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Friends, family stand by Marshawn Lynch


Nothing new here really, just a different take on Marshawn's troubles. SIDE NOTE: Anybody heard about this yet? What was the tender? "The Bills guaranteed Jackson’s return Tuesday by making a tender offer to the exclusive rights free agent. Thursday is the deadline for teams to tender exclusive rights free agents. Jackson, who is entering his fourth season, will earn a minimum of $460,000 in 2009."

WR Washington visits Bills


Washington (6’3" 215) was released by the New England Patriots on Feb. 1. I think somebody brought his name up not too long ago

Haynesworth about to be a Redskin


FYI... Not sure if you guys saw/heard this yet but it looks like Fat Albert is going to the Skins.... It's been all over the radio down here in M.D. as well....My co-worker damn near fell from his chair when he heard the report

Draft Resources -- Know Your NFL Combine


Great read about the combine. Created by styg50 over at Mile High Report.

Contract talks between Bills, Greer still alive


Per Tim Ghram it looks like Buffalo is going to take another shot at Greer. Hopefully the don't over reach...

Poz to move to the outside?


According to Chris Brown @, Fewell is actually open to the idea.

Colts Hayden signing means big $$ for Greer


From Chris Brown @ $8 mill a year for Greer? Inflation is ridiculous.....


Maybe we are too hard on ol' Ralphie

I really think the guy cares about keeping the Bills in Buffalo. I put up a fan post not too long ago about What I am sick of hearing about Ralph Wilson, our newly minted HOF owner, and   this...


Our New FB/3rd RB should be.....

Jorvorskie Lane. This kid is an absolute beast. Since I'm not really into college ball, I never heard of the guy, but I aslo don't recall seeing his name thrown around on Rumblings either. Looks...


Free Agency is upon us

I stole borrowed this from another site. I thought it would be nice to have a good list together in one space to refer to as free agency rapidly approaches. Hopefully it will provide better...

Top Ten Bills Moments of the Decade


Top 10 Bills Moments of the 2000s, according to Mike 1. Acquiring Drew Bledsoe. Spring 2002. 2. Winning six in a row, Late 2004. 3. Drafting Willis McGahee, 2003. 4. Beating Miami 38-21 in the snow, 12/1/02. 5. Beating New England 31-0, 9/7/03. 6. Hiring Tom Donahoe, Early 2001. 7. Beating San Diego to go to 5-1, 2008. 8. Acquiring Lawyer Milloy, Prior to 2003 opener. 9. Hiring Marv Levy, After 2005 season. 10. Hiring Gregg Williams, Early 2001. Bulldog went with the hiring of Donahoe as his number 1 Bills moment of the past 10 years. Uuugghhh....such a sad, sad, list.....

Death of the Tampa/Cover 2


"Think about it. More important, think about it as you watch the championship games on Sunday between bowls of Texas chili and cold bottles of Miller High Life. There will be no Tampa 2, no undersized linebackers dropping to a spot and no safeties playing close to 20 yards off the line of scrimmage. No rushing the passer with your front four on third downs and playing coverage behind it, and no middle linebacker running down the middle of the field trying to keep up with a slot receiver who runs a 4.3 in the 40."

LMAO.... Jeopardy question. Category: "Sore Losers" Thank you Trebek


LMAO.... Jeopardy question. Category: "Sore Losers" Thank you Trebek

Decision on Jauron due Wednesday


2 days and a wake up folks... Ralph Wilson and his vaunted "inner circle" will hold more meetings over the next two days and are expected to make known a decision on Dick Jauron's future with the team sometime Wednesday.

Crowell open to returning to Bills


Wow...who'da thunk it? Do we retain him? How does this affect the draft/FA?


Lynch & Stroud Named Pro Bowl Alternates

According to Chris Brown:Lynch and Stroud alternates for Pro BowlBy Chris Brown - Posted December 24th, has confirmed that Marshawn Lynch and Marcus Stroud were named...


Things that I am sick and tired of hearing about Ralph Wilson

1.) "He's Cheap" Really? We have a $100 million dollar offensive line. We just gave L. Evans a four-year, $37.25 million contract extension. Schoeble got a $50 million extension. Jason Peters is...


The Bigger Issue at Hand...

Brian, i am not sure if I can pull a quote off of another forum, so I figure I will beg for forgiveness after the fact. But I saw this on TSW a few days ago. It was good for a laugh (lord knows we...

Marshawn Lynch Finally Speaks to the Media


"I’m going to put it on me," said Lynch. "I’m the feature back here and I don’t feel as the feature back I’ve played like it. I don’t want to take anything away from my offensive line because as hard as we come in and we work and the extra meetings that we go through, the extra time we’ve been putting in to get it going, so I’m going to put that on me. There have been some key things that I’ve seen on film where I feel I could have made a better play or I could have had a little more patience and it would have been a better run." Here is the link to the video of the entire press conference:

What the hell is going on in Buffalo?


Olean Times article on the state of the franchise. As bad as we have been over the years, I can't recall so much public dysfunction. Are we becoming the Raiders of the East?


Another "Outdoor" team Argument

And this one is coming straight from the great Steve taskers mouth. I have heard that even the great teams of the early 90's didn't practice outdoors in bad weather because Levy wanted to stress...

Takeo Spikes returns to Buffalo


Man I miss this guy in his prime. Gotta love that he wanted to retire in Buffalo and considered the city "home".

Schonert to remain eye in the sky


When all was said and done it was as the offense was responsible for a season high in points (47), first downs (27), total net yards (444), average gain per play (6.3), net yards passing (273), touchdowns (5) and time of possession (35.37). I hope Turk starts paying rent up there and moves his family in as well....

Vince, please tell us something we didn't know


"Wilfork started his meeting with Goodell admitting a hit to Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman last season was a cheap shot." Maybe this will light some fires in our locker room for next week's game...

Answers for quick passing game


Chris Brown's blog on Terrence McGee addressed what cornerbacks can do "The best thing you can do is get in a receiver’s face and knock down a ball or just get in their face and disrupt the route," McGee said. "That’s the only way you’re going to stop it. If you’re playing off you’re basically just saying throw it and I’m going to tackle you."

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