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Author, Philadelphia Phenoms: The Most Amazing Athletes to Play in the City of Brotherly Love (Order Here:
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Fan of the Phillies, South Carolina Gamecocks, Arsenal FC, puns, spoonerisms, and overwrought, snotty, self-indulgent, pseudointellectual writing.

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  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
  • NBA Philadelphia 76ers
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
  • NCAAF South Carolina Gamecocks
  • NCAAB Villanova Wildcats
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  • NASCAR Juan Pablo Montoya
  • Tennis Caroline Wozniacki
  • EPL Arsenal
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User Blog


The thread to end all threads. I don't wanna tame your animal style, Andrew Bogut

Warriors at Sixers Preview: The Laws of Physics


Welcome to Magic World, Where the Universe is Broken and the Sixers are 3-0

One Day Until Sixers: What We've Signed Up For


The season starts tomorrow and all the good preview ideas have been taken. Here's a little something in the meantime about hope.

15 Days Until Sixers: Born Under a Bad Sign


In which someone's got to fart in your elevator. Because the wages of a smart front office and a couple high draft picks isn't necessarily success.

You've Got Sixers Email, Vol. 9: Viagra Hotline


Levin's Hinkie fanboyism reaches new heights, we discuss the GM's Twitter presence and weigh in on the summer's most provocative music video.

You've Got Sixers Email, Vol. 8: Lloyd Puns


The gang discusses their favorite Lloyds, Jake tries way too hard to use Frank Ocean to make a larger point and Tanner makes an Eddie reference that didn't get nearly as much respect as it should have.

Kwame Brown's Coming Back. Woo-hoo.


Once again, that massive, inert lump is going to wear Sixers sweatpants 82 times.

Goodbye, Jrue Holiday

The Sixers ushered in a new era tonight, but Jrue Holiday won't be coming with us.

Sixers Draft Options: Sergey Karasev


How do you avoid having your life-force sapped by one of the legion of tall white guys the Sixers will probably draft? By taking a slightly less tall white guy.

The Courtship of Andre Iguodala


Sure, we'd love to have Iggy back, but would he take us back?

14 Minutes, 10 Points, 6 Fouls


For Game 1 of the NBA Finals, here's a look back at the greatest Game 1 performance in NBA Finals history.

You've Got Sixers Email, Vol. 6: Hinkie Pank-y


The humans of Liberty Ballers discuss life, love and playing flag football with Dorell Wright.

You've Got Sixers Email, Vol. 5: Sampson and Comps


Like your irresponsible drinking buddy, this week's thread is late, but you'll love it anyway as we compare our pickup games to those of NBA players.

Nick Young Accused of Date Rape


The Sixers' free agent-to-be is facing a civil lawsuit from a woman who claims he had non-consensual sex with her.

You've Got Sixers Email, Vol. 4: Long Live Hinkie


Michael Levin went on vacation just when the Sixers hired a new and exciting general manager. Here's what we thought about it.

You've Got Sixers Email Vol. 3: Bynum's Dancing

Despite never playing a game and being a free agent, Andrew Bynum is still the key to the Sixers' future. Should they keep him? And if not, what then?

Toot It or Boot It: Kwame Brown


Is a guy who ended the season with 30 straight DNPs worth keeping around? It's fair to say that that ship has sailed.

You've Got Sixers Email Vol. 2


The LB crew dissects the draft and potential Sixers coaching hires.

Toot It or Boot It: Nick Young


Who should stay and who should go? The Liberty Ballers staff goes down the roster, one by one, starting with Nick Young.

Weekly LB Email: Coaching, Impotence, Batiste


The season's over, so the Liberty Ballers staff got together to vent about a crushing year and the uncertain future to come. Dave talks about the time he "made it to Dutch." This will now be a weekly segment.

But It's Over Now: Heat Beat Sixers, 106-87


After shooting like the badguys in a spaghetti western, the Sixers find themselves mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

Heat 106, Sixers 87: Immediate Reaction Thread


Hanging in there for three and a half quarters doesn't feel as good when you lose by 19.

Sixers vs. Heat Preview: Miami Days Counting


We will not reference a certain Will Smith song.

Sixers 100, Bucks 92: Operation Dinner Out


Tonight's Sixers game, told through the lens of Tony Scott's seminal 2001 espionage thriller, Spy Game.

Sixers 100, Bucks 92: Immediate Reaction Thread


Spencer Hawes: 17 rebounds, one very pissed-off Tanking Octopus.

Sixers vs. House Baratheon Game Preview


Winter is Coming. Thank God.

Heat 102, Sixers 93: ¡Hace Calor!


For a second, it looked like it might happen. And then the real Sixers and the real Heat showed up.

REACT: Heat 102, Sixers 93


It was closer than anyone thought it would be, but as so often the case, the Heat rose.

Sixers vs. Heat Game Thread: Enjoy LeBron


There are games you want to watch because your team stands a decent chance of winning and there are games you just want to watch for their aesthetic value. This is the latter.

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