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User Blog

Gmen release Bradshaw


Luke Keuchly win DROY


Much was debated on weather Luke was athletic enough to succeed in the NFL. Guess he is....

Ex Eagle Reaches HOF


Buddy once cut Carter saying, "all he does is catch TD's"

Adrian Peterson wins MVP


AP edges Peyton in MVP. Great season for both!

Djax - Bringing Vick back is a NO BRAINER


Here's the link:

Redskins Trent Williams is one tough mofo


Apparently he wash SMASHED in the back of his head with a champagne bottle and didn't go down.

Obama questions football safety


"Obama tells The New Republic that football fans are going to have to wrestle with the fact that the game will probably change over time to try to reduce the violence." Nope can't have my guns and please don't change FB! This country is going soft.

Reid has his D-Co


Bob Sutton is his guy. Will Andy get it right on his third try to replace JJ?

Banners Browns have HUGE advantage to Land Turner


So it seems Turners son is already part of the Browns offensive staff. Nice move by Banner.

Joeckel to be #1 pick?


So here's the link:


Stolen Gem. Can College Coaches Make Good Pro Coaches

Let me start off by saying some of you might of read this already if you clicked on the "Solid Debut Year for 2012" sub article "NFL Coaching Rumors". If you did not a poster by the name of dacj501...

Welcome back Lindley?


Listening to 610 or 97.5 forget the exact station as I was toggling back and forth but they mentioned that the Eagles signed Lindley.

Luke Kuechly


For all those who didn't want us to pick this guy because he wasn't going to be good in the pro's he's second in tackles 138, has 1 INT, 1 sack and has recovered 3 fumbles. It's moot, I know, he was picked before our pick but wow! What a great rookie season.

A Punt to Open Games?


Listening to Mike and mike this morning I heard an odd but interesting tid bit. Roger "dodger" is thinking of eliminating kickoffs all together. The games will open a punt OR the punting team can have the ball on the 30 yard line, in a 4 and 15 situation (alleviating onside kicks also).

Jim Brown Takes Swings at Ali


Pretty cool story of the graet Jim Brown trying to punch Ali.


Thank You Mr.Vick

This is a shout out to the toughest S.O.B in the NFL. A true warrior down to lay his life on the line for his team, the win and us fans. I admire your courage, fortitude and your conviction. The...

Mike Vick claiming Eagles are using his concussion to start Foles.


Mike Vick claiming Eagles are using his concussion to start Foles.

First take ESPN

Super Bowl Winning D-Co wants back in NFL


Monte Kiffen seems to want to come back to the NFL. He is 72. Old but definitely a great coach. Controversy has surrounded Kiffin's departure from Tampa Bay. After Lane Kiffin signed with Tennessee, Tampa's typically stout defense underperformed. The Bucs lost their final four games of the 2008 season, ending up 9–7, and missed the playoffs. Before this, no NFL team had ever missed the playoffs after achieving a record of 9–3. Reports stated that Gruden refused to allow Kiffin to announce his departure to Tennessee mid-season. Allegations were made that Kiffin refused to participate in normal coaching meetings. Neither Kiffin nor Jon Gruden have openly discussed these events.(Wikipedia..Monte Kiffen)


Redskins Win & Reid Saves His Job

What if Washington marches into Dallas today in the Cowboys vs Indians, Thanksgiving showdown and pulls out a win? Dallas is 2-2 at home this season getting blown out by a better Bears team and...

Plax to Visit Steelers


Per ESPN Plax might be joining his former team.

Trent Cole stinks because

  1. he's old
  2. hates Andy
  3. doesn't like wide 9
  4. doesn't care anymore
  5. he's still awesome but is saving himself for the last 5 games

GM or Just a lot of Talk

The season is about half way through and I wanted to take a look bake on how this year’s defensive rookies are doing so far. I listed players A.) whom we(BGN) liked before the draft, B.) whom...

Eagles are soft like their coach


Eagles are soft like their coach


Sean Payton to be a free agent after this season. Hie 2011 extension with the Saints was voided by...


Sean Payton to be a free agent after this season. Hie 2011 extension with the Saints was voided by the NFL due to bounty gate or whatever it's called.

Per ESPn

Lets Make A Deal.....

So I was listening to Mike and Mike this morning and they were going over all of the injuries to different RB's on different teams. I only caught the back end so I'm not sure of everything they...

Most likely to happen.

  1. Vick has 3 turnovers or none?
  2. Shady and Brown combine for 20 rushes or 30?
  3. Bell gives up 3 sacks or 0 sacks?
  4. Eagles or Giants record more sacks?
  5. Nnamdi gets beat for a TD deep or Djax beats the Gmen over the top for a TD?

Manti Te'O

I know we don't have a shot at him but he is someone we talked about a ton before the draft last year(when there was a chance he was coming out as a junior). He had a GREAT game yesterday 2 INT's 1...

Most likely to happen this weekend?

  1. Vick rebreaks the record for most hits taken by a QB in a game.
  2. Our offensive line plays well.
  3. Andy(Marty) calls a balanced game(at least 53%pass 47% run) to help protect Vick.
  4. We win the game.
  5. Juan calls back to back great defensive games and our defense holds the Ravens under 17 pts.
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