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Poll: Undressing Chinoso Obokoh

With the recent injury to Baye Moussa Keita, and the knee of DaJuan Coleman having been surgically repaired, and the denizens of the Asylum being who they are, the time has come for that most...

Unforeseen consequences of the Cheesecake Factory


We may need a wheel barrel to help Silent G up the court next year.

Tyler Ennis - ESPN Video


He is exactly how you'd imagine he'd be in an interview

Enfield to USC


We did it!


The Get Well Kevin Ware guestbook

Hey Cardinals Fans - From all of the rest of NCAA fans that aren't complete asshats, get well soon to Kevin Ware. No one with an ounce of humanity wants to see one of these guys go down at all,...


Boeheim's March on Atlanta

No matter what you hear, no matter what read, yes, this tournament for Syracuse has been all about the zone. We have done terrible things, unspeakable things, to opponent offenses. Here.... look. ...


In Defense of the Gravy Line

Let me be clear up front: the phrase "after this it's all gravy" or any of its derivative forms have never escaped my lips, been sent in a tweet, or to my memory been placed in a comment. But I...

Oh, Sporting News' Sean Devaney. LOLOLOLOLOL


"Syracuse survives against Wisconsin, but has holes that have been exposed (Sean Deveney)" "Syracuse can be had when the perimeter shots are falling. Wisconsin nearly pulled off the upset on Thursday because they were knocking down their 3-pointers." That there is some penetrating analysis.

Scoop meets his biggest fan


Shane's mom is on here, right? I want an article!

NCAA Tournament: Know Your East Regional


A statistical look at the four teams in the East Regional.


Sweet 16 - By the numbers

By Conference Big East - 4 Big Ten - 4 SEC - 2 ACC - 2 Big 12 - 2 Mid Atlantic Conference - 1 Atlantic 10 -1 The four Big East teams are divided in to two regions, the ACC teams are in one...

Syracuse Basketball Blind Taste Test: Seasons Revealed


This exercise was a lot more fun before Tuesday. I was anxious to see if there was any thing that jumped out at me about our stats for the season in comparison to prior years, and if there was any...

How No. 1 Will Fall - Syracuse


Don't go crazy, they did one for each of the #1s.

Nate Silver is not on board


Gives SU just over 50% to make it to the Elite 8. Ohio State is his most likely to make it to the Final Four out of the East (and second most likely to win it all after Kentucky).

Syracuse In NCAA Tournament: Know Your Pod


A statistical look at the teams in Syracuse's pod in the Rounds of 64 and 32.

Syracuse Basketball Blind Taste Test: How Does 2011-12 Stack Up?


How does 2011-12 stack up against some of the best (and worst) seasons in recent SU memory?

Syracuse Basketball Blind Taste Test: The Results Are In


The results of the week long Blind Taste Test

Blind Taste Test: The Bigs


Fab Melo might be the only guy having a season comparable with his Syracuse Center fore-bearers.


UNC vs. SU or "What is Gottlieb on about?"

The resumes of Syracuse and North Carolina

Blind Taste Test: This Is Un-Fair


CJ Fair and the power forwards. Take your pick.

Blind Taste Test: The Swingmen


How does Kris Joseph compare to other small forwards in SU history?


BET Open Thread - Tuesday

On tap for Tuesday: #9 UConn vs. #16 DePaul - Noon #13 Pittsburgh vs. #12 St's John's - 2pm #15 Providence vs. #10 Seton Hall - 7pm #14 Villanova vs. #11 Rutgers Post away as you watch, listen,...

Blind Taste Test: Brandon, Dion and ???


Brandon Triche is having a down season. He's a good player that isn't quite adapting to sharing time. Dion Waiters, on the other hand is having a banner year. The funny thing is though, if you look...

Blind Taste Test: Scoop vs. History


Scoop and the Mystery Point Guards


Blind Taste Test - Centers

A statistical comparison of Big East Centers... and one non-Big East Forward


The Guard Blind Taste Test

Inspired by the the Scoop Jardine backlash, the backlash to the Scoop Jardine backlash, and what now appears to be the second coming of anti-Scoop sentiments, I set out to come up with a blind...

Bob Ryan likes us


And the commenters unearth the hitherto unknown kinship between Boston and CNY.

Orange Screen Challenge: Hell Week Edition


Hell Week is here for the Hoyas and Huskies

Waters - Fab will return


Our long national nightmare is over.

Tweet from Melo


This seems less cryptic and very optimistic.

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