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Back to Whatever Freak Out Thread

It's a tradition around here to have a back to school/work/life thread at the end of the summer. And it's almost the end of the summer. I think many students are already back to school! Typically...


McC at McC: aka Happy Birthday Panda!

Hey folks, It's that time of year again. Saturday August 9th will be the [whateverth] annual McCoven at McCovey's meetup. (The game vs the Royals is scheduled for 4:10 pm I believe, so I will...


Ain't no cure for the summertime blues...

or is there? There was a very short discussion on twitter the other day about movies and music that people turn to when they are feeling a bit down. So since our local sports team has been just...


Show us your Pokemonz!!!

If you're new in town I'm talkin' 'bout Fantasy Baseball! How many McCoven leagues are there this season? Who's in your league? Who's winning [so far]? If you have a team what's your roster look...


Sooooooooooo... whatcha readin'?

In case you are new in town...from time to time we have a book sharing fanpost. This stuff often gets discussed in a main page thread or sometimes, like today, on Twitter where it gets lost in the...


2014 ADOPTION DRAFT: Custody Hearings CLOSED!

In order to give the list caretakers time to prepare the lists for the draft that goes live on March 1 Custody Hearings will end on Thursday February 27 at midnight - west coast time. Please be...


Fantasy Baseball Staging Area

I don't remember who usually does this. So my apologies if I just tromped all over some one's toes. I think I've done the Pokemonz fanpost a few times in the past so I thought I'd just get...


OT: Spring Semester Updates (spring training / vacation plans)

For students, teachers, educators, parents... Where & what are you studying? Will you, or your child, graduate in May/June? Spring break plans? Who's going to spring training? Usually there is...


OT: 14 Things for 2014

We haven't done a list in awhile, and it's almost New Years so how's about a combination resolution/list fanpost?? What are your 14 things for 2014? List: 4 pieces of media [books, music,...


December OT: Semi Annual Holiday Thingamajig

Because people here like history here's the historical run down:In 2010 we did a cookie recipe exhange There have been carol parodies and wish lists [2011] Some years [2012] it's just a whatever...


Be the change you want to see: Damon Bruce & Co.

The issue of women in sports is something that I am very interested in. I played soccer on a boys [jv] soccer team back in high school, because there was no girls team and little attention was...


OT: Thanksgiving Thread

I don't know why I bother anymore...lol... for the most part fan posts are like a ghost town! But anywho here's the annual-ish Thanksgiving fan post. What are you thankful for? Any exciting...


OT: Halloween Shenanigans

Since nobody has posted anything for this: here is your Halloween link sharing, costume photos, dumping ground. Usually every year some poor soul is wandering around at 9pm on Halloween in a panic...


McC@McC Headcount

I need to call and make reservations at the end of this week. Please let me know who is attending and how many will be in your "party". If anyone is bringing children under the age of 8 or so...


OT: Annual Back to School / Fall is almost here Thread

you know I just copy, paste and tweak these right? So what's on tap for your fall? Sick of the heat, humidity, smog yet? oh, and a format for easy cut and paste-ability Students: where...


6th Annual McCoven at McCovey's

I'm posting this a little earlier than usual because with the new format nobody sees these dang things anymore, and because I'm starting a new job soon and I will be busy with other things... so. ...


August OT: McC Countdown

This is your Belt free zone... Some have been escaping to the minor lines sections, but we really try to keep minor lines free of off topic nuttiness some folks have resorted to more time on...


July 26th pre meetup - meetup and roll call

So who is going to "social media night" ? Where are you sitting? Are you attending the event at Seals Plaza? There was also some talk in a game day thread about meeting up even before the...


How I spent / will spend / would rather spend my summer vacation...

We haven't done one of these in awhile. So... what's up with you? How are you spending your summer? Or, not to be northern hemisphere centric... How are you spending your June/July/August. Do...


Unofficial Official Meet-up Fanpost: Next Meet-Up May 21st

I'ma put this in one convenient spot. If you are planning something add it here and I'll stick it into the master list. Here's the current list: May 21st Night at the Yard (Grant & Goofus?)...


July 26th Social Media Night #rainglobe

Tickets are on sale now! Yes now! Remember... you CAN'T just buy any old ticket to the Giants game for the 26th it MUST be a "social media night" ticket!!! Well, I guess you could buy ANY...


SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what are you...yes YOU up to for spring break? Spring training? Travel? Planting a garden? Share your stories, photos, favorite Easter / Spring recipes? below Okay... and if you don't get...


Fanfest / Spring Training / Fantasy Baseball / etc...

Use this fanpost to co-ordinate meetups for tomorrow's fanfest and spring training. btw there's a whole spring training faq sorta thing on the mcwiki h...


OT: Holiday Whatever Thread

Use this space to share plans, traditions, recipes, holiday ideas... or stuff that you already posted in a main page thread, but would like to also be able to find again sometime in the future. ...


2012: The year in Maymays

Author's note: This post has NOTHING to do with the annual McCoven awards. The McWiki meme section needs to be updated and maybe reorganized? Dunno...one thing at a time! h...


OT: Thanksgiving Recipe / Holiday Idea Post

you do realize that Thanksgiving is ON THURSDAY right? I know it's not like anybody is actually going to find this here lil' ole fanpost, lol, much less post in it, but it's a thang we do around...


Nov OT: National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing on November 1. The goal is to write a 50,000-word (approximately 175-page) novel...


Post Season Celebrations and Parade Meetups, Advice, Links

I've not been paying a lot of attention lately, but I've heard rumblings of people meeting up before the parade, after the parade, and others getting together over the weekend to raise a glass and...


World Series Meet-Ups, Get Togethers, and General Shenanigans

The Giants are in the World Series ? OMG THE GIANTS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!! How the hell did that happen? You know the drill. Use the subject line for your geographic location and put...


OT: Helpful Job Hunting Links Dumping Ground

Since so many of us are looking for work let's share knowledge about the nooks and crannies of the internet where people find postings. Two of the three places I sub at were advertised on...

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