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Farley's Football Fodder

Good morning Giants fans. I'm gonna come right out and say it--it sure is nice heading into Sunday's action knowing our team has already won its Week 3 game. Not only that, they opened a can of...

NFL Week 3 Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

So hey, it usually takes me a week or two to get into form, but I'm not going to let 13-3 go to my head, because I will probably be 8-8 this week. If you want serious professional pick advice,...

Fantasy Football statrt/sit advice, Week 2

Greetings fellow fantasy geeks. I'd like to start with a reminder to visit the SB Nation Fantasy Football page, and then I'd like to point out that last week in my "crazy predictions," I said...

Week 2 NFL Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball


It's always rough picking the first week's games. You just never know who is going to come to play and who isn't, and there are always some weird upsets, like the Redskins beating the Saints in...

Fantasy Football Recap, Week 1: Winners And Losers

Greetings everyone. How did you do this past week in fantasy football? Ed and I won our game in the Big Blue View Wrecking Crew league, but I lost in my other league. That's how it goes in...

Victor Cruz Book Contest--Enter Here To Win A Copy Of 'Out of the Blue'

Last month I reviewed Victor Cruz' new book, Out of the Blue, and many of you commented that you had to have a copy. Well, if you haven't bought one yet, Big Blue View and The Penguin Group are...

Farley's Football Fodder


Greetings fellow Giants fans. It's fodder time and it's the first NFL football weekend of the 2012 season.... The Washington Post reports that despite a few huge black eyes during the offseason...

Farley's Fantasyland: Week 1 Fantasy Predictions

Greetings fellow fantasy geeks. I know it sucks that the Giants lost last night, but as many offering their "condolences" to me today remarked, "Your team does not heat up until November." Well...

Week 1 NFL Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball


Good morning fellow Giants fans. Seven months ago today, our G-men capped off an improbable championship run by winning the Super Bowl. Today, the 2012 season begins as the Giants host the C...

Farley's Football Fodder


Greetings fellow Giants fans, and welcome to my football fodder column that will no longer be on Friday. Since the regular season is starting, my Mikey's Crystal Ball will be starting up again on...

Farley's Fantasyland and Mikey's Crystal Ball Converge

As the Giants prepare for their final preseason game of 2012 tonight against New England, and since we now are one week away from kickoff, it's time to really think about fantasy football. I mean...

Farley's Friday Football Fodder


Happy Friday fellas. Holy crap, we have just twelve days until kickoff. Who's ready? I think I've been ready ever since Gronk lunged for that last Brady desperation pass and it fell to the turf....

Farley's Fantasyland: Some Love for SB Nation Fantasy Coverage


Happy Thursday afternoon fellow Giants fans. I just wanted to drop by and offer a few thoughts as we inch ever closer to the start of the 2012 NFL season and, hence, the 2012 NFL fantasy season. ...

Big Blue View Wrecking Crew Fantasy Football Draft Order

Hey folks....the draft order was chosen randomly by computer program for both our original Big Blue View Wrecking Crew Yahoo Sports fantasy football league, and the overflow league being run by BBV...

Farley's Friday Football Fodder


Good afternoon fellow football fans. It's Friday, it's Week 2 of the preseason and we have just nineteen days until the Giants and Cowboys kick off the regular season. We still have replacement...

Book review: Victor Cruz' Out of the Blue


It's not like you guys come here looking to read book reviews. But in this case, I know many of you are eager to know what a fellow BBVer thinks of the new book, Out the Blue, by our emerging...

Farley's Friday Football Fodder


Wow, it's incredible how time is whizzing by. The preseason is officially underway, with the Giants kicking their exhibition season off in Jacksonville tonight, and with the regular season only 26...

Farley's Fantasyland: D/ST's To Watch in 2012


Let me preface this--I always feel the same way about fantasy defenses as I do about kickers. That is, it's often hard to predict and scores can swing wildly from week to week. But if you have a...

Big Blue View Encourages More Yahoo Fantasy Football Leagues

Did you get shut out of our Big Blue View Wrecking Crew fantasy football league? As I mentioned in my first post about this, I love Yahoo Sports for fantasy leagues, and how user-friendly they...

Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Good afternoon fellow Giants fans. It's that time again--to look back at the NFL's new stories of the past week and to make snarky comments about those stories. Let's start with a heartwarming...

Farley's Fantasyland: K's to Watch in 2012


Yeah, I know. The kicker--a necessary evil in fantasy football, but if you pay attention, you'll see that drafting a good kicker can help you win some games, and maybe more than just games. ...

Farley's Fantasyland: TE's to Watch in 2012

It's now July 30 and fantasy drafts are happening already or being planned for. So here is a bit more insight from yours truly, this time for the tight end position. Just like with receivers, the...

Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Hey everyone.....camps are opening and football is in the air! There isn't a ton of news yet, especially with the start of the Olympics dominating sports pages, but here are a few items I came...

Are You Ready for Some Big Blue View Fantasy Football?

Good afternoon fellow Giants fans. We've been talking about fantasy football a bit recently and it's time once again for our Big Blue View fantasy league. Our league will be called the Big Blue...

New York Giants News and Notes: Eye of the Storm Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's Hump Day, the day before training camp, and time for the Hump Day calendar--there are just six weeks until the start of the 2012 NFL season. Seriously, does...

Farley's Fantasyland: WR's to Watch in 2012

We're working our way through fantasy football positions, and while I'm not going to rank every player, I want to give you thoughts on a few players I think are worth highlighting for good or bad...

New York Giants News and Notes: R and D Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. Welcome to the "R" and "D" edition of our news and notes. No, that doesn't have any actual connotation to the Giants, it's a term I came up with while perusing...

Farley's Fantasyland: RB's to Watch in 2012

So our thoughts on fantasy football are really starting to heat up, and it's time to begin researching players and figuring out your best draft strategy. My thoughts on players in 2012 continues...

Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Good afternoon fellow Giants fans. I have to start off by saying what a somber day it is following the massacre at the Denver area movie theater last night. I know this is a football site, and we...

New York Giants News and Notes: Less Than a Week to Camp Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. There are just six days until the start of training camp for the Giants in Albany, New York, and you just know Tom Coughlin is willing his players to stay out of...

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