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OT: New Year

Here is the post from last year if you want to see how you did... We managed to accomplish nothing on our list. Maybe in a fit of oppositional defiant disorder directed at the universe in general...


McCovey Canticles

I was going to do this way earlier... but then, I was thinking "Why bother? There's almost nobody here this time of year" so I decided not to, but then the whole Simon and Garfunkel thing in the V...


OT: All I want for [insert name of holiday here] is:

Since I'm not teaching I've kind of lost track of the fact that it's getting very close to that time of year, I keep thinking it's still August/Septemberish. So let's see... Hanukkah begins at...


OT: NaNoWriMo: The Final Chapter

At least you had all better be on, or close to, your final chapter.  We are almost out of time!! !!! Panic!!! !!! [no not him]  I am at 38,000 and hopefully will be at 40 - 42,000 by the end of the...


NaNoWriMo Update

Well it's the National Novel Writing Month halfway point, more or less.. How's it going? I'm waaaaay behind where I wanted to be! Stupid life stuff. I've only got 16,000 words at the moment.  Which...


OT: The Fall Recipe Thread

Fall finally decided to show up this week.  It was 39˚ this morning when I took my walk at 8:00 am brrr! Please feel free to post your favorite fall recipes below.  It might help people if you...


OT: NaNoWriMo Anyone?

National Novel Writing Month I've been thinking about doing this for several years now, and well, this year seems like a good time.  I'll either write a novel, or get a fulltime job offer Nov 2...


BOO!!! OT: Halloween Shenanigans

Wow, it's almost Halloween! Just cut and paste the questions below with your answers. If anybody is struggling trying to think of a costume give us a general idea of what you're wanting [NSFW / SFW...

Villalona News


In a nutshell: Angel Villalona says he is withdrawing his lawsuit against the San Francisco Giants after the team decided to reinstate him to its farm system.


OT: In Honor of Banned Books Week

bannedbooksweek Sept 24 - Oct 1 is Banned Books Week Some lists of books are here 1990-1999 and here 2000-2009   I'm surprised to see "And Tango Makes Three" on the list.  The book is based upon...


BEAT LA / We're in this Thing: Images

A beat LA image thread is kind of a traditional thing ... however; since the Giants are... kinda like up poo-poo creek without a didy we may as well go for some extra "In this Thing" mojo at the...

Sharks Preseason Broadcast Schedule


SAN JOSE, California – The San Jose Sharks today announced the broadcast schedule for their 2011 preseason games. Two games, Sept. 25 at Vancouver and Sept. 29 vs. Vancouver will be broadcast live on the NHL Network. In addition, Sept. 29 and the Sharks Oct. 1 preseason finale at Phoenix will be covered by radio play-by-play announcer Dan Rusanowsky and color commentator Jamie Baker on KFOX 98.5/102.1 FM and the Sharks Radio Network. The team’s season opener is Oct. 8 against the Phoenix Coyotes at HP Pavilion.


OT: How to not pull your hair out in frustration at this wreck of a season.

Help your fellow McCoven out by sharing some, family friendly, things to do after the game turns sour, so you know... like, after the 3rd inning. The 3 artists currently getting the most play on...


OT: Annual Back to School Thread

Wow, it's already that time, heck for many of you it's way past that time!   For the Students: What's your school? What's your major, if any? What year? Extracurricular Activities? Class you are...


OT: Historical Twitter Accounts?

We (Mr. Merope and myself) were talking, in the car,  on the drive home from McCovey's about people we wished had Twitter accounts. There are two people I wish had lived to participate in the...


McCoven at McCovey's Aug 20th

Reservations have been made: Saturday August 20th at 4:00pm McCovey's Restaurant in Walnut Creek The reservation is for 25. It is a public place so even if you weren't included in the original head...


McCoven on IRC

Since there have been a few episodes of SBN wonkiness lately [and a lot of new members]  I thought I'd repost this.  I'll try to remember to be in the chat room more often. IRC is real time live...


McCoven at McCovey's: Headcount

Okay, so, the date will be August 20th.  Giants v. Disastros.  4:00pm.  As we actually have a real birthday on that date maybe we won't get the weird looks that we got last year when we celebrated B...


McCoven at McCovey's

It's time to plan the  4th "annual" McCoven Meetup at McCovey's.  (I still don't think something's officially an annual event until you've done it 5 times.) http://www.mccoveys.com/ Our limited...

Rivercats Tickets


If you were going to go to a River Cats game anyway... They are apparently donating money to Sacramento City Unified School District. Here's the breakdown the RiverCats will donate: * $1 for every lawn ticket sold * $2 for every Delta Box ticket sold * $4 for every Gold Rush ticket sold * $5 on every Senate Box ticket sold


Giants Press Notes

I usually post this link once a season and after listening to what passed for broadcasting tonight on ESPN it occurred to me that I hadn't posted it yet this season.  (With these notes maybe the...


Congratulations Graduates Thread

Back in the fall we had a back to school thread, so we might as well bring this around to its conclusion. Where and or what are you graduating from? If applicable, with a degree in what? And what...

Get Well Buster


Alright you people with kids.... get busy!

Dodgers Lawsuit


I'm sure by the time I get this posted 109,000 others will have already done so. For your easy reference a link to the SFGate story. On the Stow family lawsuit.

Wednesday April 27th Play-offs!


Ye olde linky is just to nhl.com, I'm not creative enough to do better, sorry. Boston vs Montreal and Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh My goodness didn't Boston and Montreal just play last night? That seems a little brutal!


Opening Weekend

To make sure that it doesn't rain Opening Weekend let's have a plan.  I've often found that if you prepare for something, it doesn't happen.  Thinking back to last year's  42 hour rain delay [on...



So Ishi cleared waivers and has been outrighted to AAA? How does one take that I wonder? Yay! I get to go back to "my" team!! ? or Holy Crap!!! NOBODY wants me??!?!?! ?


Bryan Stow Medical Fund

From an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, as linked by Baggs There's not much new information.  From the story above there is this quote Stow's condition Saturday was unclear, but a relative...


BEAT LA!!! Image Repository

Since there are some new folks that might want to get in on the mayhem I thought I'd do this a little earlier than usual. Plus  I am sure there will be some new TSFGWTFWSSSILA  type images.  You...


Roses are red....

Yes it's that time of year again, time to rekindle, reconnect and reawaken your feelings for the love of your life.  You got it, pitchers and catchers report today!   Compose your baseball love...

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