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Ex-Cub accused of some bad touching


Chad Gaudin has been accused of getting grabby in a Las Vegas hospital ER. His lawyer is sure coming up with some creative excuses. Maybe he should claim he was just trying out a new way to grip his slider.

Greinke to Angels for three prospects


From One of the players involved is infielder Jean Segura, who is rated as the Angels' #1 prospect. I saw him a couple of years ago when he was with the Cedar Rapids Kernels of the Midwest League, and thought back then that he looked like the one player on the field who had a shot at making it to the majors. It will be interesting to see how he does for the Brewers.

Castro thanks D-backs' Trammell for tutelage


This was very nice to see. It shows a lot of class and some very good manners.


How do you think Q will be different from Lou?

Just off the top of my head, based on interviews with Mike Quade and the little bit we saw of him as manager last year, here are a few things I think he'll do differently than Lou: Use everyone in...

Lincoln Lurking in Topps Cubs cards


I just ran across this and it's pretty funny. Has anyone else heard of this?

Since it's an off day and the Cubs are playing the Brewers, I was just wondering if anyone else...

Since it's an off day and the Cubs are playing the Brewers, I was just wondering if anyone else sees a strong resemblance between Ryan Braun and Sal Mineo.

Colvin makes the team


I think it's a mistake, but managment to listen to me.

Matt Stairs on the verge of setting a record by playing with 12th team


I hope he makes it and sticks around for a couple of more years. There aren't too many true characters like him left.


Bullpen and Bench

I have no idea if Mike Fontenot will be an adequate backup SS, but either way I'm not comfortable with the Cubs starting the season with only one backup for SS and 2B, no matter who he is.  In...


OT - Does anyone know what happens to the champagne when a team doesn't clinch?

While watching the Angels/Yankees game last night, I got to wondering about all the cases of champagne waiting in the visitors' clubhouse and what happened to them after the Yankees lost.  Shipping...


Congratulations, Koyie Hill!

I'm surprised nobody's yet posted about Koyie Hill getting the Player of the Month for August award from some corporate sponsor (Edward Jones?) of the Cubs last night.  Since he first joined the...

The picture of Aaron Harang that Al posted today reminds me of Timothy Carey in "The World's...


The picture of Aaron Harang that Al posted today reminds me of Timothy Carey in "The World's Greatest Sinner," a very bizarre movie that Carey wrote, directed, produced, and starred in. Judging from this picture, he could easily have been related. BTW, this is the first image I've tried to post, so I hope it works.

A rather unflattering description of Larry Rothschild


I heard about this site on The Daily Show last night, and just about fell out of my chair when I saw Larry Rothschild's picture on it. I wonder if he knows about it.


There are worse ways to lose

As a Cubs fan for close to half a century who’s running out of “next years,” naturally I was hoping for them to crush the Dodgers as a prelude to eventually winning the World Series.  However, if...


A little OT - Bernie the Brewer

Extreme forms of political correctness really bug me, and a prime example of this is what happened to Bernie the Brewer over the last few years.  Originally, when a Brewers player hit a home run,...


Trivia question

During one of the games in Philadelphia, Len and Bob were talking about how the Phillies had moved the outfield wall in a couple of places.  That made me wonder which team was the first to post the...


Did anyone else notice?

I was very impressed by the way Geovany Soto put his head down and ran as hard as he could after hitting his homer the other night against the Mets, even though he had to have had a pretty good...


Diamond Gems

Has anyone else heard Diamond Gems?  It's a syndicated radio show that features vintage--mostly from the sixties--baseball broadcasts.  It's great stuff from a historical standpoint, and most of...


Forgotten College of Coaches Faculty Member

Very few Cubs fans remember him today, but Derwood "Woody" Noggin was part of the infamous College of Coaches for a brief time in 1961. A popular Vaudeville entertainer for many years, Noggin was...


Was it just residual dementia from Saturday's tequila binge?

Or did Ryan Dempster look pretty sharp yesterday? I don't know if it's the little glove flip he developed, or if he's learned how to breathe through his vestigial lizard eye, or what, but his...


Are Cubs fans honoring the wrong people?

I've been a Cubs fan since I first became aware of the world in the very early sixties. As a youngster, I was crushed, along with every other fan, when the '69 team collapsed. As a young adult, I...


The lifestyle factor

Like the fabled House of the Rising Sun, Rush Street has been known to be the "ruin of many a poor boy," including a number of past members of the Chicago Cubs who found that partying until the wee...


Commissioner Bud gets "picky" at Congressional hearing

I just ran across these pictures of Commissioner Bud getting down to business (so to speak) at the Congressional hearings and thought they were worth sharing. I was never particularly interested in...


OT - House of David

Several years ago, I read about The House of David, a religious sect formed in the early 20th Century that had a famous barnstorming baseball team. The men wore very long hair and beards, and at...


OT - Lindsay Graham ad

I was surprised to see a political ad for Lindsay Graham on the BCB site. This seems like an unlikely place for a Senator from South Carolina to troll for votes, and have to wonder if there are...

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