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How DET Goes 9-7 while 8-8 Panthers Miss Playoffs.


I'm smelling an 8-8 finish for the Panthers. We are tied at No. 6 in the NFC with DET and CHI at 4-3, but hold the tiebreaker over both teams. The Panthers could go 8-8, while CHI fades and DET goes 9-7 to jump us in the playoff hunt. Likely CAR Losses (2): @SF, NE, @NO 50/50 Chance (2W/2L): @ATL, @MIA, NO, NYJ Likely CAR Wins (2): ATL, TB This puts us at 8-8. DET will fade with Cutler out and three tough upcoming games: @GB, DET, BAL. DET has an interesting sched. They should beat CHI, TB, MIN and lose to GB. That puts them at 7-4 with five weird games left. The rest of their sched consists of shaky veteran teams who can either be great, good, or horrible on any given Sunday: DAL, @PIT, @PHI, BAL, NYG. If DET goes 2-3 here, they finish at 9-7, one game up on CAR. I know who I'm rooting against on Thanksgiving Day.

Mick Smiley

Excluding Jacksonville, Carolina is the NFL's Suckiest Bunch of Sucks Since 2010

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "Yeah, Moe, that team sure did suck...they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked." If not for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Homer would be talking...

With a Few Small Twists of Fate, DeAngelo Could be Doing What Adrian Peterson Has Done


Both regular and advanced stats are clear: DeAngelo Williams has been every bit as productive as Adrian Peterson during their careers. But AP is on his way to the Hall of Fame because he had the opportunities D-Willy did not.

The Inspiring Rise and Tragic Fall of Jake Delhomme


I've wanted to write this lengthy piece on Jake Delhomme's amazing rise and epic fall for a while now. It's done. Long live Delhomme!

Remember Delhomme-to-Rosario in 2008? Rivera coached SD's LB's Back Then.


Yep, it was Ron Rivera whose SD linebackers got beat for Rosario's game winner in Week 1 2008. Watch the video at the :42 mark to see a familiar, befuddled face - just wearing Chargers blue.

Greg Hardy is Crazy and a Genius for Saying the Panthers are better than the Falcons


Yes, I think Hardy's a crazy genius for making his statement about CAR > ATL

It's Time for Cam Newton to Exile "Superman" to the Netermost Regions of the Universe


Just to reiterate, I like watching Cam celebrate but the Superman has got to go.

Panthers Lose After Two Bad Calls on the Same Play Give Life to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


My take on how the terrible one-two punch by the refs contributed in costing the Panthers the game. With :56 seconds left: 1. Thomas Davis DID NOT deserve a personal foul. 2. Tiquan Underwood DID NOT catch that ball.

Panthers Have Worst Record in NFL Since 2010, Sad But True


Worst record (9-27) in the NFL since 2010. But we are better than our record, right?

Will Cam be out Of the NFL in 5 years like VY?


Hope not, but I wouldnt be totally shocked, unfortunately. Hope he listens to Smitty.

Giants fans owned Panthers fans at BOA on Thurs


My experience attending the Giants game at BOA Stadium....not good.

Is the Panthers Season Already Doomed?


O-line + special teams = another crappy 6-10 season.

Slowing down the Greg Olsen Hype Machine


I love Greg Olsen as a player - huge part of the Panthers' offense. But he just doesn't deserve the fantasy hype he's getting, right?

Panthers Finding Value in 7th Round


Munnerlyn, Schwartz, Bernadeau, Stanford, etc. Pretty solid.

Brandon LaFell's Surprisingly Strong 2011 Advanced Stats


In 2011 LaFell was 11th in the NFL in DVOA and 10th in in yards per reception. Interesting.

Five Ways the Panthers Could Go 5-11 in 2012


Five disasters that could lead to the Panthers going 5-11. I hope none of this happens (*knocking on wood*).

Las Vegas Predicting Another 6-10 Season? Hogwash! Balderdash!


No way will the Panthers go 6-10 again in 2012, right? Right!

Panthers Scored Big With UFA Matt Reynolds From BYU


Check out the video of Matt Reynolds' helmetless block in the Armed Services Bowl game. Panthers totally scored signing the anchor of BYU's offensive line. Great undrafted FA signing!

19 of 22 Likely Panthers Starters Drafted by Carolina


Could be 20 of 22 if Silatolu ends up starting. Pretty impressive way of building through the draft.

Panthers Pinning False Hopes on Ron Edwards?


Um, Jason Shirley had more sacks (2.5) and forced fumbles (1) in 4 games in 2011 as Edwards did in 32 games in KC (2.0 sacks, 0 forced fumbles) between 2009-2010. Is Edwards really our only hope on the DL? I'm worried.

Compilation of 10 Draft Grades for the Panthers


As a Panthers fan I Googled the phrase "Carolina Panthers Draft Grades" about a dozen times today and found 10 reputable sites that were willing to let me take peak at their report cards. I thought it would be helpful for the rest of you Panthers fans to compile these links in one comprehensive, convenient home. You're welcome.

New Logo? Nothing. Time to Dump Sir Purr!


If the Panthers want to truly re-brand the franchise, it's time to go nuclear and dump Sir Purr!

Gamers & Lamers vs. Saints


My weekly indepth analysis of the key hidden plays in the Panthers loss to the Saints, including a couple of jaw-droppingly bad zone coverage decisions by James Andreson and Sherrod Martin. And Cam, it's time to grow up and drop the me-first pity parties on the sideline.

Gamers & Lamers Wk 16 vs Tampa Bay


My weekly in-depth analysis of the key hidden plays that made the difference in the Panthers win. Great games by Gross, Neblett, and LaFell who did the dirty work in the 48-16 blowout.

Night-Mare! The Ugly Stats Behind Carolina's Kicking Game


Panthers among the bottom in most key kicking stats with Olindo Mare. Call it a Night-Mare. (Lame, I know, but I don't care.)

Gamers & Lamers: vs. Houston Week 15


My weekly in-depth breakdown of the hidden plays behind the big plays for the educated Panthers fan. Big game by Jordan Senn, my Rob Chudzinski man-crush deepens, and the special teams punt/kick coverage still stinks.

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