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Seattle Arena Project Slowed Down


Yes, I am still a bit bitter [folds arms and smiles].


SonicsRising is a Joke and SBN Should be Ashamed to Have Them as a Member

Until today, I have been proud of the fact that I have maintained my membership at SR. I refrained from trolling them after the initial committee 7-0 vote and I adhered to their Gestapo-like rules....


In Which I Feel Comfortable Enough About Sacramento to Talk Basketball

The Rockets were just eliminated tonight so my interest in playoff basketball is waning. The Warriors remain my only rooting interest, and most of my feelings regarding the remaining teams center...

King's Win!!! King's Win!!!


Hey it's the offseason. FTM.

Kevin Love Breaks His Hand


Game 1 just got a bunch more winnable.

Luol Deng Anyone?


Likely better than anyone available at 5. 2 years $27MM remaining.

Apparently the Kings have already been eliminated from the playoffs


It could be worse. Charlotte is expected to go on a 45-game losing streak.


Free Agency Extravaganza

  Now that we can once again talk basketball (hooray!!!), I was taking a gander at the upcoming free agent class as the new CBA makes clear, the Kings have got to spend some cash this abbreviated...


Send in the Reinforcements

We have had quite a discussion on StR these last few weeks with nearly all of it centering on the massive disappointment that the Kings have been thus far in 2010. From the infamous WestphalGate to...

Joe Johnson wins the lottery


From the article: Yahoo.com reported that the Hawks offered a six-year, $119 million contract to Johnson in their meeting and that Johnson was prepared to accept the offer. I don't see how JJ refuses this gargantuan offer. I suppose I always expected JJ to get a max offer, I guess I just didn't believe it. JJ is NOT a max player, but a good one nonetheless. I suspect that Hawks will live to regret this one.

Pacers looking for a PG


We could perhaps entice them with Beno and pickup the 10th pick in the process. I'm not sure if they actually would want Beno or if we would want to part with him. What about Beno + Cisco for Troy Murphy plus the 10th? Trade Beno + Donte for TJ Ford also works.

And you thought DMC had character issues???


27th March 2008: Arrested and charged with aggravated assault and trespassing, one a felony and one a misdemeanour. While riding around with two classmates and a BB gun, Aminu shot at a 34 year old woman in her house, hitting her and her car. Aminu pleaded guilty to three misdemeanour charges of simple assault, reckless conduct and criminal trespass, and was sentenced to 3 years probation and 120 hours community service, along with a $233 fine. Original information from ShamSports


Suspend Your Disbelief

Tonight we refrain from our DMC vs. WJ vs. TTDP (that's trade the damn pick for the acronym-impaired) debate to take up a cause which comes from a higher calling. Tonight we will stop discussing...

What do the T-Wolves Think of D. Cousins?


So I went over to our sister blog Canis Hoopus to check out what they were thinking about Cousins and if they really thought about not taking him with the 4th pick. The consensus there seemed to be that feelings were mixed on Cousins. The bad news is that there was an overwhelming sentiment against drafting Johnson or anybody else at #4 (besides Cousins) and that they would be more inclined to trade the pick. Any potential Wolves trade would likely be to a team who is interested in Cousins. Interestingly, there seemed to be a strong desire to move up and pick Turner for the Wolves, a move which makes sense. Therefore, we should really be prepared to draft somebody other than a big as it is looking like Cousins will be gonzo.

Aren't you glad we don't have this guy anymore


" There's a reason Salmons' assist rate, which has always been impressive for a swingman, has plummeted to a career low: He's become an island in the Bulls' offense."

God should intervene and break-up this monstrosity


6 points in the 4th and 25 for the half!! I am not looking forward to Dec. 26th.


Continuation of the Ron-Ron Saga

Muff has persuasively argued about how Ron is not as crazy as perceived and that perhaps the media might perpetuate his crazy persona. I agree with the majority of his assessment and will add that...


Is this season a success?

I've been intently watching the poll regarding the opinion of my fellow StR bretheren and am curious to hear some opinions on why they think this season was or was not a success. I'm especially...


Joe Maloof on Ron Artest & More

(From the diaries. - TZ)I was listening to a podcast between J.A. Adande and Joe Maloof on the main NBA page of espn.com and I heard some interesting tidbits. The main thing that caught my...


Uh-oh... I hope Ron-Ron doesn't look at stats.

Uh-oh I hope.... oh wait just read the title. Believe it or not, Ron Artest is the league leader in 3pt FG%. Ex-sqeeze-me, baking-powder?? You heard me, good Lord I hope Ron-Ron does not see this...


Short but sweet

I keep thinking about it and thinking about it and I really haven't gotten anywhere so I submit my question to the Royalty? Why would the Kings want Ben Gordon? I realize he can, at times, be a...


Bill Walsh is dead!! I just died a little too.

OMG, I almost cried when I saw this. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2954719Since this is the offseason I have to offer this even though it is football. I know there are many Niners...


USA Basketball

I'll tell y'all what (sorry to interject some Texas vernacular, but I can't help it) I am pretty darn excited about USA basketball. I know it is going to be some time before we get to see the...


What's next?

So far nobody has commented on the Rashard Lewis' signing by the Magic and I feel obligated to give my opinion as I am both astounded and saddened at the situation. I realize that this is in no way...


Musselman observations

I do not get to watch many games as I am in Texas, but when the Kings come on national TV, I always partake in may favorite activity... watching Kings basketball. Usually I rely upon SR for game...


Wells' Worth

Many here at SR.com have wondered out loud, why are the Kings doing so poorly this season?  Aren't they the same team, minus Mr. Wells, who almost felled perennial title contender San Antone? The...


What is wrong with ESPN.com

I daily go to peruse NBA news over the web and usually start with ESPN.com or sacbee for my Kings related news. However ESPN insider is pushing me out of the door and I am frustrated as hell at...


This is very frightening

This is Rick Adelman's coaching resume accoring to wikipedia.com. Please do not let this be a sign for things to come.Preceded by: Mike Schuler Portland Trail Blazers head coach 1989-1994 Succeeded...


Rookie of the Year

Since Kings BBall is over and only offseason drama remains I begin to look into other aspects of sports and can discuss things other than Kings basketball. But when I saw this I just was stunned....

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