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AFC North Round Up: Week Eight: 5-2 is still a good record through 7 games edition

Happy Halloween everyone. Hope you all had a good time and have all come through the weekend safe and sound, if not a little bit hungover. First off, my apologies for not having a Week Seven...


AFC North Round Up: Week 6: Any Given Sunday Edition

This season is already one of my favorite seasons of recent memory, of course the Steelers making a playoff run at its conclusion would be incredible, but I say that first sentence purely from a...


AFC North Round Up: Week Five: Steelers Bye Week Edition

AFC North Round Up: Week Five: Steelers Bye Week Edition


AFC North Round-Up Week Four: Stupidly Late Edition

Forgive the lateness. Its almost exam times at University and I had quite a bit of work earlier this week. Week Four treated AFC North fans to a Divisional Double Header. Its no surprise the race...


Predict the Score: SteelChamps !! has disappeared (or forgot) edition

Lol...come out come out wherever you are. Week 4. The Steelers are 3-0." Wait what? Isnt Big Ben suspended? He is? Oh sh..." What many people were thinking about our beloved Steelers. I feel...


Running the Ball: How we stack up

In the offseason, Bruce Arians ruffled a few feathers by saying "We don't need to run the ball more, we just need to run the ball better" At the time, a few of us, myself included, thought...


AFC North Round Up: Week Three

3-0 never tasted so good. You know what would taste better though? Smoked Raven on a platter. I'm licking my chops just thinking about the chance, and I know others are thinking the same. Well,...


AFC North Round Up: Week Two

Week two for the AFC North is chiseled in the stone now. What a Sunday. Miami upsets Minnesota, Chicago take it to Dallas, and a team we held to 9 points last week puts up 41 on Pittsburgh West....


AFC North Round-Up: Week One

First week in the books for the AFC North. In the AFC North and all around the league for that matter, many teams looked a bit rustier than the usual, and a few teams, namely Houston, Seattle and...


2010 Steeler Milestones up for Grabs

A number of our Steelers players have a chance to pass some great milestones this year for their careers, both in terms of Steelers history, and League history. Heres the numbers:

Big Ben back, Dixon still to get Garbage Time


Still no first reps for Dennis Dixon for Saturday. Not to mention Big Ben is due to be back and in the action Bruce Arians, I still hate you


Notes and Observations on the Enemy

The televised Panthers @ Ravens game was a great way to have an initial look at how our fiercest division rival are stacking up. Its halftime, but from here on out it will be a mix of second and...


Projects that need to be dumped

You're probably....well some of you (goddamn theres a lot of new faces around) wondering either "Who the hell are you?" or "Where the hell have you been?". Well, a number of things happened. I got...


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition, Wk 13 vs Oakland Raiders

Before I begin, the long awaited updated scores and rankings will be posted after this week, just so I can start fresh from next week the way I did earlier in the season   Week 13 the Steelers...


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition, Wk 12 @ Baltimore Ravens

Booya!   Ive been waiting for this one all year. It may have lost a little lustre in the national spotlight due to the Cincinatti Bengals surprising leading of the AFC North, yet both teams are...


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition, Wk 11 @ KC Chiefs

Still in the process of calculating scores, bear with me   Steelers lost to the Cincinnatti Bengals for the second time this season, the last time this happened was 1998. Yet I urge the masses...


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition, Wk 10 vs Cincinatti Bengals

Still racing around like a headless chicken, organising jobs and what not.   The Steelers played a brilliant game on Monday. Shut out offensively in the first half and shut down by almost all...


BTSC Predict the Score Comp, Steelers @ Broncos

Hope you enjoyed the week off Steeler fans   Blah blah make picks   Steelers coming off a bye for their longest road trip of the year   We handed the Vikings their first loss in a game where...


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition, Wk 7 vs Minnesota Vikings

Bear with me while it is exams time for me. I really want to keep this going, so im going to get the picks fanposts up so you guys can register them. I will have the standings etc all stocked up in...


Ask a Steeler Fan

Hows it going Browns fans. My names Steeler_, no surprises I'm from over on the BTSC blog. I know we are not your favourite guys but I come here completely respectful and not out to bash anyone,...


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition: Week 6 @ Cleveland

Solid win for the Steelers in Detroit, many Steeler fans making the trip north to the special site of our Superbowl XL victory ground.   Sorry this one is very brief, have assignments coming out...


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition: Week 5 @ Detroit, plus Week 4 Results

The Steelers in Week 4 hosted the Chargers on Sunday Night Football, and for the most part did not disappoint. Despite another defensive lapse in the 4th quarter, this one was not really as close...


BTSC Predict the Score Competition: Overall Standings as of Week 2

Overall Standings, sorted by Average Weekly score are as follows. Rank Name Total Average 1 TheCommish 2 2 2 WVPiratesFan 8 4 3 LongtimeSteelersFan 6 6 4 ...


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition: Week 4 vs San Diego, plus Week 2 Results

First off an apology. Incredibly sorry for not posting a thread for the chance to make Week 3 Picks for the Cincinatti game. I do these on the weekend, yet found myself whisked away for a...


The 60 Minute Game: Welcome to the Flipside

"Steeler football is 60 minutes. It's never going to be pretty. Throw style points out the window, but these guys will fight to the end."  - Coach Mike Tomlin   We are reminded of it constantly....


The BTSC Predict the Score Competition: Week 2 @ CHI, plus Week 1 Results

Well, we were spoilt on Thursday night with a closely fought, hard hitting, heart pounding spectacle by the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans, and despite fumbling away the chance to win it...


Blitz the League: Week One

A random selection of thoughts by myself throughout Week One's action on the gridiron


5 Players who each had one HELL of a game

Goddamn, isn't it great to have football back? During the course of the game, I jumped off the couch, yelled at the TV, wrote messages in capital letters on BTSC to imply severe emotion, and had...


The BTSC Predict the Steelers Score Competition: WK1 vs Tennessee

Hows it going guys?   Time to put your evaluation and analytical skills to the test. After running this idea by Blitz a little while ago, It is time to incorporate it. All season long, I wish to...


5 Players who Impressed....and those who didnt

No doubt everyone is making their first off observations. However this is the only preseason game aired in my country of the Steelers, so this is the only time I can make proper critcisms and...

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