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My odds concerning which BEdgers will be back

I began this as a short spoof on EngineerScotty's latest fanpost, titled My odds concerning who will be back, but it rapidly escalated into a full-blown fanpost of its own.  

Is Brandon Roy the NBA's best offensive wing?


Christopher Reina at RealGM.com takes a serious look at Ron-Ron's comment about Roy.

Big guys, little guys treated differently in the NBA


Sean Deveney shows how bigs get called for fouls on guards but guards often don't get called for fouls on bigs.

Blake among unheralded impact guys


"He looks more like the kid who used to wear a stocking cap to high school on warm days than a vital piece of an NBA playoff team, but the lightweight Blazers’ point guard has quietly had a career year. Granted, as career seasons go, this one hasn’t been anything mind-altering (he averaged 11.0 points and 5.1 assists per game), but Blake’s value lies in his 3-point accuracy (12th in the NBA at 42.8 percent) and efficiency. His assist-to-turnover ratio of 3.28 ranks fifth in the league. "With his ability to effectively get the Blazers into their offense and spot up for timely threes — not to mention that he’s one of the few veterans on a team with an average age of 24.8 years — the 29-year-old Blake has value well beyond his limited recognition."

Our #7 is Rob Peterson's #7 in his Race to the MVP rankings


Roy and the Blazers went 3-1 on their recent four-game road trip, which ended with the Trail Blazers clobbering the hobbling Spurs. Who knows if that win over the four-time champs is like the first time you beat your bigger brother in hoops or whether it was just a win over an old team that's cruising to the postseason. If they want to make another statement, the Lakers are in town Friday night.


Why are you guys Clipper fans?

In advance of the Blazers game, this FanPost came from a Blazers Edge reader.  The answers are great.  MiledAnimal is correct - the same kind of question on many other team blogs would have brought...

Chris Mannix on Tyson Chandler


Says he'll opt-out of his contract next year, and shows a nice sense of humor about his trade.

Randy Hill evaluates the playoff teams


Portland Trail Blazers Potential: Conference semifinals Main assets: The Blazers register with an emerging star in Brandon Roy, young legs and above-average depth. How to maximize potential: With solid play at point guard and interludes of beastly play from Greg Oden, its big guns (Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge) might drag Portland into another round.

Ira Winderman on how the CBA may change


Page 3 has the following question & answer about what the Blazers are likely to do this summer. Q: Since the Blazers didn’t pull the trigger on Vince Carter at the trade deadline, what might they do in the offseason? — Steve, Las Vegas Even with Darius Miles back on the cap for $9 million next season, Portland still could have as much as $8 million to spend in free agency this summer. A veteran answer at small forward still would appear to be the goal, which could lead to additional overtures on the trade market. While the Blazers won't have the insurance-covered contract of Raef LaFrentz to offer, they still have enough young talent to tempt in a trade, perhaps starting with Travis Outlaw or Martell Webster. And keep in mind, by being below the salary cap, the Blazers would not have to send out an equivalent amount of salary to bring in a proven veteran. That should have teams such as the Nets, with Vince Carter, listening again this summer. The Kevin Pritchard way has been to tie the NBA draft and the trade market into one process. This June, the Blazers hold their own picks, as well as the second-round picks of the Knicks, Nuggets and Clippers, as well as the draft rights to such overseas prospects as Joel Freeland and Petteri Koponen. It figures to be a busy end of June and start of July for the Blazers.


NBA discussing major rule change

Scott Howard-Cooper of the Sacramento Bee writes that the NBA is considering changes to the goaltend rules as part of a trend on the part of the league and FIBA to adopt uniform rules for...

Eddie Johnson names Brandon Roy 21st best player


21. Brandon Roy Moves in as Baron Davis drops out. Roy is the cousin of Manu Ginobili. He finds a way to attack the basket regardless of the defensive tactics of the opposing team. He uses his left hand better than some left-handers. He is dangerous because he has continued to stretch his range and now can run off numbers at a rapid pace. The Blazers are the most talented team in the league 1 through 12 and one way Roy can continue to move up is not becoming too shot happy and getting his teammates involved more in the early parts of the game.


Why is good NBA defense so rare?

Lots of BEdgers have been complaining lately about the poor defense that the Blazers play. They aren't the only ones. Read blogs for other NBA teams and you see that stout defense is as rare a...

Clyde uses an unfortunate analogy


During last week's Rockets-Bulls match, the Bulls had forward Andres Nocioni guarding Yao Ming. Watching Yao score repeatedly on Nocioni, color-analyst Drexler came up with this classic line: "That's like clubbing baby seals."

David Thorpe on Greg Oden


I'm not nearly as impressed with the nine offensive rebounds Oden got against Washington as I am with how he got them. He made a living in the paint. No pop-outs for open jumpers. No leaving a bit early to get back on defense. No giving up on balls that he was unlikely to possess. He knew the Wizards had no one who could push him inside, and he made them pay. That is a great sign. The league is filled with bigs who don't love to pound inside. But Oden loves the tough stuff. And I can't wait for him to get his full bounce back. He's averaging 10 points and 7 rebounds in just 24 minutes in January, and I think his athleticism output is at 50-60 percent of what he'll be capable of down the road. Watch out.


Blazer first-round matchup

It's a foregone conclusion (to me) that the Blazers will make the playoffs this year.  That got me to thinking about who they might face in the first round and who I would like that team to be. My...

Oden: The Meal


Those crazy Japanese will eat anything!

John Hollinger picks All-Star reserves


Brandon is on the list, Naturally: Roy has quietly hung with Kobe Bryant on the PER charts for most of the season, and while he doesn't quite bring Kobe's defensive mojo (Saturday's 10-steal explosion aside) Roy has proven to be among the league's most clever offensive operators.


Every title tells a story, don't it?

I was looking over the titles of the fanposts and fanshots just now and realized they can be arranged to tell a couple of stories. I've added a few minor edits to improve readability.

Ira Winderman takes his turn getting it wrong


I really am amazed at the level of sloppy journalism regarding the Blazers and Darius Miles. Here, Winderman equates the Blazers' email with the cap shenanigans of the Clippers and Grizzlies.

Disrespect the Blazers. Please!


Money quote: Oddly, though, you'll never hear the loser of a game say, "Yeah, we were disrespected. No one thought we could do it ... and they were absolutely right. People showed a great deal of insight by believing us incapable. We deserved no respect. That Boomer Esiason fellow was right on the money. His hate was well-justified."

Oden & Blazers stung by injury, expectations


Sean Devaney looks at the pressure on GO and the team.


Should we have traded Oden for KG last year?

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to Blazer fans. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle-ground between light and shadow, between...

SFGate.com on Oden & the Blazers


Nothing new here, but I fanshoot it like a good BEdger anyway. They also predict the Blazers to finish seventh in the West.

Sportsline.com Preseason Primer


Matt Steinmetz sums up the Blazers: "Let's give them a few years."

David Thorpe lists Top 10 rookies


1. Greg Oden, Trail Blazers Oden has played just OK in the preseason, which is to be expected due to his long layoff and the type of knee surgery he's coming back from. But if the NBA's Most Improved Player award was based on in-season play as opposed to play from one season to the next, I think Oden would be the favorite. When his mind and body catch up to the speed of the game, he should be a monster every night. 7. Rudy Fernandez, Trail Blazers In just his second NBA preseason game, Fernandez tallied 15 points, five rebounds, seven assists, six steals and six turnovers. Assuming he comes off the bench this season, that's the definition of an energy guy. And with Martell Webster out for an extended period of time, Fernandez has the chance to play a lot more, and maybe even start. He is a do-it-all type of pro that will be a difference-maker on offense and defense.

Marty Burns ranks Blazers #11


Click the link if you want to read about other teams, but here's the Blazer blurb from Burns: "The debut of 2007 No. 1 pick Greg Oden, who missed all of last year with a knee injury, has many experts predicting a breakthrough season for this up-and-coming team. Oden will have plenty of support from All-Star Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Martell Webster (sidelined early with a foot injury), Travis Outlaw and newly signed Spanish guard Rudy Fernandez. But will all the new pieces fit, and will the young players be able to handle the expectations?"

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