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Another Draft Post- and why I want Kuechly at 15

This is our chance to revamp our defense's image. Since Dawkins was allowed to walk (still bitter) our defense has been a shell of its former self. Hugh, Trott, Taylor, Vincent, and Dawk we're...

Browns Interested in Kolb


Not sure how accurate this is but worth discussion. Remember when they mentioned they would give up 2 first rounds for him... doubt that's the case anymore

Eagle's secondary- glass half empty?


It's definitly a scary situation. We're really banking on young guys making fast transitions, injured vets to make full recoveries, and Asante "they dont pay me to tackle" Samuels to.... make tackles.....

Brashaw Doesn't Link Ben- I know I know, BFD...


to be honest, I dont really care for either but I thought someone would be interested to read this


new fan

I've never watched much college football/basketball. Played D3 football for Wilkes U... Same colors as WV and all. Lived in Pittsburgh for a few years- that’s when I started routing for WV....


Why was mornhinweg watching a QB workout?- Rotoworld.com

To add to the McNabb/Kolb/Vick rummors.... Two NFL teams reportedly left the Fordham Pro Day Tuesday with a third-round grade on QB John Skelton.Skelton showed improved accuracy and his typically...


Sal Pal says a deal is close with one of our QB's

The Seahawks have been contacting the Eagles "non-stop" about Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb, ESPN's Sal Paolantonio said during a Tuesday radio appearance.


Peppers to Chicago; Eagles quiet - Philly.com

  posted in Philly.com/sports: According to multiple reports out of Chicago, Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers is headed to Chicago tomorrow to meet with the Bears. Peppers' agent, Carl...


Report: Reid wants to keep McNabb, others want to move him

Posted by Michael David Smith on March 5, 2010 7:05 AM ET As the quarterback saga in Philadelphia continues, the latest report says that Eagles coach Andy Reid wants to keep Donovan McNabbb, but...


Keep Vick OFF the field

I know a lot of BGNr's are going to come back and argue that with Vick, our offense is difficult to prepair for. While I agree the wildcat can be hell on a defense, I don't think it suits us well. ...


Greg Lewis a Hero

So who would have thunk it? Greg Lewis, at 29, cut from the Eagles and the Pats this year has made arguably the greatest last minute play (along with Farve) in the history of the NFL.


if AJ goes to the Panthers...

Feeley may be signing with the Panthers today or tomorrow... So IF he does what do we do from here? I doubt Garcia would work for us, he's going to want money and playing time. At this point...


Kudos Packers- from Philly

Eagles fan here Just wanted to congradulate you guys on staying classy, staying behind Rogers and pulling through all of the mess. Rogers got his first big come back win  tonight against a big...


Cutler is getting a rude awakening

Eages fan here- Im watching the Bear Packers game right now and I have got to say, you guys came out on top of that QB deal.... 3 picks in the 1st half and he is getting blasted tonight. The game...


Big win for JJ

Fellow Eagles fans- I have a good feeling our guy JJ is smiling right now Way to go Birds



THere saying McNabb will be out for 2-4 weeks because of the cracked ribs. In my opinion, Kolb does not have what it takes to lead our offence. Every time he had the ball we were all cringing. B...


Any one goin to the Phills Bucos games?

I live in Pittsburgh and I am hardly ever able to watch any of my teams on the tube let alone in person. Im planning on attending all 3 games. While I have a few buds to go with Thursday I cant...


Hey BGNr's- Unsettling words from Home

As I stated a few times in other posts, I now live in Pittsburgh- soon to move to MD. So the majority of my Eagles news comes from here and my Pop. This morning he told me some unsettling things...


Philly fan trying to find game day spot in Easton MD/ Eagles fans get shot at in MD apparently

Im moving to Easton MD soon and I need a place to watch my birds, I asked the same question on the Phight'n Phills blog and I got the Internet package answer. Im looking for eather a few fans in...


Anybody notice how bad the Bills Oline is w/ out Peters

2 Rookie Guards and no Jason Peters... These guys are getting blown up by 2nd string D-Linemen! I know we are a little worried about our situation with all of our O-line injuries but at least...


Easton, MD Philly fan- any good spots to watch a game?

Just moved to Easton MD- all Orioles/Nats and Ravens/Skins on local stations. I was hopeing I could get some help finding a place to catch the games. Im about an hour from Annapolis and an hour...


So how about Runyan?

Shawn Andrews, Stacy Andrews and Jason Peters are all out... regardless of how serious these injuries may be they are not practicing... Runyan is a tried and true Tackle, he may have lost a step...


Parker Busted- Burgess comeback?

  I just heard Parker was caught at camp and arrested with possession of marijuana. He was arrested outside the trainning  facilitates. He was taken to Easton PA where he made bail. No news from...


Birds are on the verge of being Stacked

I know this has been scatered in several posts already but I just wanted to sum it all up before the draft With Our additions to the OLine and FB our running game should take a huge leap forward....


Philly Rally Beards

Huge Eagles fan here, and a very superstitious one at that. I have let my beard grow out for my birds but I'm not sure if it was just a locker room thing or if other Eagles fans have done the same....

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