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Game 26 Recap: Canucks usual on Flames


Canucks' run Flames Goalie with 4 goal lead. Need I say more, just the usual playing the Canucks.

Game 26 Preview: Canucks vs Flames


From one faded rivalry to another. This one puts the shoe firmly on the other foot for the Flames. As the Oilers are to the Flames, the Flames are to the Canucks - actually not that bad. A brief...

Upset Oiler Employee Sound-Bombs Sutter's Interview After Flames Win


The Battle of Alberta is still alive - Oiler employee sound bombs Sutter in his interview after the Flames spank the Oiler kids again.

Sarich Denies Trade Request


Jay Feaster may not be able to confirm or deny Sarich's request to be traded but Sarich's camp came out with a firm denial. Illustrating a frustration with not playing and stating that he "wants to be out there." Rhett Warrener of Sportsnet has a bit of egg on his face at this moment, as the source of this leaked "trade request". Silly mainstream media, back and forth on these rumors. Where does this stuff come from, someone on the grassy knoll in their underwear and it certainly isn't us. Wasn't Feaster a blogger with the Hockey News before he was hired by the Flames. ; )

Friday's Hot Coals


Flames News - Cory Sarich requests a trade and other tidbits.

PL3 on Waivers


The new thought Flames management is continuing to illustrate a retreat from the naive optimism they had starting the season. PL3 also known as PIERRE-LUC LETOURNEAU-LEBLOND, a boxer who occasionally plays hockey has been put on waivers. A pick-up most questioned from the get go, even though the price was only a 5th round pick. Not a complicated move here, the Flames obviously want Paul Byron back up on the roster.

The Flames Finally Get Honest with Fans


The Flames get honest with Fans

The Myth of Iginla's slow starts


Mythbusters at work on the Myth of Jarome Iginla always starting slow.

Game 16 - Recap - Flames early burst too much for Avs


The Flames bank a much needed two points in a win against the Avs.

Game 15 Recap - Blackhawks vs Flames (Historic Game for Iginla - seriously)


The Flames lose to the Blackhawks in a historic game for Jarome Iginla - For the first time in his 15 years in Calgary Jarome played with 5 players 25 and under.

Thursdays Hot Coals - The Deju Vu Flames


Deju Vu Flames and Hot Coals

T.J. Brodie Called Up - Babchuk on IR


A move that will likely surprise few at this point. T.J. Brodie is being called up to replace Anton Babchuk. This is good news for Flames fans as Babchuk has been underwhelming so far this season and Brodie is being given his chance on NHL ice for an evaluation. Anton Babchuk has a broken hand that was suffered in last nights game against the Wild. Personally, can not recall the play that occurred on, as Babchuk did not leave the game. A post game x-ray likely revealed it. Lucky break for Brodie, bad luck for Babchuk. Remains to be seen what will happen with the Flames but Babchuk has hardly been stellar so far this season.

Kyle Turris and Trade Scenarios with the Flames


Kyle Turris to Calgary and what it may look like with a few trade scenarios.

The Flames are After Kyle Turris


ESPN confirms the Flames are after Kyle Turris

Jets Noise


Some weekly links for your reading pleasure.     Jets are off to a good start given expectations (Canoe)  Early ten game assessment  (Globe and Mail)  Better ten game assesment (Jets Nation) F...

Hot Coals for Thurs


Hot Coals and daily links for the Flames

Game #7 Preview - Predators vs Flames


Predators face Flames

Surprising Season Starts


Who has had the most surprising start to the season?

Game #6 Preview - New York Rangers vs Calgary Flames


The Battle of the Henriks takes place tonight in the Dome as the better known Ranger's Henrik faces the Flames lesser known Henrik between the pipes.

Hot Coals & the Trade Bork Competition


Can you trade Rene Bourque in a fair and balanced manner?

Game #5 Preview - Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames


Hot Oil and Cool Flames - Will the BOA finally come alive again?

Unfounded Speculation from the Sun


WOW - Nothing like a journalist suggesting Flames moves who is not even watching Flames hockey. Garrioch is lost in the dark on this article. Jokinen is off to a great start and Hagman has been strong as well. According to this sage from the Ottawa Sun they are on the block to get traded by Feaster? I guess if a tank is the new direction that makes sense. Glencross minus Joker is not even rational speculation at this point, it is absurd.

Game 4 Recap - Iginla Snuffs Flames


Hockey is a team game and it just isn't fair to call one player out very often. Especially one that is worshipped as a deity in Cowtown. It borders on the blasphemous but imo Iginla cost the Flames...

Game Preview #4 - Toronto Maple Leafs vs Calgary Flames


Will the Flames occupy the ACC today? So early in the season it is tough to get too ramped up about these early games but these bubble club match-ups are the ones I measure as a real litmus test.  T...

Game 3 Recap - Flames take down Defenseless Habs


A milestone win for Miikka Kiprusoff as he takes the franchise title for most wins by a Flames Goaltender from Mike Vernon. Kipper turned in a solid performance facing 36 shots and delivering a...

The Best NHL Realignment Proposal


The Best Realignment proposal, critique it, if you can...


Time to Burn the Blues

I am doing this at the final second, so no grief on this one. Justin is such a slacker, I jest.  Flames vs Blues coverage Flames vs Blues preview St. Louis Game Time

Game Preview #2 - St. Louis Blues vs Calgary Flames


The Flames and Blues play an afternoon game and both look to get the season on track after opening night losses.

Game Preview #1 - Pittsburgh Penguins vs Calgary Flames


The Penguins waddle into the Flames

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