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Impromptu City Council Meeting Game Thread

I don't think one is going to show up on the front page so lets talk here! It's 645pm and they are just now starting to talk about it. Hopefully you guys have been watching it from the start so...


Images and Video from Here We Buy Night - Best Game Ever

This was the best game I've EVER been to. I brought my buddy who is a die hard Bulls fan and he left with no voice. I got amazing seats off of Craigslist right behind the bench. When we had 6...

It is not inconceivable that pingpong balls in Manhattan will have at least a small say in the NBA future in Northern California.


More NBA recognition about Sacramento's plight ------ Imagine if the Kings win. Fans who have remained admirably loyal to the roster (despite a bitter distaste for ownership after the collapse of the arena deal) will not be able to turn away if Davis comes to town. A Sacramento victory in the lottery spurs a new wave of emotion that the city cannot let the Kings go now, not just after landing the best prospect in years. It is not inconceivable that pingpong balls in Manhattan will have at least a small say in the NBA future in Northern California.


As I sit here and watch the OKC Thunder come back against the Lakers

And all the fans going crazy, I can't help but remember the 2001-02 Kings Lakers games and how this is exactly how ARCO looked and sounded.


Gavin Maloof walked into my work today at Thunder Valley

coincidentally I almost lost my job for assaulting a guest. Kidding aside, I wanted to ask him a ton of to-the-point questions but thought better of it since I was on the clock and it would be bad...

Where to park for free if you still choose to attend games Sorry if I am ruining it for those of...

Where to park for free if you still choose to attend games Sorry if I am ruining it for those of us that already park here, but I feel it's more important to save the $12 from going to the Maloofs then to save the spots. If you still plan on attending games, park here. I have parked here for 2 years along with many other fans. It's not far of a walk either. Here is the link to the bigger picture

I have posted a plea for recognition of the Maloof's shady ways on and need your help


For those unfamiliar with, it is a very, VERY popular social messaging board. Basically, one of the most browsed sites on the net. When you post a story, if it is popular it will be upvoted and seen by thousands of people. Please follow that link, create an account or sign in, and just click the up arrow next to the post topic. The more upvotes, the higher up in recognition it goes. I just want as many eyes as possible to see what is happening to us in Sacramento. For those familiar with reddit, I posted it as a thus I get no karma. Thanks.

Kings owners balk at paying for arena planning


I posted this rant below in another thread but feel the need for its own discussion..... Am I the only one who absolutely refused to giving these morons an ovation at the game last month?? Why do I feel like everyone thinks they should be giving the maloofs a chance. A chance to what? F*ck us over AGAIN? Run our team into the ground more? Play more mind games... Acting Like they want to be in Sacramento when its obvious they don't. To HELL with every member of the maloof family. I'm sick to death of this bullshit. They're going to try to throw up a roadblock at every single small hurdle. Why doesn't the fanbase see this?? These idiots are not to be applauded; they should have their team ripped from their hands and put into the trust of someone who can afford to do what needs to be done. Sacramento has done its part! Asking to put up with these complete imbeciles is too god Damn much.

Sheedy running for mayor? How much damage could she do?


What kind of damage could Sheedy do to the arena if she actually won? Are we safe if the shovels get in the ground first?

Outstanding Article in SacBee Calling Out Maloofs For What They Are: Broke Owners


Good read by Marcos Breton who pulls no punches when talking about the Maloofs running our team into the ground.

An open letter from David Stern to Kings Fans


"The outpouring of community support was a phenomenon unlike any that I have seen in my almost three decades as NBA commissioner. It has spurred me to send my colleagues to Sacramento to help the team respond to the enormous demand for sponsorships and tickets, and assist them with the permanent hiring required to replace employees who left because of the franchise's uncertain status."

Adelman Coaching the Lakers?? Say it ain't so...


08:09 AM ET 05.10 | Among a cast of options in L.A., though seemingly not as long as the parade in Houston, is the Rockets' former coach Rick Adelman. Adelman was just fired by the Houston Rockets. Adelman, who will be 65 in June, has loads of experience. He's also been the coach with the Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings. He runs an offensive system called "corner," similar to the triangle, with more spontaneous pick-and-roll plays. Adelman took the Trail Blazers to the NBA finals twice, losing in 1990 to the Detroit Pistons and 1992 to Jackson's Chicago Bulls. Adelman is considered particularly good at working with big men and commands the respect of his players. Also, he has coached Ron Artest twice, in Sacramento and Houston.

Girlfriend and I got our new Kings Jerseys a couple days ago... Yeah!


Girlfriend and I got our new Kings Jerseys a couple days ago... Yeah!

Maloof: Kings will spend to improve team, keep key players


We don't know what the future holds for the Kings beyond the 2011-12 season. But team co-owner Gavin Maloof is saying some things about the franchise that might give fans some optimism for the upcoming season.

Sacbee Article Reporting That Kings are Staying has Interesting Quotes from Maloofs


"We are heading back to Sacramento. It was a tough decision. Ticket holders were reaching out to us, and it was the right thing to do to give it a shot at one more season," Maloof said during a lengthy interview in his office in the Palms casino in Las Vegas. "We are prepared to work with the mayor," Maloof said. "We'll give him every opportunity to show us what he has in mind." "We're not going in with a defeatist attitude," he added. "We'll look to the mayor to turn his words into reality. We have to put him on the spot. He has represented he can get it done. It needs to get done." And maybe the biggest: "We need to see how it is going to be financed and quite frankly, we are not going into this with a big checkbook," Maloof said. "Is it even right to ask people to pay for it?"

Sacramento Kings Store Still 50% Off


Using the promo code FAN50. I highly suggest jumping on this if you want to pick up any Kings gear... with the 50% off it lowers it to what you would normally pay anywhere else ;). I just ordered two personalized jerseys, one for my girlfriend and one for me, with the name "HERE WE STAYED" #11. I can't imagine them keeping it at 50% off for much longer with the way this Maloof bungle is going down haha.


Just saw a commercial on Adult Swim advertising Kings tickets

It said call 888-91-Kings or go to but when I went to the site it still says stay tuned for ticket specials...  Hmmm!!  Looking better and better! I really don't have much more...

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