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1st Period Thread - Hawks @ Scum


I'll write you a letter tomorrow, tonight I can't hold a pen.


Like The Back Of A Volkswagen? - Hawks @ Scum Preview, Pregame Thread, Game Show

A preview of the Hawks' final regular season game against Scum in Detroit. Call me Donnie. Oh girl. Please don't go girl.

Not On My Watch - Hawks 3, Blues 3 (Hawks Win Scattegories)


Recapping the Hawks' shootout win over the Blues to take the season series.

The Thud and The Echo - Predators 6, Hawks 1


Recapping the 6-1 Hawks loss to the Predators.

Duncan Keith Suspended 5 Games


Well, the smoke has finally come out of the Sistine Chapel, and Cardinal Shanahan has bestowed a 5 game suspension on Duncan Keith for his elbow to Daniel Sedin's face. While the number of games given to Keith is about correct given the usual criteria (priors, point of contact, puck location), that Shane Doan (who has priors) received 3 games for his elbow to Jamie Benn, and that Alex Tanguay got nothing but a verbal pecker slap for his hit on Jared Spurgeon last night is a little frustrating. Either way, the Hawks now have to come down most of the home stretch without their #1 defenseman. Somebody get Johnny Oduya a big ass case of 5 Hour Energy from Costco.

Russian Spies, They Don't Scare Me Anymore - Hawks 5, Caps 2


Recapping the Hawks' 5-2 victory over the Capitals.

Deeez Nuuuts - Hawks 4, Stars 1


A recap of the Hawks' win in Dallas

Built To Last - Hawks 3, Blues 3 (Hawks Win Beer Pong)


Recapping the Hawks 4-3 comeback shootout victory over the league leading St. Louis Blues

P.S. New York Is Burning - Hawks 4, Rangers 3


A recap of the Hawks' comeback victory over the Rangers

Post Game Thread - Hawks 4, Rangers 3


Big two points from the Men of Four Feathers tonight. But, given that it's a weekend night with an off day tomorrow, and on top of it, I took my brother to the game for his birthday, you're going...

3rd Period Thread - Hawks @ Scum


Walk into the boss' mansion, make his funeral closed casket. Except for me and you, not a dry eye in the room.

2nd Period Thread - Hawks @ Scum


Scream if you wanna, I'm the only one that's gonna hear.

1st Period Thread - Hawks @ Scum


Breaking hearts, breaking bones, breaking into your home. Breaking arms, breaking legs, follow orders, breaking heads.


Shoot The Hostage - Hawks @ Scum Preview, Pregame Thread, Traffic Jam

The Hawks deal with The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down in Detroit.

Second City Hockey's 2012 Trade Deadline Jamboroo


Join our live Trade Deadline Chat/Flagellation Session

Stiff Competition - Hawks 2, Scum 1


A recap of the Hawks 2-1 win over Scum.

Separation Sunday - Hawks 3, Blues 1


Recapping the Hawks 3-1 comeback win over the Blues

Turn The Page - Hawks 4, Rangers 2


The Hawks end their 9-game losing streak against the Rangers in MSG.

Run To The Hills - Yotes 3, Hawks 0


The Hawks' slide continues, as uncomfortable questions arise.

That Much Further West - Canucks 3, Hawks 2 (OT)


A recap of the Hawks 3-2 OT loss to the Canucks to start their 9-game road trip.

And Meanwhile, Heaven's Falling - Preds 3, Hawks 1


A recap of the Hawks' 3-1 loss to the Predators as they head into the all-star break, and then out onto the road for a 9-game road trip.

3rd Period Thread - Hawks at Scum


Need a little time to wake up, need a little time to rest your mind. You know you should so I guess you might as well.

2nd Period Thread - Hawks at Scum


Tomorrow never knows what it doesn't know too soon.

1st Period Thread - Hawks at Scum


All your dreams are made, when you're chained to the mirror like a razor blade.


Can I Hit It In The Morning? - Hawks at Scum Preview, Pregame Thread, Wake-Up Call

A preview of the Hawks third matchup in 2 weeks against Detroit.

Paperwork - Hawks 5, Wild 2


A recap of the Hawks 5-2 win over the Wild

3rd Period Thread - Scum vs. Hawks


It's like spitting on a fish.

2nd Period Thread - Scum vs. Hawks


It's time to make a mountain out of a mole hill, so can I have a volunteer?

1st Period Thread - Scum vs. Hawks


Put down that chainsaw and listen to me, it's time for us to join in the fight.


Jazz To Moon Base Two - Scum vs. Hawks Preview, Pregame Thread, Shuttle Launch

A preview of the Hawks second matchup with Scum at the UC in just over a week.

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