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Founder of The Platoon Advantage. Writer for SB Nation, Getting Blanked, and Baseball Prospectus. Fatherer of beautiful children. Friend to man and beast.

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Ruben Amaro, GM most likely kicked by a giraffe


Some outcomes are predictable. You might think that climbing into the giraffe enclosure is safer than jumping into the bear pit, but it's really not. Similarly, holding tightly to your...

Angels skipped out on Colon with good reason


GM Jerry Dipoto took a calculated risk that no one would claim the ancient and expensive Bartolo Colon on waiver, was right, and the Angels will be better for it.

What is Danny Santana?


As we approach the final month, and we look ahead to 2015, this is the most important question about the Twins' biggest surprise in 2014.

The Return of Joe Mauer


The first baseman's return has gotten off to a stellar start. Will it last? Is Joe back?

Harrelson adds casual sexism to his homer shtick

Hawk Harrelson's sexism shows that baseball is still struggling to communicate with fans who are women.

5 Questions Before 2015


As next year's Twins begin to take shape, the Twins still have some questions to answer.


The Cleveland Indians are rebuilding it themselves

Cleveland's new, privately financed renovations are a great reminder that baseball teams don't need your tax money.

Kirk Gibson should be punished, but won't be

Regardless of whether he ordered his pitcher to hit Andrew McCutchen or not, Major League Baseball should make an example out of the Diamondbacks manager.

Almost Cheating


A Twins fan comes close to defecting to the Astros.

MLB's record on domestic violence worse than NFL's

It's time for Major League Baseball to broaden its penalties to target abusers; current penalties are non-existent.

The price of tanking again


The Twins need to find something, anything, to make fans interested in them for the rest of 2014.

Biting the Bullet at the Trade Deadline


Time is running out for the Twins to make the sacrifices in 2014 that a healthy organization needs to make.


MLB Draft spending cap makes Astros look sleazy

The Astros look like they're screwing two young amateur players out of a chance to start their pro careers. Are they?


The All-Star Game is amazing & you should love it

Stop complaining about the All-Star Game, it's the biggest and best party of the summer, and everybody's (eventually) invited.


A Target Field 2014 All-Star Game primer

Your guide to where the All-Star festivities are being held.

Extending Kurt Suzuki Would Be a Mistake


The All Star's comeback might net him a big contract extension that's likely to disappoint the Twins in the long run.

10 players who won't be dealt at MLB's deadline

A bunch of players will change teams before the trade deadline. But not these guys.

Twins Culture Hasn't Changed, Should the Manager?


Joe Mauer's latest injury shows that the Twins still haven't gotten aggressive about identifying and treating injuries.


Brad Ausmus Is Smart Enough To Be Sorrier

Brad Ausmus's apology is a nice start, but he needs to do more to make it clear that domestic violence isn't funny.


Tony Gwynn's legacy could be end of chaw in majors

The death of Tony Gwynn highlights the need to finally get tobacco off of the ball field.

The Twins need more than Kendrys Morales to win

Morales is a quality start, but the Twins need to do more if they want to surprise in 2014.

Jon Singleton and an offer he couldn't refuse

The Astros, and other clubs, are extorting contract extensions out of their minor league prospects. Is there anything the players can do about it?

David Ortiz opens mouth, casual sexism spills out

Baseball is no war, but David Ortiz's bigger mistake was insulting women and girls.

What's wrong with the Joe Mauer haters?

A lot more than what's wrong with Joe Mauer.


Worrisome struggles, 40 games in

We're one-fourth of the way through the season, and things are not looking good for these players.

MLB gets podcasts dropped from iTunes. Maybe.

The reasons why such extreme measures were taken is unclear, and that's an issue.

Baseball's failed 1978 Donald Sterling moment

As with so many things, then-Commissioner Bowie Kuhn swung and missed when it came to disciplining an overtly racist owner who he instead praised as combining "courage, honesty and love of the game...


2014 players at career crossroads

In 2014, it's the make-or-break season for players young and old.


A's Parker needs 2nd Tommy John surgery

Jarrod Parker requires a second Tommy John surgery to repair his elbow, the team announced Monday. However, Scott Kazmir, scratched from Monday's contest, received good news about his injured triceps.

Patrick Corbin injury: D-backs scramble to cope


Is top prospect Archie Bradley on the way into the starting rotation in the aftermath of Corbin's injury?

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