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Saturday, January 19. Awesome Basketball Day! Any thoughts?

I still say that the great separator between all these solid teams in the NCAA are significant road wins. I would argue that there have been only a couple of these nationwide so far this season....


Is GU Going Dancing? Far From a Shoe-In...

Folks, I'm finding it therapeutic to divert my attention away from the Zags specifically to college hoops in general. Where do we fit into the overall picture? Just went through all the...


Is Home Court in College Hoops a Bigger Factor Than Ever?

Watching college hoops across the country this season, I have started using home court advantage as my reference point for everything that is happening. In close match-ups, I would argue that home...


Let's Talk About the GU-St. Mary's Rivalry. Is it Passionate or Just Another Big Game?

I want to talk about the Gonzaga-St. Mary's rivalry. All aspects of it. I personally don't think we are talking enough about the Thursday confrontation. If sports is life, what is the metaphor for...


Can or Should the WCC Get 2 Bids?

I am finding myself dabbling in bracketology. Of course, no matter which teams are chosen, there are always at least a half dozen teams with legitimate cases to be a part of the dance. With our...


Let's Try to Remember What Gonzaga Basketball Stands For

Zag fans, I want us to take a breath and reassess what the goal(s) of our program is/are. An analogous situation would be to look at an organization's mission statement. Once we have decided what...


Hey Fellow Bloggers- What Do You Think About the Zags' Style of Play?

It is my belief that we get too bogged down with the "chess pieces" and maybe it would be more interesting to talk about the "chess strategy". When I watch a game, I do not ever worry about Coach...


Let's Shift the Conversation to: What Does Gonzaga Have to Do to Win a National Championship

  Ladies and Gentleman- Let’s start talking about an NCAA Championship. Our gripes, our criticism, our enthusiasm can have at its core what the team needs to do to go all the way. A lot of this...

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