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NBA scout report on Blazers for SI.com


He's not impressed with Oden yet. You might even say he's underwhelmed.

Bryan Burwell likes what he sees in Oden


"But to me, the best news of the new NBA season is that the Jail Blazers image is a distant memory and the new image is being hinged to the powerful young man with the incredibly old face and old-school game. Greg Oden is healthy, and that is something good to shout about."

Matt Steinmetz unimpressed with Blazers


Steinmetz' reviews of the Northwest Division teams includes this summary of the Blazers: The next big thing: OK, here they are, the great Portland Trail Blazers. They're the next world-beaters, or so everyone is saying. Living up to pressure isn't easy, and it's even harder when you're trying to do it as a young team. Which would be most of the Portland team. Let's give them a few years. Sounds like Matt's been spending too much time on Blazers Edge...

Josh Howard, good guy


Wow, one apology and suddenly he stops looking like Sheed and starts looking like a good kid who made a mistake.

David Thorpe works-out Sacto's Kevin Martin


Now that Ron Artest and Mike Bibby are gone, K-Mart is The Man on the Kings. Sam Amick of The Sacramento Bee provides an in-depth look at the relationship between a top private coach and players like Martin who are motivated to improve their games. Are any Blazers doing anything like this?

Sportsline.com has three Blazers in Top 30


24. Brandon Roy, Portland: Few players can give you all the things Roy can. He can score for you, run your offense if need be and pick up some rebounds along the way. And there's a nasty streak under the surface. 27. Greg Oden, Portland: We have yet to see Greg Oden play in an NBA game. Still, if the scouting reports are correct and he can in fact rebound, defend and block shots, then that makes him one of the game's best centers. 29. LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland: Even without Oden by his side, Aldridge has been effective for the Blazers. If you match up against Aldridge with a center, he'll face you up on the perimeter. If you match up against Aldridge with a smaller player, he'll go down to the block.

Von Wafer Killing in the ATL!


LIGHTS OUT: The spies around the Hawks’ practice court the past few weeks have proclaimed free agent swingman Von Wafer the most lethal shooter of the summer, with retired former Hawks’ sniper Tony Delk right on his heels. Wafer reportedly won a game by himself last week - he scored every single point as his team shutout the opposition, which is a frightening shooting display in any venue. Thanks to Henry at True Hoop for the heads-up.


Shawn Kemp making comeback in Italy

The Reign Man changes his personal forecast from overcast to overseas.

Trail Blazers Win 2008 PRISM Award


Did anyone else see this? Well done, well deserved.


Who Would Win a World All-Star Championship Series?

The U.S. Olympic "Redeem Team" has a ton of basketball talent, but I got to wondering how a team of top NBA international players would compare. Here's a partial list: Center: Yao Ming, Pau Gasol,...

GO having fun in Terre Haute


Article on Greg and the family of his late friend, Travis Smith, at their charity event.

SacTown Royalty rates the Western Conference


Most of them think the Blazers will finish 9th.

Sam Smith Q&A on MSNBC.com: Q: Will the acquisition of Jerryd Bayless and the signing of Rudy ...


Sam Smith Q&A on MSNBC.com: Q: Will the acquisition of Jerryd Bayless and the signing of Rudy Fernandez, along with a healthy Greg Oden, make Portland a dominant force in the Western Conference? — Adam Bray, Reidsville, N.C. A: It could. Summer league means nothing. Less than nothing. Nothing that ever has happened there has mattered. But Bayless has looked very good and the way Brandon Roy pretty much plays point guard in the fourth quarter means Bayless could play with him and they wouldn't need a classic point guard. Obviously, a healthy Oden is the key and no one has seen him play yet. I'd say dominant for next season is a little premature given their youth, but perhaps in a season or two. You have to like their team.


Something to tide you over until the draft

This being Sunday, we can all use a little diversion to amuse and relax us in the dog days leading up to the NBA draft on Thursday, when Kevin Pritchard will shock and awe the basketball world...


The Blazers should draft for need

Our poor Blazers have been getting reamed for decades now for picking Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan. In other words, drafting for need instead of taking the best player available (BPA). I...


How big is your game?

  Here on Blazers Edge, we're all hoops prose pros when it comes to talking the talk. How many of us also walk the walk?   


What would it take for the Blazers to get Rose?

It seems every GM holding an NBA lotto pick is talking about dealing it. Apparently, there isn't a lot of love for this year's batch of fine young cannibals available for needy teams. Even Pat...


How Paul Allen can get Russell Westbrook

This from True Hoop:  Alan Hahn of Newsday: "There was no frozen envelope, no conspiracy. But now, after the Knicks wound up with the sixth pick from the NBA draft lottery Tuesday night, there are...


I Danilo to do

Last year at this time, I played ESPN's draft calculator a lot to see whether the Blazers, picking seventh, had a shot at the #1 or #2 pick. I was pleasantly surprised to see how often it came up,...


When is enough enough?

I have a Blazers Edge t-shirt. The back reads: "2007-2008: Who steps up? 2008-2009: Which free agent? 2009-2010: What's your ring size?!" We Blazer fans seem to think that's pretty accurate. If so,...


Move the Blazers back into the Pacific Division?

If the Sonics move and the Northwest division gets realigned, the Blazers could end up in the Pacific. That would put us back in touch with our truest rival, the Lakers.


Lakers will be a huge obstacle for years

Everyone is underestimating how big the Pau trade is going to prove to be. He's fitting into the Triangle offense seamlessly. Suddenly, Odom is playing brilliantly. Kobe no longer has to carry the...


A plan to shorten the regular season

I wish the playoffs were starting now.  Who needs the next 25-28 games? Especially the way the Blazers are playing.

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