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Author, Philadelphia Phenoms: The Most Amazing Athletes to Play in the City of Brotherly Love (Order Here:
Associate Editor, Liberty Ballers
Writer, Crashburn Alley
Fan of the Phillies, South Carolina Gamecocks, Arsenal FC, puns, spoonerisms, and overwrought, snotty, self-indulgent, pseudointellectual writing.

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  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
  • NBA Philadelphia 76ers
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
  • NCAAF South Carolina Gamecocks
  • NCAAB Villanova Wildcats
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
  • Tennis Caroline Wozniacki
  • EPL Arsenal
  • MLS Philadelphia Union
User Blog

Explaining My Thing For European Players


A basketball fan struggles to articulate his most closely held, yet most irrational belief: The Sixers need more European players.

LB Mock Draft: Suns Bag Bogdan at #27


Bogdan: More than just a planet in the Star Wars Extended Universe

The Joel Embiid Doo Wop (Back Thing)

Joel Embiid's back problems, set to song.

LB Mock Draft Pick #15: Hawks Finagle Young

With the 15th pick in the Risibly Erroneous Liberty Ballers Mock Draft, the Hawks pick Kentucky wing James Young.

Pimp Your Prospect: Mitch McGary

All the attention is on the Sixers' two picks at No. 3 and No. 10, but we've all got personal favorites for the latter stages of the draft. Mine is Michigan big man Mitch McGary.

Raptors 125, Sixers 114: A Moral Victory


Tonight's loss cemented, at worst, the No. 5 pick in the draft. But in a vacuum, it was a pretty solid performance

Sixers vs. Raptors Game Thread: Clever Girl


Bringing a tank to a foreign country usually constitutes an invasion.

PHI vs. TOR: DeMar DeRozan and the Business Intl.


On the wizardry of Masai Ujiri.

The Ethics of Tanking

Why having a problem with tanking is more problematic than tanking itself.

Saric's Draft Status in Question


The Croatian forward is weighing a move to Spain or Turkey as an alternative to the NBA.

Cavaliers 114, Sixers 85: Reaction Thread/Recap


Here to bring you the highlights from tonight's Sixers game is Aaron Altman.

Sixers vs. Cavaliers Game Thread: Farewell, Evan


There's no tape-delayed figure skating on TV tonight. Come spend it with us.

Sixers vs. Cavs Preview: How Fleeting is Life


The deadline is upon us, leaving us to reflect on a team that might disintegrate at any moment.

Knicks 102, Sixers 92: The Invasion


Tonight's Sixers-Knicks game was punctuated by the arrival of an alien race that seems bent on conquering Earth.

Sixers vs. Knicks Game Thread


Brandon Davies vs. Andrea Bargnani vs. Haywoode Workman

Sixers vs. Knicks Preview: Dirty Work


Steely Dan, American Hustle, the Rudderless Ship

The Wheel and the Collective Action Problem


How the NBA's latest solution for tanking runs up against the principles that govern human behavior.

Sixers 121, Nets 120: The Villain


For Evan Turner, there is a season.

Sixers vs. Nets Game Thread: Smell the Kholodets


Less with the KG and more with the MCW.

Sixers vs. Nets in Four Points


Kevin Garnett, Gerontocracy and Meat Jello

Clippers 94, Sixers 83: Love in a Dunkless Place


Brandon Davies discovers symbolism in a botched alley-oop.

Clippers 94, Sixers 83: Immediate Reaction Thread


Kind of a sloppy game, for reasons other than the involvement of Willie Green. But such is the slog.

Sixers vs. Clippers Game Thread: Dunk Tank


This thread was going to be subtitled "Chronicles of Redick," but then he broke his hand and it's all ruined and screw that guy.

Sixers vs. Clippers: Willie Green Returns


Some reunions you look forward to, others you dread, others you can't explain.

Pistons 115, Sixers 100: Immediate Reaction Thread


"We just got jumped." -Brett Brown

Sixers vs. Pistons Game Thread: Detroit Block City


Sufjan Stevens Presents... Greetings from Michigan, the Great Lake State

Sixers at Pistons Preview: Injured Bynum Redux


In this game, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take, and 80 percent of the ones you do.

Elegiac: Kwame Brown


A tribute to the most appropriate Sixer.

Warriors 110, Sixers 90: Tank Back On


The Title Belt is gone. The Sixers can't shoot after all. And so it begins.

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