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Oft-Injured Sharks Will Be Key To Beating LA

The San Jose Sharks have plenty of big-name firepower, but against a defensive-minded Los Angeles Kings, three oft-injured depth players can tip the scales in San Jose's favor.

Beware The Return Of Bad San Jose Sharks Habits

Just when it seemed like we thought we'd seen the last of them, San Jose's worst habits returned over the past week.

Can players like Maxim Lapierre change?


Maxim Lapierre apologized and said he was just finishing his hit. Problem is, that hit that he wanted to finish is illegal for a reason. Maybe it's time he rethinks things.

Win My Tickets For Friday Night

Live hockey returns to San Jose and you can be there without paying a cent (except for gas, wear-and-tear on your transportation of choice, and $7 per beer).

2013 Sharks Season Review: Scott Gomez

We continue our look back at the performance of each player who ended the season with the team after skating in a significant number of Sharks games over the course of the year with a review of Scott Gomez's 2013 season.

2013 Sharks Season Review: Patrick Marleau

We continue our look back at the performance of each player who ended the season with the team after skating in a significant number of Sharks games over the course of the year with a review of Patrick Marleau's 2013 season.

I'm Sorry Martin Havlat, But We Need To Break Up


It should have worked out. Everything seemed like a great fit. But Martin Havlat and the San Jose Sharks have to break up.

Who Should Sharks Fans Root For Out East?


Need a break from grousing about Game 2's final minutes? Take a deep breath and look out east -- there are still teal-colored reasons to cheer for each of the East's four remaining teams.

Know Your Enemy: Previewing The Vancouver Canucks


Injuries, ungodly contracts, and creepy-looking twins -- no, it's not the plot summary of the next American Horror Story, it's the roster status of the last great Western Canadian hope. Come on down and meet the Vancouver Canucks.

The In-Season Rebuild Of The San Jose Sharks


On paper, the San Jose Sharks started the season as a talented team that was over the hill and slowing down. Now with speed and youth sprinkled throughout the lineup, this Sharks team might be the most dangerous in years.

Coming To Terms With Raffi Torres


Raffi Torres arrives in San Jose having injured key Sharks during playoff runs. He also comes with a checkered suspension history, and I hear he likes to murder kittens as a hobby. But could Sharks just possibly come to accept Torres?

Should The San Jose Sharks Trade Dan Boyle?


At 36, Dan Boyle's best years are behind him. Puck-moving defensemen are in demand and Boyle's got one year left on his contract. Despite his no-movement clause, should the Sharks try to get whatever they can for him?

Doug Wilson's Many Trade Deadline Options


With the April 3rd trade deadline fast approaching, the San Jose Sharks find themselves in the midst of a frustrating slump. With aging big-money stars and a lack of forward depth, what will GM Doug Wilson do?

Will Firing Todd McLellan Fix San Jose's Offense?


San Jose's offense has sputtered for most of this season now and many are placing the blame at coach Todd McLellan. But is he really the problem for the Sharks?

Solving The San Jose Sharks Goal-Scoring Problem

Hey, have you noticed that the San Jose Sharks can't score goals anymore? Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I'm not talking about some real outside-the-box thinking here...

When Will The Real San Jose Sharks Arrive?

A hot start masked a lot of problems stemming from injuries, illness, and conditioning. But is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

The Not-So-Awesome History Of #23 San Jose Sharks


From Gaetz to Gomez, relive the rather underwhelming history of players who wore #23 for the San Jose Sharks.

A Refresher Course On The Shark Tank Experience

Excited for the Sharks home opener? It's not all awesomeness, though. Here's a quick refresher on some of the less-than-stellar parts of the HP Pavilion experience.

What Sharks Fans Learned From The 2012 NHL Lockout

From local crime statistics to the one Shark who appears to be as good a negotiator as a federal mediator, take a look at what San Jose Sharks fans learned during the 2012 NHL Lockout.

Season Preview: Burns and Stuart

A healthy Brent Burns and a head-in-the-game Brad Stuart could go a long way for San Jose.

Blogger Who: Regeneration

Teams still can't sign players until the new CBA is ratified, but Fear The Fin was able to ink a free agent of our own.

8 Points To A Compromise: A New Model For The NHL's CBA

The NHL and NHLPA proposals are far apart, but here are eight points that can bring them together into a compromise solution.


The Stanley Cup: The Ultimate Grassroots Marketing Tool

Ratings may have been down for the Stanley Cup Finals in 2012, but if we've learned anything in recent years, the Kings' success could have much stronger long-term consequences.

What To Expect When You're Expecting Darryl Sutter


By hiring Darryl Sutter, Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi is hoping to rekindle some of their success with the San Jose Sharks. Will Sutter adjust to the demands of the post-lockout NHL or will it be more of the same?

White Power Returns To San Jose


Sweet. All those folks that bought Ian White jerseys can now hope that Colin White wears #9.  We thought we lost the White Power, but now it's back. Except rather than White Power (Play), it's more...


When Hockey Bloggers Retire...

I've been writing about hockey online for more than a decade, first at the creatively named "Mike Chen's Hockey Blog," then at Kukla's Korner, then for SB Nation. In between, there were regular...

Mike Chen's Retirement Speech (AKA Ha, I Steal Your Thunder Mike Richards & Brent Burns)


(Taps the microphone) Is this thing on? Ok then. You're probably wondering why I'm posting instead of BoC commentary on Brent Burns/Mike Richards or Rudy on how much he hates Ryan Smyth.Well,...


Vancouver Canucks Left With Many Questions Following Stanley Cup Finals Loss

They were by far the best team in the NHL this season, but the Vancouver Canucks somehow lost their mojo in the Stanley Cup Finals, losing to the Boston Bruins in Game 7. What now for the Canucks?


Vancouver Canucks Disappoint In Game 6, But Signs Still Point To Them Hoisting The Stanley Cup

The Vancouver Canucks have been slaughtered on the road, and hit-and-miss at home. All of that is in the past; if they play one complete game to their full potential, it's a virtual lock they'll win the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals in Game 7.


One Win From Stanley Cup, We've Yet To See Best Of Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks are one win away from hoisting the Stanley Cup, but the irony is that we've yet to see their best in the Finals against the Boston Bruins. For them, it doesn't matter how they got here. It just matters that they're here.

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