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User Blog

Forward- Not Backward, Upward- Not Forward

I'm not one for protracted goodbyes or self-eulogizing in situations like this, especially since we're really not going far. But with the move now very near on the horizon, I'd just like to...

Brass Tacks - CBA Stuff, TheCommittedIndian.Com Update

Thoughs on today's CBA negotiating session in New York between the NHL and the Players Association, as well as an update on our new site,

The Essentials on Puck Daddy

Once again, we were tapped on the shoulder by Wyshynski and the rest of the Puck Daddy think tank to provide the Blackhawks edition of their team-by-team feature. All three of us contributed to various aspects of it, we hope you enjoy it.

Shock and Awe

Our fundraising goal for the new has been reached, but we're still keeping things open, as every little bit helps. We also have more details regarding that site.

Time For Us To Ramble On

Big changes at Second City Hockey are afoot, with Sam, Killion, and McClure leaving for on September 14th, and they need your help to get the site off the ground, which can be done here -

Hawks Sign Sheldon Brookbank

A quick look at the newest Hawk blueliner

We're Talkin' About Shoppin' - Blue Line Bargain Bin

A look at Free Agent options for the Hawk blue line other than Ryan Suter

Unsubstantiated Rumors Are Good Enough For Me To Base My Life Upon

Sifting through some of the swirling rumors.

Coyotes Eulogy

You know the drill. Enjoy.

3rd Period Thread - Game 6 Coyotes vs Hawks

Laughing and crying are almost the same, they just show everyone how much attention you're paying.

2nd Period Thread - Game 6 Coyotes vs Hawks

Tonight we'll stagger up from the basement or fall to our deaths from above.

1st Period Thread - Game 6 Coyotes vs Hawks

Shall we dance, or maybe just limp around?


New Maps Of Hell - Game 6 Coyotes vs Hawks Preview, Pregame Thread, Mortgage Consultation

A preview of yet another do or die game 6 at home for the Hawks.

3rd Period Thread - Game 5 - Hawks at Coyotes

When the ship done sinks, and the crew done drowns, where am I gonna do all my hanging around? This cruise is ending, please hang onto your stub. Thank you for coming, and thanks for the love.

2nd Period Thread - Game 5 - Hawks at Coyotes

We've come a long way just to end up lost.

1st Period Thread - Game 5 - Hawks at Coyotes

Seems we're fading kind fast, like the red brake lights rushing past.


Ready To Fall - Game 5 Hawks at Coyotes Preview, Pregame Thead, Punch-Up Session

A preview of the do-or-die Game 5 in the desert against the Coyotes.

April 20th - Beard of the Day - Mr. Van Driessen

Men have feelings, too. Can I share mine with you?

April 19th - Beard of the Day - Bob Mould

File Under: Easy Listening

April 18th - Beard of the Day - Kenny Rogers

You gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

April 14th - Beard of the Day - Damian Abraham

Hello, my name is David.

April 12th - Beard of the Day - Richard D. James

The man and the beard behind Aphex Twin.

SCH's First Round Preview - The Coyotes' Blue Line

A breakdown of the defensive pairings the Hawks are likely to face against the Coyotes.

SCH's Playoff Beard Growing Guide (V 4.0) & Beard Of The Day

The pre-eminent NHL post-season facial hair growing guide.

Desert Sessions - Conference Quarterfinal Schedule Released

A look at the Hawks WCQF schedule with the Coyotes.

3rd Period Thread - Hawks @ Scum

Lights that flash in the evening, through a hole in the drapes. I'll be home when I'm sleeping, I can't hardly wait.

2nd Period Thread - Hawks @ Scum

Jesus rides beside me, he never buys any smokes.

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