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Point Differential vs Record

Anyone realize that we have a better point differential (-31) then NINE other teams in the NFL (and tied with 1, Washington)? Yet we have a record which is only better then only one other team! M...

Dolphins trade up and fill biggest needs


Believe it or not, some people think we did right move not taking Mallett. Can we stop being so negative? whats done is done!

Mayock on QBs in draft


Also keep eye on tracker in the video with Mayock top 5 in other positions

NFL Network debate QBs in Draft


Nice video to watch. I also don't see a franchise QB in this draft, but its really the most difficult position to predict

Henne best shot for Dolphins to win next season?


Not another Henne thread! It's a good article nonetheless

Shutdown corner scouting Mark Ingram


Not my pref choice (hope we trade down) , but if BPA at 15 I wont mind


1st Rd QBs : Myth or Reality?

Alot of discussion has been on this over the past few weeks, with different analysis, and many concluded that we simply must go with a 1st rd QB as the odds are heavily in favor of them to succeed....


Just to make it very very clear

Team with best QB this year, lost to team with one of the worst. Weren't some saying this can never happen? i thought having the good QB means your set? what? huh? how?  Why?  Jets played better...


Interesting - about regression in year 2

Got this off ESPN, on Favre: 1992: Brett Favre gets the first start of his career against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He finishes his first season as a starter with solid numbers -- 18 touchdowns...


Sacrificial Lambs part 2 - RB

This series is about looking into our team for next year and which areas may need most change. We covered QBs last time, and now we cover RBs. As last time, we will look into our team, the market,...


Sacrificial Lambs - part 1

Its a long week for us to see Miami in action again. As we only have 6 games to go, maybe its a good time to discuss the situation regarding certain positions/players , and what we should do with...


Tribute to Mr. Pennington

We may have seen the very last of Chad Pennington as a player in the NFL. I think all Dolphin fans wishes are with this guy, a true team player and leader, and we all wish him the best. Like many,...


Speaking of disappointments...

Anyone else not happy with Danbsy so far? Yes he will improve with Crowder, but that shouldn't be the case!    The guy just doesn't make enough big plays on his own, not even alot of tackles so...


Randomania : Random thoughts on season

After week 4, we were 6th against the pass and 23rd against the run i believe (or thereabouts). Some observations worth discussing below. 1 )Pass Defense: This was supposedly our biggest fear on...


Henne's development

Watching the highlights of Henne in this game, compared to some of his games last year. IMO, the guy can play if he is given a chance. I believe he will only gain confidence with snaps, and now...



Was just watching highlights from the last 2 games last season, vs Texans and Steelers. Lex had 3 TDs, 2 receiving and 1 running. He knows the offense better and is fresh, the boy deserves more...


Fins Draft Grades across the web

So how did the "experts" feel we fared?  1 ) Mel Kiper gave us a C-, the second worst grade! He doesn't consider Marshall part of the draft, and surprisingly he thinks that Carroll is worth the...


Options on Day 3

Still some good options for us on Day 3, here are my potential picks:   - Everson Griffen, DE/OLB : Not sure if he fits as an OLB, but considering he could have gone first RD, it would be great...


Dancing with the Eagles

I have no doubt we will try now to trade down and get a 2nd RD pick. Various reports that the Eagles are interested to move up for a Safety, and they have two 2nd RD picks (from the McNabb trade)....

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