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Stanley Cup Final Game Five: Rangers vs. Kings


Well. Here we are. Again. Now of course, the Kings lost on Thursday because they want to win the Stanley Cup in front of all their fans. That's right. Of course.

Stanley Cup Final Game Four: Kings vs. Rangers


OK, Rangers, win this one cause I'm not ready to say goodbye to hockey just yet.

Stanley Cup Final Game Three: Kings vs. Rangers


The Kings travel to Madison Square Garden tonight for Game Three and hope to deflate the Rangers' hopes of getting their first Stanley Cup in 20 years.

Stanley Cup Final Game Two: Rangers vs. Kings


Hello all! How's your weekend been going? Did you get up to anything exciting during the downtime? It feels like FOREVER since the last game watch thread we had, doesn't it? I tell you what, this...

Stanley Cup Final Game One: Rangers vs. Kings


OK. So here we go. For all the marbles, the whole enchilada, the kit and caboodle. When this is all over, at least one King will be crowned. And my stomach's already flopping.

Game Seven Public Skate: Kings vs. Blackhawks


Hold on to your butts, everyone.

Game Six Public Skate: Blackhawks vs. Kings


I would like to declare this day (and the Blackhawks' post-season) officially over.

Game Six Public Skate: Canadiens vs. Rangers


Can we just get this over with now, please?

Game Five Public Skate: Kings vs. Blackhawks


Join us to see if the Kings can put away the Hawks at the Madhouse on Madison tonight.

Game Five Public Skate: Rangers vs. Canadiens


Tonight's as good a night as any to push the Habs out of the playoffs, especially in their own building, right?

Game Four Public Skate: Blackhawks Vs. Kings


Let's see if the Kings can put the Blackhawks on the ropes tonight. Also, vote for Patrice Bergeron to be on the cover of NHL15 when it comes out.


Favor to ask of my friends at Raw Charge

Patrice Bergeron is a finalist for the NHL15 cover vote (no matter how many times I tried to write in Ben Bishop to be even considered, ha ha!) and he is going up against your dear friend and mine,...

Game Four: Canadiens vs. Rangers


Join us as we watch Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final between the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers.

Game Three: Blackhawks Vs. Kings Public Skate


In any weather, a King's a King forever! Together we are Los Angeles!

Game Three: Canadiens vs. Rangers Public Skate


If the Rangers win tonight, the Canadiens will have to win four straight games in order to advance to the Final. I just love how that sounds!

Game Two: Los Angeles vs. Chicago Public Skate


Looks like another night of late-night hockey coming up!

Game Two: Rangers vs. Canadiens Public Skate


They can't all be 7-2 Ranger wins, but it sure is fun as hell to think about.


Milan Lucic's Anti-Bullying Book

Milan Lucic has an anti-bullying children's book out. Puck Daddy, of course, loved it so much, it inspired Harrison Mooney to create a story of his own. The dramatic reading is here.


Hey guys

Welp, make room on that couch for me to watch games with you, so long as it is neither random nor red. I really wish we could have handed it to the Habs yesterday, but things just didn't happen...

Non-Bruins Playoff Games Thread: All the Marbles


Hello all. OK. I've put myself back together after yesterday's Bruins "game" (aren't games supposed to be FUN?) and have got another game thread rolling for you for the other playoff games...

Other Games Public Skate: The Mother of all Games


Give your mom the gift of playoff hockey this year!

Non-Bruins Playoff Games Public Skate: Time to Win


Let's go Rangers. Win this one for Marty.

Non-Bruins Playoff Games Public Skate: WHOOOOOOO!!


Hell yeah, Matt Fraser! Hell yeah, frozen yogurt! Hell yeah, Pinot Grigio! Let's watch some more hockey! Kings. Ducks. All right then.

Non-Bruins Playoff Games Public Skate: Hockey Lite


Unfortunately, it's not Thursday. But we have one game tonight that we can watch until then.

Non-Bruins Playoff Games Public Skate: Waiting


No rest for the weary -- the Rangers and the Penguins are back at it tonight in New York with the series knotted at a game apiece and Los Angeles will try to steal another game from Anaheim on the...

Non-Bruins Playoff Games Public Skate


Use all the sports cliches! You know, if you play 60 minutes of hockey one game at a time and give it 110%, you'll come to realize that it's not over 'til its over.

Kings-Ducks: The Other Game With Those Other Teams


OK, Kings. Ducks. Got a challenge for you: You saw what happened this afternoon during the Bruins-Canadiens game. How are you going to follow that up?

Non-Bruins Playoff Games Public Skate: Onward!


Ah, the start of a new series where hope springs eternal.

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