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Chiefs mock draft

AP reader Migidee has a Chiefs mock draft with excellent detail.


Kansas City Chiefs Draft Strategy for the 2014 draft

Disclaimer: This is not a mock draft post! 2014 NFL Draft prospects will not be discussed in this post! I know that there is an extreme shortage of mock drafts available out there, but you are...


2013 KC Chiefs Draft Overview: Meat and Potatoes

If I were to have ONE word to describe the 2013 draft class it would be: Unsexy. But that's OK.


How the KC Chiefs will win a Super Bowl in the next 5 years: My 2013 Chiefs Mock Draft

I butchered this in another Mock draft thread(wish I had an edit option I suck at these things) so i decided to post it here where I had a better chance of not ruining it. First of all I am...


Bragging Rights: The 2013 NFL Draft Prediction Thread

We are now one week away from the 2013 NFL draft, and I am getting goosebumps. I am not exaggerating when I say that I get as excited for the Chiefs drafting as I do on game day. I believe, like...


Are we all missing something here?

I was thinking to myself while surfing AP recently that there is no way that the Chiefs will take a QB with the #1 overall pick. I believe I may have even posted it somewhere myself, but is there...


Should the Kansas City Chiefs make a trade in the 1st round?

Trading the #1 overall pick and trading back in the first round seems to be a trending topic lately. Of course only the people at 1 Arrowhead Drive know what type of offers (if any) they have had...


If there is no good QB to take #1 overall, then who should we take?

It seems to be a common theme with all the draft experts that there is no QB good enough to justify the #1 overall pick. I hear it over and over again, even though QB is this teams biggest need...


Your Thoughts on Andy Reid

I an very excited to hear that Clark is interviewing Andy Reid. If nothing else it shows Clark is looking to make a splash and sign a big time Head Coach candidate. Reid and Gruden are my two...

Did anyone else watch Margus Hunt vs. Fresno State?


What a freaking beast. I want this guy on our team now! I know I know level of competition blah blah blah, but really what a monster.


A Christmas offseason wish list for Clark

So we suck. I could write a whole fan post on this, but that would be depressing for everyone involved. This team needs to start competing. I feel confident that I speak for us all when I say...


So where do we go from here...GM? Coaches? Personnel?

Where are the Pioli defenders now? Where are the people defending the coaches now? Where are the people defending the roster now? (Crickets chirping) Yeah, I don't see how you can defend this...


It's official, Chiefs on the bottom of the NFL standings

We officially have the #1 overall pick in the bag. All we need to do is keep our record setting pace for turnovers and offensive ineptness. I may not be rooting for the Chiefs to lose, but that...


If not Pioli then who?

Look I am the first one to tell you Pioli needs to go, but as bad as Pioli has been it could be worse. If you are championing Pioli getting fired then my question to you is who would you replace...


Why the Chiefs won't win with the "if" quarterback

The Chiefs have looked horrible 2 games into the season. 0-2 and no signs of progress or hope. A lot of chiefs fans like to blame the easiest of targets, Matt Cassel


BPA vs. Need

What would you rather do in a Draft? Draft the BPA or draft a position of need? The Chiefs were very lucky a couple years back where arguably Eric Berry was both, but more often in the draft,...

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