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Clarendon numerals are back.


I did a quick scan to see if anyone had already posted this. Or, maybe I'm just so late to the party that it was brought up months ago. Either way, BSPN mentions the return of Clarendon font numbers to our jerseys this year.

Rick Reilly speaks his mind.


There has not been an NCAA men's basketball championship team in the last 20 years that could come within 30 points of the John Wooden championship UCLA teams. Those were men. These are babies.

Anthony Barr sighting.


AB came by the studios today to tape a feature for NFL Network. I made damn sure to hunt him down and give him some Bruin love.

More evidence of SC's cheating ways


"I was like, ‘What do you mean? I can’t buy that,’ " Baxter said. "And he was like, ‘I didn’t ask that.’ Then, we just went to Fiji the next day. Things like that. Wild stuff.""


Empty Arenas: Chianti Dan Ignores Students

Students are staying away from UCLA sporting events when other schools are figuring out ways to draw them in.


Westwood Sun Bowl watch party review.

We had a pretty good turn out of about 9-10 people. Some of our original RSVPs dropped out, but others stepped in. I knew about half the people who came out, JoeBruin15, UclaLuv, MexEastLA,...

Reminder: Sun Bowl Westwood Watch Party -Tue 12/31

Reminder re. UCLA football watch party (for the Sun Bowl) in Westwood, organized by members of the BN community.

Sun Bowl Watch Party in Westwood (Tue - 12/31)

Information on a Sun Bowl watch party in Westwood being organized by members of BN community.


Pilgrims in an unholy land.

Before we discuss any thing else, let me just say that the overwhelming majority of Trojan fans we came across were very gracious and welcoming hosts. They were good to us, and we were good to...

Pac 12 South the best division in CFB


And, the Pac 12 as a whole, is better than the SEC, according to the Sagarin Ratings.

EDSBS' hilarious take on the Kiffin firing.


ALSO THAT OTHER IDIOT IS GONE. Fired at 3 in the morning in a damn parking lot. That might be the coldest breakup ever, and my brother once dumped a girl on her birthday without knowing it was her birthday. ~ as funny as this is, you HAVE TO follow the link and find the gif prepared by LSUfreek for our amusement.

Did Guerrero Screw Up the Pasquale Tribute Too?

Once again reports surface that Dan Guerrero and his incompetent clowns at Morgan Center may have screwed up tribute to Nick Pasquale.

Nebraska Fans are Getting Ready

Nebraska fans are getting ready for the incoming Bruins.

Why? Because we're champs God Damn it!


In honor of the 2013 College World Series winners: UCLA Bruins.

Cheer Up Marcus Rios

BruinsNation community organizing to send get well cards to Bruin defensive back Marcus Rios, who is battling an extremely rare disease.

2013 Spring 'Showcase' Review/Notes

Notes and observations on UCLA's 2013 spring football scrimmage at the Rose Bowl.

Petition to fire Dan Guerrero Banner


uclaluv brought a nice large banner to the Spring Game to gather signatures to Dump Dan Guerrero. Here's a few of us holding it up in the stands.

Biggest 1st round busts.


I thought that in honor of the NFL Draft we could play a game called 'name that trogan.' Going through Yahoo!'s list of the NFL's biggest 1st round busts, I found the usual suspects: RJ Soward, Mike Williams, and of course Todd Marinovich. What surprised me was the complete whiff on Reggie Bush. Did they conveniently forget he had been dubbed 'the next Barry Sanders'? Your turn: name some Trogan draft busts I missed, or did not make their list at all.


The Steve Alford hire and Mythological Storytelling.

First of all, I have to admit I am HUGE fan of Joseph Campbell. I read 'The Power of Myth' the way people read the bible or the quran; I read it for the life lessons and truth contained within....


A Quick Ben Howland retrospective

As we all know the hacks at ESPN, CBS and et al, are calling Ben Howland's firing a travesty. Their only argument of course is 3 Final Fours and a Regular season conference championship this year....

Keep Calm


A friend posted this to my timeline so I thought I would share.

Sporting News piles on the SC hate wagon


Pretty good blow by blow of all that is wrong with USC under Lane Violation.

The Ed O'Bannon Decision


Good article about Ed O's lawsuit against the NCAA by the great writers at Grantland.


Ben Howland is a scumbag.

Hold On! Wait a second, there. Put down that gun. It's time to have a little fun at the expense of our Basketball cough*cough coach. For those of us who are unaware, Scumbag Steve is an internet...

The Best part of the Holiday Bowl . . .

Bumped from the Fanpost (the functionality is back!). Few members of BN community organized a tailgate before UCLA's Holiday Bowl in San Diego. The result was epic. - BN Eds.

The gift that keeps on giving.


Looks like Fartley may not play in the Sun Bowl. I have to wonder if this is a question of a lingering injury, or Kiffin throwing Barkley out of the way so he can start getting Wittek ready for next year.


November Reign

It was a dark and dreary Nov. 17th pre dawn morning. We had agreed to wake up at 5:20am and be out of the house at 5:30 in order to meet our tailgating party at the Von's in Pasadena near the Rose...

The midfield logo matters. Ask these guys.


The midfield logo matters. Ask these guys.

USC recruit de-commits after the Oregon game


Story says Notre Dame is now a front runner, but he will be visiting Oregon and Washington.

USC Halloween shooting.


I do not want to make light of the events that occurred last night at USC. But, given that HUGE deal that was made over Mora's comments about the safety for students over there; I thought it fair game to bring this up. After all, it's not slander if it's true.

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