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The Heartfelt Silence Of Carmelo Anthony


On Friday, family of Trayvon Martin attended the game and Melo brought them into the locker room and simply offered a few words of comfort and understanding. I know this isn't basketball-related and sort of heavy stuff for the normally lighthearted atmosphere of P&T, but I just think it was important to share this.

Sebastian Pruiti tells us how to fix Amar'e offense problems.


Noted basketball smart guy, Sebastian Pruiti, outlines why Amar'e has not been the Amar'e we know and love.

Baron Davis clears waivers


So this happened. Somewhat surprising. Hopefully his back isn't actually that hurt.


The Schedule is here!

Basketball! Upcoming Games December Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio Sat 17 @ New Jersey Preseason 2:00pm Wed 21 vs New Jersey Preseason 7:30pm Sun 25 vs B...

Chris Paul may be traded before the season starts.


But not to the Knicks. Twist! On one hand this means losing out on the best PG of this generation. However, unless Paul only wanted to play for the Knicks, New York was never in the running anyway. Also this means the Knicks can actually afford to pay players more than the vet min, which means filling out the roster around Melo and Amar'e with skilled role players. Turns out those none of those guys wanted to play for 30 bucks and some Triscuits.

How To Pronounce the Names of the New York Knicks


Turns out I've been doing it wrong this whole time.

Javaris Crittendon no longer backup PG option.


Crittendon was part of the Knicks free agent camp back in June, but I think he will be too busy being in jail for murder to play 3rd string point guard for the Knicks or backup for the Erie Bayhawks... I want to make a pun, but then I would feel bad.


Dear Denver

We promise to treat your guys well if you return the respect for our former players. It is painful for both sides, losing players who you've watched develop and grow, won and lost with, and grown...

Knicks are the NBA's Most Valuable Team


The Knicks just edge out the Lakers for the top spot with a value of 655 million, up 12% from last year.


Season already halfway over for Curry

  Apparently, the Knicks have already paid 50% of Eddy Curry's salary, roughly 5.5 million of the 10 million he will "earn". This is almost entirely to help increase Curry's trade value because the...

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