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Living in Tennessee I am a Titan's fan at heart but love all the NFL has to offer. I am a Buckeye, but love SEC football along with a couple of other teams here and there. I was a Braves fan growing up and I'm a Braves fan still. Predators fan also being from Nashville. I worked for four years in Arena Football and College Football along with being lucky enough to work in the NFL for training. Feel free to check out my fantasy football advice page on facebook.

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NFL Tennessee Titans
  • NCAAF Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • NHL Nashville Predators
User Blog

Titans Defense Makes A Statement


The Titans Defense Brutal and Vicious and I hope it will stay this way.

Top Football Movies


To help get ready for the season, tell us what your favorite football movies are!

Who will be the leading WR?


Who will lead the team in receptions for the Titans this coming season?

Who's The Sack Leader in 2013?


Who will lead the Titan's defense in sacks this coming this year? Morgan, Wimbley, Ayers, Casey, someone else?

Derrick Morgan: Hopeful Sack Leader.


Derrick Morgan is the Dark-Horse favorite for the "Deacon Jones" award!

Who are the most guilty players to play in NFL?


Reader Discretion: This column is not glorying anything these gentlemen did, but how many good players have missed their chance of being great because they have made some bad decisions. With that...

Top training camp battles to watch


Training Camp Battles Are Starting To Form, Before Camp Begins.

5 Negative things from Titan OTA's


What are the troubling things I took away from camp? Take a look.

5 Positives from OTAs


5 Positive things to take away from OTAs so far!

Titans OTA review


Titans 1st week of OTA's are in the books. Lets look at the positive and negative of the 1st week!


Titans Tickets for Sale!!!

Section 101 row K seat 7,8, and 9 have been in my family for the past 15 years, and sadly I'm having to let them go. If interested in buying them please email me at roughestcustomer@gmail.com.

Titans draft big mean players!


Titans keep it physical in the draft. Mainly by picking the biggest meanest players available.

Schedule Analysis and Early Record Prediciton


Early analysis of the Titans schedule and a 'Way' too early season record prediction!

Mocking the Draft: Picks 22-32


Check out the 3rd and final installment of my mock draft.

Mocking picks 11-22


Picks 11-22

Mocking the first 10 picks of the draft


Check out my first 10 picks!

"Crown Of The Helmet" Rule Other Future Issues


Is this the beginning of a much bigger problem?

Titans Free Agents Grades and Review


Titans Free Agents signings grades and review. What they got right and what they got wrong.

Where can Titans find DE and DT in free agency?


Titans need some depth at the defensive end/tackle. Where can they get it, specifically in free agency?

Titans need to give CJ help


CJ needs a good backup or at least something better than what they have behind him right now.

Should the Titans trade down?


Without any real standout talent in this years draft, should the Titans stock up on picks?

Titans Cap Numbers and Potential Cap Casualties


Cap sits at $19.4 million below the cap limit.

Where can the Titans find help at guard?


The Titans need a lot of help at guard. Here are some places where they might be able to find it.

Where Can the Titans Get Safety Help?


Some names the Titans could focus on in free agency and the draft to get help at the safety position.

Mike Reindfeldt and His Failed Draft Choices


Mike Reindfeldt and his draft choices helped seal his fate.


Notable Titan Free Agents

With this sad excuse of a football season coming to a close on Sunday afternoon, its time to start with who are the Titans going to resign? There aren't any really big time players of note that...


It's Almost Over.

On Sunday afternoon I found myself watching the RedZone channel more than my own team, and the funny thing is they were on there more than any other team. Just not scoring of course. I'm sure most...


Optimism for the Future, and Other Reflections From Monday Night

Most of you on this site witnessed that Monday night was about as ugly as a win could be, but in the end the win made the team look better overall. For every negative that happened on the field...


How did this happen? How did the Titans end up with such a horrendous season?

Got the Titan's blues, do you find yourself leaving the game in mid-third quarter? Do you turn off the T.V. or to another game on Sunday's after halftime? Do you look more at your fantasy stats...


Should the Titans consider trading Chris Johnson for Draft picks?

It is certainly a growing dilemma in the Music City. Should the Titans keep Chris Johnson in the hopes that he can help Jake Locker and co. bring a championship before he starts to have more wear...

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