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NLDS Where will you be?

If you can find this fanpost you can find yourself a fellow McCoven somewhere near you to watch a game with, maybe... I know there are people in SoCal, Arizona, Seattle, Sac, DC, NY, etc etc [and...


McCoven Meetup 2013 !

I'm always amazed by how many people say they don't hear about these so I figure I'll just start badgering you now. The 2013 tentative schedule was released. Front page McC story Actual Schedule G...


Off Day OT: Baseball Pokemonz

So how are ya doin, with your Pokemonz? The McC Senior Circus league is coming down to the wire as there are several teams battling it out for the last playoff berth. Both of our Pokemonz teams are...


Update: Alex_Lewis Scholarship Fund

As before, I'll just repost from the email I was sent. I feel bad now that we didn't think to "pass the hat" at the meet-up. Next year. Send what you can people. Even if everybody here only sent...


OT: Annual Back to School Thread - Now with Resolutions

I was going to do this on the off day and then Melky happened and I forgot. As per usual... Students: where you go to school what year major/minor/field of interest your courses/classes? any tips...

Petaluma National Little League


From the website: Little League International covers the expenses for the players and coaches .... most of the expenses anyway. The families of these players are on their own. Flights, rental cars, gas, hotels and meal expenses on the road have been piling up for the families of our PNLL all-stars for weeks now. The league has helped out in the small ways that it can, but this is not something you can prepare for. When your season can be over with one pitch or one swing of the bat, it's hard to "make plans". We need your help. We need to do everything we can to make it possible for the family members of our incredible all-star team to get back to Williamsport, Pennsylvania and cheer on their children as they represent Petaluma National Little League, the City Of Petaluma and The Western United States in the Little League World Series. Expenses will be a minimum of $2,500 per family member. That's a minimum. Anything you can help with, no matter how small, will be used to directly benefit these families and this trip. 100% of your donation will go directly to them. Please use the LINK below to Donate via PayPal to fund the trip back to Williamsport.


McCoven at McCovey's

I see we've fallen off the front page due to being old news, but even at this late date I'm still hearing, okay reading, people that don't know about the meetup. So to recap: Saturday August 4th M...


McC @ McC

Reservations have been made. Also, if you have any Giants promo items you'd like to give away or swap bring them along! We're still looking for a "real" birthday and some people are looking for...

NaNo Organizing Thread III (link goes to the story)


I'm not going to link to the other organizing threads I'm just going to give a general summary and plead for more writing. Goal: 50,000 words by July 30 Progress: ~10,500 Again, it's not about getting published or winning awards, it's about having fun and writing and getting to 50,000 words together. http://www.mccoveychronicles.com/2012/6/30/3129314/write-nano-here Basic plot line and how you can help: The World Series Trophy has been stolen by space aliens. The trophy contains shards of Huir's Mirror [an evil thing] The Shards cause problems with all who encounter it except for Psygmagians [or their descendants - the Cain clan is descended from the first Psygmagian RBI members sent to earth: that story needs to be written] Pieces of the Shard have been the source of trouble in: Middle Earth, Krypton, and pieces have been worked into Star Trek history. There are also made up stories not involving works that have gone before. Maybe you can write making some other sci-fi fantasy worlds Shard infested: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Avatar, Dragon Lance, or whatever you'd like to create from scratch. If you don't want to write but have an idea for another world/system infested with Shards drop a line in this fanshot, maybe someone else will write it. Two security guards will eventually be off in the universe trying to track the trophy down and get it back: write up some interesting creatures or situations for them to run into Preliminary work has been done to get the players spirit guide animals involved somehow [Panda, Horse, BabyGiraffe, Melkbulls] somebody could move that section along. And getting some actual baseball players into the story would be great. Aside from setting up Cain with the potential for being some sort of hero nothing much has been done with that. Think of something else


OT: ASB Pokemonz Updatz

And at the halfway point, more or less, how are your Pokemonz?We have 2 teams one in a McC league: Senior Circus and the other in a favorites league where we play as the Giants. Mr. Merope really...


NaNo Organizing II

Talk about what you are writing!


  2. Have fun
  3. Don't worry about grammar or spelling, just write
  4. Try to keep vaguely within the boundaries of the plot
  5. Remember other people have to write too [see #4]


  1. Let people know WHEN you are writing
  2. Let people know WHAT you may write about
  3. Give suggestions for what may come next
  4. Let people know that you are DONE and someone else can start
  5. Have fun

OT: NaNo-ing Around

So.... Correct me if I'm wrong... It seems like people want to do this as an ever growing threaded mayhem sort of thing. As a group project this means we'd need to write, collectively about 1750...


OD OT: McC NaNo-ing Around

This is a long post. Sorry. What is NaNo? NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month held annually in November. They've recently begun doing CampNaNo in the summer. Unfortunately it is held in...


Alex_Lewis Scholarship fund

I have been in email contact with Alex's employers. And here is the information: ...we would like to thank you for your interest in participating in the effort. We had hoped that others would...


OD OT: How Will You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

Off Day, Off Topic: Summer Vacation Thread So... whatcha doin'? (or what have you already done?) Ballpark excursions? Heading up to the Seattle meet up? One of our lucky posters is heading to...

Almost time for CampNaNo


Anybody interested in CampNaNo? Some people had talked about it during NaNoWriMo. There are two CampNaNo's you choose either June or August. Which I think is pretty stupid cuz people are dealing with school stuff in those months. We could do our own in July, I guess, and submit it for the August one.... Any interest?


OT: [sorta] Pokemonz Update

Sooo how's it going? The Meropes have 2 teams this season. (Since we are always, traditionally in last place in the McCoven league the Mr. signed up for a different league this season.) And what...


OT: Sharks GDT

We can try this and see if it works...It would be way too much to have both hockey and baseball in one thread at the same time. Kripes any more just baseball is tough to keep up with. So maybe...


OT: New Years Resolution Checkup

Somewhere I said I'd nag at you all by reposting this fanshot from New Years 2012 to help remind people of their goals and what not. I didn't set any real goals and the way the year has started...


2012 Meet-ups

For a group of nerbs living in their mothers' basements the McC sure seem to get out a lot. In the past there have been meetups at McCovey's in Walnut Creek, San Jose Giants games in SJ and...


Show us your Pokemonz!!!

It's draft season ! League managers post your draft dates here. ( You know those dates will get lost on main paged threads!) If you have already drafted and want to cut and paste your LOL lineup...

McCovey Chroniclers Hospital


I'm putting this here because not everybody wants to read about this stuff in the main page articles. It seems as if a few people are going through some medical trauma right now and I know some others have in the past. So maybe the explanations, questions and cheerleading can take place here.


Hiking on the 18th?

We had talked about getting together on the 18th, next Saturday to go hiking/walking at Garin Park in Hayward. At this time it is totally unclear if the Mister and I will be able to attend. This...


NHL Draft

Stolen from Denver SBNation cuz I needed 75 words FAST Thursday night at 8 PM ET, the NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft takes place with team captains D Zdeno Chara and RW Daniel Alfredsson -- of...


OT: Wanted: McCoven walkers and hikers

We talked about doing this last year, and it just never got going so we'll give it another try. The Mister and I are going to hike at Garin Regional Park on Saturday February 18th 2012 (This could ...

Adopt a Giant


Maybe a separate post below for each letter of the alphabet? dunno... It is set up with players last name, first name and then whoever adopted that player/person etc. You can keep a player if they have gone elsewhere, cuz you know...once he turns 47 the Giants might just re-sign him. Oh and this is just for informational purposes... please DON'T reclaim your player or claim a new one or anything else at this point. We'll sort all that out in late February? at the actual adoption draft. Who the hell knows who the Giants will trade/sign/dfa between now and then?


OT: New Year

Here is the post from last year if you want to see how you did... We managed to accomplish nothing on our list. Maybe in a fit of oppositional defiant disorder directed at the universe in general...


McCovey Canticles

I was going to do this way earlier... but then, I was thinking "Why bother? There's almost nobody here this time of year" so I decided not to, but then the whole Simon and Garfunkel thing in the V...

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