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Summer Break Junk

via www.surftin.com Today is the last day of the current school year. I'm glad teachers get a break, they need it. My wife assists in a classroom and is more than ready for summer...


Which Player Attributes are the Most Important?

In the Meyers Leonard Tough Journey thread, Corwin71 asks how important it is to be 7 feet tall or taller. I've always wondered what the relative values of size, skill, athleticism, and BBIQ are...

Rome: Houston has a 6'11, 240-pound crisis


Jim Rome opened his show today with ten minutes of love for LaMarcus and the Blazers -- including some hilarious shout-outs to Wheels' play-calling.

Pelican mascot getting a beak-lift


"Good night sweet horror bird, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

Warriors' Jackson endorse Dame for All-Star game


"He's playing at an extremely high level, should be an All-Star," Jackson said Saturday. "It's good for the game the way he conducts himself, the way he competes. He's going to be a problem for this league, his opponents for a long time."

Paul Allen pleased with Seahawks and Blazers


"Allen, who normally shies away from the spotlight, volunteered his thoughts during halftime of Portland's game against the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night."

Sekou Smith article on Batum


Stat geeks will enjoy the list of key categories that shows where Batum ranks among NBA forwards.

ESPN's Windhorst asks if we're that good


This early run of success also seems to have the Blazers building a little swagger. They were down 11 points in the first half against the Nets while playing on the second night of a back-to-back. Yet they flipped the scoreboard during the second half when they attacked the Nets' pick-and-rolls and disrupted their offense, allowing just 35 points. It was the type of execution a confident team plays with -- one that believes in itself.

Batum one of five Western Conference X-factors


Golliver: "The biggest issue is his inconsistency, a flaw that flares up on both ends and one that was exacerbated down the stretch of the 2012-13 season because of a wrist injury. Things have reached the point where everyone, maybe even Batum himself, is simply waiting for the light to click on and stay on."


Cross-pollinating Movie Characters Junk Drawer August 12, 2013

It's time to take movie-making to a new level, because every movie I see has a been-there-done-that feel to me. What would really renew my interest in movies is a techinque I'll call the...


JD 3/10/13: Stitch in Time Edition

Have you ever encountered something that could be right out of the X-Files, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Mystery Quest, etc.? via photos.phase9.tv Were you ever a guest on a UFO? ...

Bill Walton turns 60


SI.com has photos you've never seen of him.

The planets are aligned at last.


The planets are aligned at last.

Ben talks Crash & Ray


Ben says they're "X-factors" for the Knicks and Nets: "Wallace’s off-ball activity should regularly produce points as team defenses turn their attention elsewhere." "It doesn’t take an accountant to see the value play the Knicks made with these decisions and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce who will take the fall if Lin continues to play well. Felton is squarely in the city’s crosshairs."

David Aldridge on Terry Stotts


Aldridge provides more details on Coach Stotts and how he got the job than I've seen elsewhere. Scroll-down to DRIBBLES.

Legends Profile on Scottie Pippen at NBA.com


Pippen spent the next four seasons with Portland, with his best season coming in his first year. He was the leader of the team that finished 59-23, good enough for second best in the league behind Pacific Division champ Lakers. The two teams would also meet in the Western Conference Finals. After going down 3-1, the Trail Blazers forced a Game 7 and held a 15-point fourth quarter lead in the decisive game. But a miraculous comeback by the Lakers sent them to the Finals where they eventually won the NBA title. The Blazers would make the postseason in each of the next three seasons that Pippen was in a Portland uniform, but an assortment of injuries reduced the amount of time he spent on the court. His versatility remained an asset though, as in his last season in Portland he became the starting point guard and led the Blazers on a 21-5 streak.

Columbian: Roy's moping while he should be coping


"Still, while Roy complains that he's in a "Q Richardson role," referring to the Orlando guard who's averaging 7.3 points and 4.3 rebounds, he should be taking on a Wesley Matthews role — worrying less about what he can't do to and instead maximizing everything he can."


Uncertainty rules the Blazers

I think the biggest problem with the Blazers right now is uncertainty. I cannot recall any NBA team ever with so much uncertainty in so many areas, both short-term and long-term: Brandon Roy's...

PBT's Matt Moore on Brandon Roy and loss of control


"There’s no alternative, really. To admit defeat is to go down a road of failure and self-restraint which, to be honest, is all too common in our society and is sometimes called for, but is also not heroic. And athletes, though they are almost never heroic anymore, still need that heroic mindset. They need to be able to push themselves beyond limits in order to succeed at their jobs, to really succeed."

Matt Moore at PBT on the Blazers hitting rock bottom


"The Blazers have held off the expiration date for years, but it’s just become too much for the fates to hold back. Oden, Roy, Przybilla, the defense, the offense, the works. You’re witnessing the end of an empire, just one that didn’t hold hardly any land and kept getting overrun by extremists."

How Monty and Dell did it


Turned a near-disaster into the best start in Hornets history, that is.

Is it time for the Blazers to rebuild?


Matt Moore at PBT: "Roy is talking like a 35-year-old worn-out veteran, not the young All-Star of a team headed to contention. Again, maybe he’ll be fine. But if he’s not, Portland may not have an option. Is it worth sifting through year after year of purgatory hoping the Basketball Gods will reverse your fortune and make the unhealthy healthy? We’re a long way from that. But that button is on Rich Cho’s desk. And with each report that comes in, he’s got to glance at it."

What's next for Brandon Roy?


Ben's latest CBSsportsline blog post.


This team is not that team

The Blazers road to NBA glory is proving not to be paved in gold. Maybe we're not on the right road at all.  Maybe there is no Road to Ring-land for this team. Some of us are stressing-out over...

Lionel Hollins missing Friday game for Luke funeral


"It’s very important for me to be there," Hollins said. "I’m close to his wife and his kids. He’s like a brother to me so I need to be there. I need to have closure as well. It’s hard to accept. He was a good person. I would be kicking myself for a long time if I didn’t go."

PBT writeup on the Blazers and Suns


Phoenix had one of the best weapons in the NBA arsenal to pull out — the Steve Nash/Amare Stoudemire pick-and-roll. Tuesday night, the Suns had no such weapon, and when the Blazers stepped up their play the Suns had no answer.

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