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Tactical Talk: 4-4-2 isn't sexy, but it's working


Chivas USA have recently switched to a 4-4-2 formation, and perhaps not coincidentally, they have been getting results. We discuss the merits of the system, and what has helped the Goats in recent...

Tactical Talk: Cubo & role of the modern striker


In our latest tactical look, we discuss the modern role of the striker, and explain how Chivas USA forward Erick Torres fits in the dominant types around the game today.

Tactical Talk: Cabrera forces Arena's hand


In our latest tactical analysis of Chivas USA, we look at the Goats' 1-1 draw against the LA Galaxy and discuss the moves each of the respective coaches made in the game.

Tactical Talk: Square pegs, round holes, not good


We examine the latest in Chivas USA's tactics for our weekly column, this time following their loss to the Philadelphia Union. Above all, a pattern appears to be emerging regarding the suitability...

Tactical talk: Wingers in, slow strikers out


As the Wilmer Cabrera era unfolds, we're getting a better sense of the system the Chivas USA coach is trying to implement. In our latest column on tactics, we argue the departure of two strikers...

Tactical Talk: Goats pounce on Rapids errors


In Chivas USA's win over the Colorado Rapids, the success came less from good tactics and more from taking advantage of the situation. We explain.

Tactical Talk: How can CUSA get attack going?


Chivas USA have struggled mightily in recent weeks, and their once-promising attack is looking more and more ineffective, despite having a number of good players. We discuss potential adjustments...

Tactical Talk: CUSA's three-headed left back


Through the first eight games of the season, Chivas USA have used three different left backs. We go through the importance of the full backs in the modern game, and discuss the attributes of each...

Tactical Talk: High line dooms CUSA once again?


Chivas USA lost 2-1 over the weekend to the Seattle Sounders. In our tactical examination of the loss, we discuss the various mistakes that led to the winning goal for the visitors.

Tactical Talk: No surprise, Bofo needs time


Chivas USA may have the veteran Bofo Bautista on their team, but his impact has been minimal so far. Still, we argue that shouldn't be a surprise, nor should it mean he can't come good as the...

Tactical Talk: CUSA lose midfield battle to Galaxy


Chivas USA lost to the LA Galaxy on Sunday. In our latest tactical column, we argue the Goats lost both the numerical battle in midfield, as well as employed a risky strategy defensively that...

Tactical Talk: Formation shift, and an uneven game


Chivas USA tied the New York Red Bulls 1-1 on Sunday. In our latest column on the tactical side of the sport, we examine the strategies and performances that led to the result.

Tactical Talk: Switching roles can work - at times


In our latest column on tactics, we discuss the risks and rewards of moving players into new roles, focusing in particular on Chivas USA rookie Thomas McNamara.

Tactical Talk: 10 men? Not a (big) problem!


Chivas USA went down to 10 men early in their last match, but they played smart and didn't concede the game. We discuss why going down a man wasn't such a catastrophe.

Tactical Talk: How Chivas used 4-4-2 to a win


We welcome new contributor Michele Tossani to discuss the tactics that led to Chivas USA's win over the Chicago Fire on Sunday.

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