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Rob Ryan's Buyin'


Video from Ms Maes of Rob Ryan celebrating a win over his old employer. DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE!

Last Piece on Refs in Pats-Saints, then onto Buffalo


The same technique that caused the Pariots to suffer a penalty on the Jets' missed OT field goal was also deployed by New England in the fourth quarter of the Pats-Saints game when Hartley connected to give the Saints a 27-23 lead. Had a flag been thrown, the Saints would have had a fresh set of downs to take time off the clock and/or score a TD. Ugh

Ban Troy Aikman - The White House Petition


I attempted to exercise my constitutional right to enjoy my Saints game on Sundays without having to hear the blather of Troy Aikman. I thougt one of those White House petitions (you know, like to build a Death Star) would be just what was needed. As you can see from the link (and at the risk of dabbling in politics - sorry Dave), the timing is awful. But certainly all Saints fans -- Republican, Democrat, and other -- can agree on the need for this.

Julio Jones out for the year?


Not taking delight in another team's misfortune. I'm an Alabama fan. Just reporting the facts, as ESPN knows the facts, which we know are always 100% correct.

Bucs hurting at corner


Not to wish the injury bug on anyone (Lord knows we've had our share so far) but Tampa looks extremely thin at CB.

Vicodin-gate Resurfaces?


Sheesh, couldn't we just have taken all our penalties from this last season?

Redskins Safety Meriweather Out for Saints Game


I sure am glad it is Game Week. Safety Tanard Jackson was already suspended for the year for failing a drug test.

Peter King: Saints 77, Patriots 0


Yes, he's a blowhard but the comparison here raises a ton of questions.

No Player Suspensions Today


Goodell: "Let's wait until after they make their draft picks. That'll really screw 'em."

Saints, Will Smith to Restructure Contract


Maybe this will be the break in the logjam we have been waiting for. . .

Saints, Brees still far apart


Run along and play now. Nothing to see here.

Rodgers over Brees for MVP


OK. We all knew this was coming. But 48-2? Really? Did these folks vote before Thanksgiving?

Roman Harper on Fine: It was Worth It


I like it. Commissioner Goodell, not so much

Five Years Ago This Sunday


I hadn't realized that the Saints-Falcons Monday Night Football game in 2006 was exactly five years ago this Sunday. This excellent piece reflects from the standpoint of the broadcast professionals who covered not only the game but the wider event. I consider it easily the most memorable sporting event I have ever attended.

Mike Bell Sighting


Mike Bell signs with the Lions. But what cleats will he be wearing?



The storylines to be answered 24 hours from now:  Can the Saints win their first road playoff game?  Can Reggie fulfill the role of the No. 2 pick in the draft and all the millions,...

Tusk Trouble


Sorry. TUSK trouble. Crutches? Walking boot? Ouch.

Vote for Drew


for Male Athlete of the Year from the United States Sports Academy. Drew doesn't have enough accolades yet. Let's help him out. Appears there are no limits to online votes. You'll have to vote for a female athlete as well to submit your ballot.

Courtney Roby, David Thomas Out


Roby is no surprise but Thomas is expected to miss both the Baltimore and Atlanta games after surgery for a torn meniscus. Need more not only from Jimmy Graham as a pass catcher, but from Heath Evans as a lead blocker.

Placekicker Wanted


This is on Craigs List New Orleans. Not that I frequent that publication. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Hampton Apologizes for Katrina Remark


I'm not hyper-sensitive on such things usually, but he needed to man up on this one and did so. 'Nuff said.

America's Game: Narrator Revealed


Would not have been my first pick but a pretty good one still. Can't wait for the premiere.

Lynell Hamilton Injures Knee


Severity still unknown. Pierre's contract negotiations take a turn for sure. The PJ Hill /Chris Ivory battle just got more interesting too.

Brett Favre - Drama Queen. Read the latest on everyone's favorite Klin native here from the AP....


Brett Favre - Drama Queen. Read the latest on everyone's favorite Klin native here from the AP. I'm kind of partial to the middle girl in the bottom row.


Who Dat Nation Spreads East

  Saw Drew Brees today in Mobile on a busy book-signing day.  Drew says 1800 people showed up in Pensacola, then the Mobile stop, then a later stop in Mississippi.   The bookstore began...

NY Times 2010 New Orleans Saints Season Overview


A good read. Nice to see an out-of-town writer who has this degree of knowledge and analysis. In other words, the anti-Florio. First place I have seen anyone say that this year's team may be better than last year's. Other than CSC anyway.

Morstead Looks to Improve in Season Two


Lots of good background on everyone's favorite Ambushman. A worthwhile read.

Jamarcus Russell Arrested


and in no less than his here hometown. Might want to hold off on those Jamarcus-to-the-Saints bandwagon. Not the most serious charge in the world, unless you are looking to catch on with an NFL team after being the biggest No. 1 bust in league history.

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