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I really like the Giants.

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2011 BP Team Projections Released

And you can find them here. So I don't feel so bad for copying and pasting the entire table here, I'm going encourage everyone to subscribe to Baseball Prospectus. If you do, you get to see the...


Official 2011 MCC Fantasy Baseball Organization Thread

In my experience, trying to organize fantasy baseball leagues for large groups of people is, to put it mildly, a huge pain in the rear.  Should I start a league?  I thought you were starting a...

Pujols to Sign With Giants After 2011 Season


At least that's the way I interpreted this Buster Olney tweet. @Buster_ESPN Buster Olney Giants could be another possibility for Pujols. I think the Cards can forget about the hometown discount with Albert;top of the market cost.



Stephen Strasburg needs Tommy John surgery.

Jacob Beltre?


Apparently a Dominican Catcher. Anyone know anything about him, salary demands, etc.?

Other Managers are Stupid Too


Although it's is worth remembering that Bochy did this INTENTIONALLY in an AL game last year

Giants are NL's Luckiest Team


Given the performance of the offense relative to the record, I think on we all recognize this on some level. Interestingly, tonight's opponent, the Nationals, have been the NL's unluckiest. Let's hope mean-reversion holds off for at least one more series.

Zito Has A Better Fastball This Year


Nice little analysis of what that means for him and the other pitchers who have seen a jump in velocity in 2009.

Writer Hates Baseball, Writes About It Anyways


Vanity Fair article supposedly about what baseball means in this recession. If you think we're elitists, read this crap. Makes me want to punch the author in the throat.


The Semi-Imminent Return of Dave Roberts

According to Rotoworld and Bruce Bochy, Dave Roberts hopes to be "game ready" by the 3rd week of July. Frankly, in my opinion this is terrible news.  The thought of Dave Roberts taking even one at...


Matt LaPorta

I'm here from McCovey Chronicles to get some insight on this guy, specifically, what it would take for the Brewers to trade him.  This has been discussed at length here but it seems like none of us...


Phillies Sign Feliz

Pedro Feliz's reign of terror is over:


OT: Own a Baseball Player

Well, not quite.  You can actually buy shares of 4% of Indians minor league relief pitcher Randy Newsom's future major league earnings.  I haven't worked out the math myself, but the site where I...


Is A-Rod's Contract a Good Deal for the Yankees?

This guy certainly seems to think so.  I especially liked the idea of a player having a "performance value" as well as "marquee value".  Here's a link and the summary:h...


Open Pads/Rocks Playoff Game Thread

Yes, both teams are objectionable.  But it's still playoff baseball and as long as I'm watching it, we might as well have a place to talk about it.


Matt Cain Profile light of Cain's start tonight, I figured I'd post this profile of him and how good he's been in his career to this point.  I agree...


Is LaRoche the PTBNL?

Someone mentioned in another diary that they have some inside information that indicates Andy LaRoche is on the list of 5 players the Giants could have from the Dodgers in the Mark Sweeney trade....


A Giant and A...

This is blatantly stolen from a Mets blog, but I thought it was fun anyway.  Basically you name the Giant or former Giant who was a member of another team that you most associate with that other...

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