did it to try and help Vlad stop hitting into DP's. This is my effort to help the Ha...


Highlandhalo did it to try and help Vlad stop hitting into DP's. This is my effort to help the Halo's not lose to the Rays anymore.


Too early to eat my(our) words? Probably, but I want to make fun of myself anyway.

As far as the Kotchman/Teixeira trade is concerned, I think most fans were sad to see Casey go, but were also ready to welcome Teixeira with open arms. The guy(Tex) is a stud with the stick, has a...


Rosenthal: Dur... Angels should go after Teixeira ...durr

This guy cracks me up.  It's pretty obvious to even a casual baseball fan that the Angels, while having a solid roster,  could use a big bat to push them over to proverbial hump (Bawston).  I said...


Funny shirt...somebody buy it. As sad as it sounds,...



Dude, this movie has taken sooooo long to finish. I remember reading casting decisions about three years ago. Shane West as Darby Crash?!?!  Whatever. Anyway, it's been out and about, hitting the...


Ugly Baseball Card Blog   This site had me laughing pretty hard. Basically just shows some horrid baseball cards, as the blog's name implies. But the "Errors" part the guy writes is...


Torii feelin' the hate at Fenway

Just ran across this.   -------It's kinda sad, but this is what any baseball fan has already assumed...


Baseball Tonight... No Angels ....Seriously?

I think I may be going crazy. I hardly ever watch Baseball Tonight...maybe twice a season. I don't know, I guess I just get my info elsewhere.  But today when I got home from work, it was just...

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