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10,039 to be exact....

Straight from the horses mouth, and I'm sure the number of registered users has grown since August 31. 10,039 to be exact. by Brian Galliford on Aug 31, 2013 | 2:04 PM up rec ...

TMQ burns the Bills


I didn't see this in MWR's links so I thought I'd post here: "Yet Another Awful Bills Team: The Bills have a league-worst 11-year postseason drought, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon as they allowed 48 points versus the weak offense of the Jets. Despite the NFL being a passing league, the Bills have no quarterback they drafted on their roster, just an assortment of quarterbacks other teams didn't want. At the halfway point of the 2011 season, starter Ryan Fitzpatrick had 14 touchdown passes versus seven interceptions. The Bills awarded him a contract extension with a monster bonus, and since then he has celebrated by throwing 19 interceptions and 13 touchdown passes. By the last third of last year, defensive coordinators had figured out that Fitzpatrick never looks over the center of the field -- all his passes go sideways or up the sideline. Since opponents figured this out, he's been throwing picks. His sideways pick-six to Antonio Cromartie on Sunday at Jersey/B was so predictable, Cromartie appeared to be the one running the pattern. After the game, Cromartie said the Jets were expecting Fitzpatrick to throw sideways. Buffalo's awful secondary does not help. The Bills allowed a 123.4-rating day by Mark Sanchez, one of the worst passers in the league. At cornerback, Buffalo has Leodis McKelvin, 11th choice of the 2008 draft; Stephon Gilmore, 10th selection of the 2012 draft; and Eric Williams, 33rd choice of the 2011 draft. All helped Sanchez look like a Hall of Fame quarterback in his prime. McKelvin and Gilmore were burned badly for touchdowns. Winning in your division is the NFL's test of manhood. Buffalo is now on an 0-6 streak against the Jets, a 2-6 streak against the Dolphins and a 2-21 streak against the Patriots. For a decade the Bills have been the league's worst-managed, worst-coached and worst-drafting franchise. There's no sign of any change -- and no sign anyone at the top of the Bills' organization cares." Was Gregg a bit too harsh...or spot on? I lean towards spot on myself...

Just How Elusive is Fred Jackson?


PFF: 2011 Elusive Ratings "Topping that list was Buffalo’s Fred Jackson, who managed 3.75 yards per carry after contact, the best mark in the NFL by a margin, and almost a full yard more per carry than most running backs" "Jackson’s season in particular deserves some focus, because he was leading the way in the Elusive Rating standings for much of the season until injury ended his year prematurely.

Goodell: If NFL expands, it'll add two more teams


From 18 games to 34 teams? Not feeling you at all right now Roger...

Fans given outlet to vent against blackout


This topic came up about a week or so ago, and now a website has been put up to actually voice your opinion about ending blackouts. Personally, I think I'm for the FCC lifting blackouts, especially since my slingbox resides in Buffalo...

Same old Bills: Losing skid could bring more changes in Buffalo


Article by Dan Hanzuz "There are some rumblings that a front office shakeup of some sort in Buffalo is not out of the question". -- Jason La Can Fora Just rumors at this point it seems...Wonder what the "Rumblings" are....

Jets’ Pouha says Bills WR insensitive to Sept. 11


Un.Freaking.Believable...... Maybe I'm being insensitive, but to liken Stevie's TD celebration to 9/11 is borderline ludicrous.

Kris Jenkins’s View of Life in the N.F.L. Trenches


Decent read....Kris Jenkins discusses some of the health issues that come with being a NFL lineman Article penned by Greg Bishop

Bills Negotiating with Barnett's Agents?


July 31, 2011 11:45 a.m. - by Mark Ludwiczak - Free-agent LB looks on as Bills practice Free agent LB Nick Barnett briefly talked to GM Buddy Nix after watching the team conduct a walk-through. Said Barnett with a smile: "You on the phone?" The Bills are currently negotiating with Barnett's agent, Chuck Price. Bills RapidReports

The Checklist for Drafting a Franchise Quarterback

"Quarterback is the most important position in sports and most of the time teams find their quarterback through the draft. Making the wrong selection can set back a franchise substantially while making the right one will make you a contender for the next decade. But, how can you know if you’ve gotten the next Peyton Manning or the next Ryan Leaf? Well I’ve put together a checklist to make sure your team doesn’t make a terrible mistake next Thursday." -- Kyle Hughes Another nugget to add to the QB debate.

Stevie J getting more national love. ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 11....Hilarious


Stevie J getting more national love. ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 11....Hilarious

Scouts Inc. -- Impact of smaller Nose Tackles


Didn't see this posted yet. By Scouts Inc.'s Matt WilliamsonThe Dolphins and Bills are opting for smaller, faster nose tackles. What impact does that have on their 3-4 defenses?

New Era Caps: New Era and the Buffalo Bills put the "Blitz" on Western New York!


Chek it out: ON YOUR MARK…GET SET…. GO! We're making it easy to win a chance to meet Marshawn Lynch, Paul Posluszny, Aaron Maybin, Donte Whitner or Brian Moorman! On Tuesday, October 13th, log onto our Facebook or Twitter ( pages to get clues that will lead you to different locations across Western New York. The first fan to reach a specific location and reveal a "secret phrase" - which can only be found on our Facebook or Twitter pages – wins an autographed player-designed cap and t-shirt from the player themselves. And if that’s not enough, the lucky winners will have the opportunity for some one-on-one time with their favorite player. And if you make it to the location, but don't win, we'll enter you in a raffle to win a pair of tickets in the M&T party suite for the November 1st game against the Houston Texans. Log onto on Monday, October 12th for contest rules. View the players and the caps below.

Saw this on TSW... Anybody remeber that game Checkdown Bowl?


Saw this on TSW... Anybody remeber that game Checkdown Bowl?

Bills CB McKelvin willing to forgive vandals

Bills CB McKelvin willing to forgive vandals By JOHN WAWROW - AP Sports Writer 2009-09-16 14:21 ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) -Still a little upset over having his lawn vandalized, Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin is willing to forgive and forget. Referring to Bills fans as being great, McKelvin said Wednesday he doesn't want anyone arrested for painting an obscenity and the game's score on the front lawn of his home shortly after a 25-24 season-opening loss at New England on Monday. ``It's just one little incident. I hope it doesn't happen any more,'' McKelvin said following practice. ``I was mad, I was kind of like angry in a way, but I was laughing a little bit for what they put on there.'' McKelvin is being partly blamed for the loss after his fumble set up the Patriots winning drive. He discovered the vandalism shortly after returning home from the game. Way to be the bigger man Leodis (sorry for copying the entire article...was'nt sure if the link wouldgo thru)

NFL Access -- Bills Facility Tour


NFL Network showing us some love. Gotta love Stroud's comments about BB "might be watching" at the end and the back and the back and forth w/ him and Marshawn Lynch

Homers--What Your Team's Biggest Homer Has to Say


Saw this over on TSW -- Thought it was pretty funny, especially considering Buffalo has some of the biggest Homers out there My personal fav's: Buffalo Bills "Brian Moorman could play WR or RB on half of the teams in the NFL because of his speed" Cincinnati Bengals "Carson Palmer could throw a football through a needle from 40 yards away.... twice" Oakland Raiders "Nnamdi Asomougha could get pressure on the QB and make an interception on the same play. Best. Of. All.Time."

Bills' McCargo gets fresh start


"I'm not happy with the way I've been playing the last three years,". Well, John, neither are we..... And 2 for the price of one.....

Through pain and support, Maybin emerges - Tim Graham


Very nice article by Tim about Aaron Maybin. The more I from and hear about this kid makes me seem like we made a great pick (if he pans out on the field -- still skeptical).

Peters admits contract affected his attitude


My favorite part of the news conference was when Peters said, "It blew my mind, first and foremost, for them to trade me." - Writes Tim Graham

Top Twenty Prospects for the 2009 Draft


Nice read compiled by By Hondo S. Carpenter Sr. over at Nothing really new, just a different take on things..

New York Jets monitoring Jay Cutler situation

The Jets have reportedly begun monitoring Jay Cutler's situation in Denver. New York has claimed confidence in Brett Ratliff and Kellen Clemens since Rex Ryan's hiring, but would "never say never" to a player of Cutler's caliber. The Jets probably would need a three-team trade with a club like the Lions or Eagles to get Cutler. Gang Green doesn't have enough ammo as it stands. Doesn't seem likely right this second, but definitely something to keep an eye on....



Damn! Is it too early to cut T.O.? Maybe we can use him as trade bait for "Q" (joking guys....well....kinda)

Mike Peterson signs with Atlanta


And another one bites the dust,,,,I really wanted this guy in here, I hope that T dot O doesn't mean we're done.

Kevin Jones signs with chicago


Same $ we offered, more potential playing time...Makes sense

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